130 points

ST +10/+5 (90 pts)
DX +3 (30 points)
HT +1 (10 points)

Alertness +5 (25 points)
Claws (15 points)
DR + 1 (6 points)
4 Legs (5 points)
PD + 1 (25 points)
Venom, 4 levels (60 poinrts)

Color Blind (-10 points)
Gluttony (-5 points)
Mute (-25 points)
No Fine Manipulators (-30 points)
Odious Racial Habit: Eats other sentients (-15 pts)
Primitive (-15 points)
Sense of Duty - To find and Serve an Evil Master (-10 points)
Social Stigma (-15 points)
Poverty (-25 points)

Racially Learned Skills:

Brawling at DX (1 point)
Running at HT (4 points)
Stealth at DX (2 points)
Tracking at IQ +3 (8 points)

Racial Quirk:

Likes to howl at the moon (-1)

These creatures are large wild, evil intelligent Wolves that are drawn to serve Orcs, Vampires, evil wizards and other dark masters.

To act as a mount and carry a fully-armed Orc into battle (as in The Hobbit), a Wulf needs a minimun ST of 16.

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