70 Points

ST -8 (-70 pts)
DX +4 (45 pts)
HT +3 (30 pts)

Alertness +3 (15 pts)
Catfall (30 pts)
Claws (15 pts)
Combat Reflexes (15 pts)
Double Jointed (5 pts)
Extra Hit Points +2 (10 pts)
4 Legs (5 pts)
Night Vision (10 pts)
PD +3 (75 pts)

Curious (-5 pts)
Laziness (-10 pts)
Inconvenient Size (-10 pts)
Mute (-25 pts)
No Fine Manipulators (-30 pts)
Phobia (Fear of Water, Mild) (-5 pts)
Poverty (-25 pts)
Primitive -3 TL (-15 pts)
Stubbornness (-5 pts).

Racially Learnd Skills:

Acrobatics at DX (4 pts)
Jumping at DX (1 pt)
Stealth at DX +2 (8 pts)
Climbing at DX (2 pts)*

* Cats' Climbing skill has a unique special effect. . . they're at +3 when climbing up, but -3 when climbing down!

Most gaming groups have at least one cat lover, who would be delighted at the chance to play an intelligent cat. The Cats' very low ST and hit points give them a very low point cost. This does mean, however, that Cats won't be much good in melee combat, since they do only two points of damage and can be easily killed with a single blow but with their speed and high PD they shouldn't get hit often. They still make great spies, scouts and thieves, and a talking, magic-using cat would be extremely easy to design.

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