Man went from Australopithecus africanus and homo erectus to homo sapiens recens, and has existed on earth for hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of years. During this time, one skill, one particular talent has set him apart from every other creature — his ability to conceive and create tools. Indeed, man has been defined as “the tool-making animal.” From chipped rocks and polished bones to neutron bombs and computers, man has constantly been redesigning, improving, and refining his tools to meet his ever-changing needs. Some have improved his life style. Others have been necessary for his survival. A few have nearly caused his extinction. Late in the 23rd century, mankind’s existence was unparalleled. The rape of the earth’s beauty and resources in the late 20th and early 21st centuries had been halted and reversed, due to man’s tools. Disease, poverty, hunger — all were things of the past, due to man’s tools. Man had reached for the stars, and attained them, due to his tools. And yet, in spite of man’s tools (or perhaps more accurately, because of them), the idyllic life of the 23rd century was marred by one fatal flaw...

Robots & Creatures profiled on this page; Whirrzler, Humbug, Marlocks, Mountain Men, Howlers, Hogarts, Kreel, Ecology Bot (Bayla), Soldier Bot.


<-Gamma World Creature->

Name: Whirrzler (Propeller)

MORALE: 1d4 + 3
HIT DICE: 10d8
SIZE: 1.5 meters across
AIR SPEED: 6/900/18
MS: 1d4
IN: 1d4
DX: 1dl0 + 2
CH: 1d4
CN: 1d8 + 10
PS: 1d20 + 20
ATTACKS: 1 cut for 6d6 hp damage.
ORIGINAL STOCK: Sword plant (agave).
MUTATIONS: Mobility/flight (special), texture change (variant), modified leaves, adaptation, increased sense (smell), and size increase.
HABITAT: Deserts, drylands, and radioactive deathlands
DIET: Carrion, often from slain prey.
DESCRIPTION: Whirrzlers are carnivorous desert plants that have developed a unique method of flight. They have no gas bags, instead rotating their flat rosettes of leaves so rapidly that they lift off like helicopters. They use this ability to settle their roots on carrion. Whirrzlers must feed fairly often; from time to time, they attack larger creatures wandering the desert. Whirrzlers are light metallic blue in color, so they are hardly visible at a distance. However, they never surprise creatures that can hear, because of there low speed.
Mutation Immunities: Cold, Heat, Electricity, Life leech, and Molecular disruption.
Other: Whirrzler leaves are as hard as iron and as sharp as swords; they attack by edging sideways into their opponents and slicing with several leaves at once. Whirrzlers attack creatures with AC 1 or 2 only once before flying away, since this hurts their leaves (doing l-4 hp damage to them). whirring sound they make when they fly. Whirrzlers have the adaptation mutation, so each can only be injured once by any nonphysical form of attack. Whirrzlers encountered in radioactive deathlands are assumed to be immune to radiation.


<-Gamma World Creature->

Name: Humbug

NUMBER: 1 (rarely more)
ARMOR: 7 (but see below)
SIZE: 60 cm long
AIR SPEED: 12/900/18
LAND SPEED: 0/100/4
MS: 1d12 + 8
IN: 1d10 + S
DX: 1d4
CH: 1d4
CN: 1d4 + 3
PS: PS: 1d4
ORIGINAL STOCK: Angular-wing katydid (Microcentrum rhombifolium)
MUTATIONS: Shapechange (improved), Illusion Generation (improved), Physical Reflection (nuclear), Larger.
HABITAT: Virtually anywhere, but prefers ruins.
DIET: Grasses and leaves
DESCRIPTION: The humbug is a relatively defenseless insect that has developed a considerable intelligence and extraordinary protective skills to avoid predators. Its intelligence eventually enabled it to notice how carefully humans and humanoids protect their artifacts, and it shaped its abilities to capitalize on the phenomenon.

The humbug’s Shapechange ability is unusual in three ways. It can change its shape into that of an inanimate object; it will gain the object’s armor class; and it can hold the shape it takes indefinitely (unless it wants to eat, which it must do in its own shape). A humbug will be encountered in the shape of some relatively simple artifact (typically a pistol, rifle, energy weapon, or ID card), hoping to be picked up and cared for by some intelligent creature.

The humbug gains the AC of the device (typically 1 or 2), but not its functional capabilities. It uses its Illusion Generation capability to hide this fact. For example, a humbug posing as a laser pistol will generate the illusion of a laser beam emanating from its “barrel” when fired. It will always appear to miss the target, as the bug could not maintain the illusion of a slain opponent for long (besides, the monster would still be attacking)!

The humbug can generate an infinite number of such illusions in a day, but they must affect its owner as a mental attack. If the illusion does not hit, the character may think the pistol fire or is out of power. In any case, the bug cannot help emitting a quiet hum while generating illusions. This sound has provided the creature with its name.

