Beastmen of Chaos

100 Points

ST +4 (45 pts)
DX +3 (30 pts)
HT +2 (20 pts)

Alertness +4 (20 points)
Claws (15 pts)
Damage Resistance +2 (6 pts)
Passive Defense +1 (25 pts)

Bloodlust (-10 points)
Inconvenient Size (-10 pts)
Dead Broke Poverty (-25 pts)
Primitive -3 TL (-15 pts)
Racial Reputation -2 as "Unnatural, wild, brutish creatures driven by animal rages and destructive instinct (-10 points). Social Stigma (-15 pts).

Racially learned skills:
Climbing at DX (2 points)
Brawling at DX (1 point)
Scrounging at IQ (1 point)

Racial Quirk
Dislikes Civilized Races, especially Humans (-1 pt)

"Deep within the dark and twisted forests dwell countless horrifying and deadly creatures tainted beasts warped by Chaos. The Beastmen are a plague on the civilized races, preying on the weak, and striking without warning in a rampage of killing and destruction before disappearing into the protective darkness of the wilderness. All manner of mutated and blood-hungry creatures join these raids towering, nightmarish beasts whose whole existence centers on the rush of blood that comes during the slaughter."
'Fair Warnings to Unwary Travelers' By the Rangerlord Rufus Redbow, esquire.

Beastmen are wild and brutish creatures that care little for other beings. They have bodies that are half-man and half-beast, usually with the horned head of a goat, a stag or a moose. In battle, they combine ferocity with a savage lack of discipline, often fighting and battling amongst themselves in their eagerness to get at their enemy.

Beastmen willingly embrace their heritage of Chaos, for although they have a semblance of the intelligence of a man, they employ it with the base cunning of a wild animal. Beastmen are not natural creatures: they first came into existence when the polar gateway of the Old Ones collapsed, showering the world with mutating warpstone dust. It worked a dreadful change on many of the ancestors of man and animals, causing severe mutations. Hence, Beastmen were created: men that became animals, and animals that became men, a mix that is wholly chaotic.

Shunned and abhorred by every other race, the Beastmen are bitter creatures, driven by animal rages and a highly destructive instinct. They do not seek conquest or glory, they fight only to bring ruin to others, to sow destruction and discord and bring other races to their knees. In particular, they despise the humans who they can never be, filled with self-loathing that turns to aggressive hatred. They are a constant threat, hiding out in the wilds of the world, favouring heavy woodland areas where they can remain hidden from the eyes of the civilised races. But even in the lands of the south, in chivalrous Bretonnia and the bright lands of Tilea, and far to the east across the Mountains of Mourn, the ancient forests and desolate foothills harbour hidden Beastmen lairs. In the Old World they are particularly populous in the Drakenwald and the Forest of Shadows, but are found as far afield as Cathay, the Southlands, and the massive forests west of Naggaroth.

Beastmen live in roaming warbands led by the strongest among them. Beastmen hordes are extremely dangerous in battle; a ferocious horde of brutish warriors, great lumbering chariots, packs of slavering Chaos Hounds and bands of larger beasts eagerly tear apart any enemies that dare to stand in their way. The Beastmen pour from their forests in endless masses, stretching across the horizon. Often the horde breaks quickly into warring factions, for the Beastmen are Children of Chaos and so order is an alien concept to them.

A particularly hated foe of the Beastmen are the Wood Elves. Unbeknowest to most races, a secret war is constantly waged between the Elven folk of Athel Loren and the bestial hordes. They battle for possession of the sacred groves, where magic gathers in large amounts. The Wood Elves secure these places with waystones to absorb the magical energy, while the Beastmen erect their crude herdstones to siphon the corrupting power from the landscape and spill it across the world.

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