90 Points

ST +15/+7 (112 pts)
DX +3 (30 pts)
HT +2 (20 pts)

Claws (15 pts)
Damage Resistance +2 (6 pts)
Passive Defense +1 (25 pts)

Inconvenient Size (-10 pts)
Mute (-25 points)
No Fine Manipulators (-30 pts)
Dead Broke Poverty (-25 pts)
Primitive -3 TL (-15 pts)
Social Stigma (-15 pts).

Racially learned skills:

Climbing at DX (2 points)
Scrounging at IQ (1 point)

Racial Quirk

Loves honey (-1 pt)

Bears are friendly, level headed, clever and very tough. An intelligent Bear would be an inestimable asset to an adventuring party. Deciding whether a bear's paws are "fine manipulators" or not is a bit of a judgment call. Here, they are treated as not being as good as hands, but individual players are free to disagree. Of course, if the Bears don't have the "no fine manipulators" disadvantage they should be allowed to use their paws to swing a sword, build a fire, repair a wagon or any other task a human could be expected to perform. This intellient Bear is based on the Grizzly.

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