The humbug will suffer with its owner if the latter is hit by Sonic Blasts, Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis, or Stunning Force while carrying the humbug, but it is immune to radiation. Other attacks directed at the insect will affect it normally, but artifacts are rarely attacked separately from their owners even in melee. The humbug is not hurt by having energy cells “plugged in” or “inserted” (the devices are simply grasped by the humbug’s feet while it generates the illusion of the device being connected).

A humbug must eat only once a week; it will try to do this while the party is asleep, possibly using an illusion to distract the guard when it leaves and when it returns. If its owner becomes frustrated enough with a weapon that always misses to harm the humbug in some way ("I oughta bust this thing into a million pieces!“), the humbug will revert to its own shape and fly away. Humbugs are extremely fond of Archivists, and some Archivists’ collections have been discovered to have been almost entirely made up of humbugs.


<-Gamma World Creature->

Name: Marloks (Deep Dwellers)

NUMBER: 1d4 + 2
MORALE: 1d4 + 6
SIZE: 1.5 m tall
LAND SPEED: 12/900/18
MS: 1d10 + 11
IN: 1d10 + 11
DX: 1d8 + 10
CH: 1d10 + 8
CN: 1d10 + 8
PS: 1d10 + 8
ATTACKS: No special attacks
MUTATIONS: Dark dependency, directional sense, heightened precision, heightened sense (hearing), mass mind, (improved), molecular disruption, telekinesis.
HABITAT: Underground, most often beneath hills or ruins.
DIET: See below
DESCRIPTION: Marloks look like Pure Strain Humans, except for their extremely pale skin and their large, light-sensitive eyes, both of which are the result of their subterranean existence. Why those humans who were the marloks’ ancestors went underground in the first place is not clear, though it is thought they might have been refugees from the devastation during the SocialWars, or even command personnel controlling the war from deep below the earth. No matter what their origins, marloks are one of the most successful of the various subterranean races and are widespread, often migrating from one underground complex to another by traveling at night on the surface.

Marloks lead a nomadic life while underground, traveling various tunnels, caverns, and other passageways in small, close-knit groups. Because of the large number of subterranean predators, they seldom stay in any one place for more than a few days. Marloks often use tunnels to the surface to send out nighttime foraging parties to collect whatever edible plants and animals they can get. These are used to supplement the usual marlok diet of roots and fungi. However, since marloks do not recognize the rights of surface people, they often are not above raiding a nearby village for foodstuffs, though some groups have been able to establish mutual trade arrangements in which the marloks receive food for metals and an occasional artifact or two.

Marloks have developed several powers to aid in underground survival. Their directional sense helps individuals to find their way back to their “clan” if separated, and this ability also helps in navigating the maze of underground passageways. Heightened precision lets them test the stability of tunnels and caves before entering them. Their heightened hearing, besides detecting the approach of enemies, can also detect the sounds of settling and potential collapse in tunnel systems. Telekinesis is often used to move obstructions from their path; if objects do not prove easily movable, molecular disruption can usually reduce them to more manageable size. Should the exercise of the former two abilities be beyond the range of any one individual, then their mass mind can increase their power output. The marlok racial ability of mass mind is better than the type usually encountered, in that the base chance of any of the participants dying is only 1% ( + 1% for each minute of contact). All involved in the mass mind share a weak telepathic link while in contact, between those in the link who are touching.

Mountain Men

<-Gamma World Creature->

Name: Mountain Men (Squatches)

MORALE: 1d6 + 3
SIZE: 2 m tall
LAND SPEED: 15/800/36
MS: 1d10+2
IN: 3d6
DX: 3d6
CH: 1d6
CN: 2d6+3
PS: 2d8+8
ATTACKS: 2 fists for 2d4 each; 1 bite for 1d8 (plus poison)
ORIGINAL STOCK: Unclassified hominid species
MUTATIONS: Heightened strength, intuition
HABITAT: Rocky Mountains of North America
DIET: Fruits, berries, roots, various mammals
DESCRIPTION: Vast tracts of North America’s wild forests were destroyed in the years prior to the Social Wars, and only a few large wildlife preserves were in existence before the start of the Social Wars. Unknown to mankind, these areas also served as the homelands of the mountain men, formerly known as “sasquatches” (or now “squatches”). Semi-intelligent apelike creatures, the mountain men knew they had to avoid humans or perish. Though they were sometimes spotted by trappers or hunters, little hard evidence of their existence was produced.

Following the Social Wars and the disruption of civilization, the mountain men left their forests and began to spread through the North American west. Bigger and stronger than before, they have also become more aggressive, especially against Pure Strain Humans. Mountain men attack with their fists, refusing to use any technological items or tools. If one hits an opponent with both fists, he can hug the victim for an additional 1d8 points of damage, and he will also attempt to bite the victim and inject intensity 5 poison into the opponent’s bloodstream. Only those who are the same size as or smaller than a mountain man may be hugged.

