100 points

ST +12/+5 (102 pts)
DX +3 (30 points)

Alertness +3 (15 points)
DR +1 (6 points)
Enhanced Move (10 points)
4 Legs (5 points)
PD 1 (25 points)
Impaling Striker (Antlers) (40 points)

Edgy (-5 pts)
Inconvenient Size (-10 points)
Intolerance (-10 points)
Mute (-25 points)
No Fine Manipulators (-30 points)
Primitive (-15 points)
Poverty (-25 points)
Shyness (-10 points)
Social Stigma (-15 points)

Racially Learned Skills:

Brawling at DX +1 (2 points)
Camouflage at IQ +1 (4 points)
Running at HT -1 (2 pts)
Stealth at DX (2 points)
Survival at IQ (2 points)

An intelligent cross between an Elk and the extinct Irish Deer, these huge and shy beasts aren't really suited for PC use, but they make good adventure objects or NPC encounters. The Intelligent Stags (there are Intelligent Does too, of course, but they're so shy and reclusive they're almost never seen) are considered the ultimate challenge by human hunters. Those who truly hunt only for the sport will chase the Stag until it's brought to bay, then let it go with nothing more than a touch with a blunted spear - and some Stags seem to enjoy this game as much as the huntsmen. Not all hunters, sadly, are so civilized. It is no wonder that the Stags are almost never seen.

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