Mountain men are also able to throw stones at opponents, hurling rocks up to .5 m diameter as far as 10 m. The largest rocks cause 3d10 points damage (weapons class 9). Mountain men can catch similar missiles, if they see them coming first.

Mountain men live in caves, forming loose family groups of 2d6 adults with 1d4 children. Females and males appear in equal numbers. Animal skins are used to cover cave entrances and to make beds. A fire is usually kept burning near the cave entrance to ward off animals and to cook food.

Females often pick berries and dig for roots to get food for the family group, while males hunt whatever herbivorous creatures live nearby. If a mountain man tribe feels it necessary, they will raid a humanoid village for food — Pure Strain Human villages are attacked with the intent to destroy them completely.

Mountain men do not like machines, robots, or any mechanical devices. Even before the war, their ancestors were known to have destroyed construction vehicles and automobiles. Wardents and mountain men frequently trade with each other, and a strong friendship exists between the two races. Mountain men appear to be large, brown, gorilla-like beings who walk erect. Their thick fur keeps out the cold and serves as their only body armor.


<-Gamma World Creature->

Name: Howlers (Wolf Folk)

NUMBER: 1d4 - 2
MORALE: 1d6 + 4
HIT DICE: 10d6
ARMOR: 6 (9 in Pure Strain Human form)
SIZE: 2 m tall
LAND SPEED: 9/900/72 (or 12/900/18 in Pure Strain Human form)
MS: 3d6
IN: 3d4
DX: 1d8 + 12
CH: 3d4
CN: 1d10 + 11
PS: 1d10 + 11
ATTACKS: 2 claws for 1d6 damage each; and, 1 bite for 1d8 damage
MUTATIONS: Body structure change (allergy to silver), directional sense, heightened senses (hearing, smell, and vision), regeneration, shapechange (into a Pure Strain Human), speed increase.
HABITAT: Plains, grasslands, and low hill country
DIET: Mammalian (especially human and humanoid) flesh
DESCRIPTION: These bipedal, humanoid wolves are one of the more deadly species on the Gamma World. Luckily, they aren’t encountered often, for these clever and malicious creatures enjoy tricking parties of adventurers. They will meet adventurers in their Pure Strain Human form and try to join the adventurers. If they gain the party’s trust, they will carefully work their way into positions in which they can successfully slay as many Pure Strain Humans as possible, as they consider the meat a delicacy.

For some unknown reason, howlers are highly allergic to silver metal. If they are merely touched by silver, it will cause 1 point of damage per action turn to them. A weapon made of silver will do double normal damage if it hits a howler. Any damage caused by silver or silver weapons cannot be regenerated or healed by these creatures. Howlers are actually able to smell silver.

Both howlers and dracs (q.v.) are believed to have been purposefully bred by unknown agencies or beings for unknown reasons. Howlers resemble the Ancients’ concept of werewolves in many ways.

Howlers will usually possess several items of Tech Level II. They will only associate with other mutant animals, and are quite rare at present.


<-Gamma World Creature->

Name: Hogarts (Thunder Birds)

NUMBER: 1d4 - 2
MORALE: 1d4 + 5
HIT DICE: 10d12
SIZE: 30 m long
AIR SPEED: 24/1800/36
LAND SPEED: 0/30/3
MS: ld10 + 11
IN: 1d6 + 10
DX: ld10 + 2
CH: 1d6
CN: ld10 + 11
PS: 2d20 + 40
ATTACKS: 1 bite for 6d8
ORIGINAL STOCK: Garter snake
MUTATIONS: Heightened sense (vision), new body parts (feathered wings), sonic boom generation (see below), taller
HABITAT: All regions
DIET: Most large animals of all types
DESCRIPTION: This mutant snake has changed beyond recognition since the Social Wars, and it now lairs in mountainous regions. Being clumsy and slow on land, the hogart prefers to stay aloft and avoids contact with almost all other creatures.

The hogart is capable of creating sonic booms from snapping its wings. Sonic boom generation is a conscious physical mutation, useable three times per day, and it will affect all those within a 20-m radius in front of the hogart. The sonic boom blast causes 6d6 points damage, and all those who fail a constitution check (CON x 5) will become deaf for 24 hours. A hogart will only attack out of hunger or if attacked first.

The hogart has learned to use its heightened vision to scan intelligent parties carefully from high altitudes, thus avoiding the more dangerous opponents. If necessary, a hogart will delay attacking an enemy until the opponent is engaged in combat with another creature or until the opponent is asleep. The hogart will then drop out of the sky like a rock, coming to a sudden halt directly over the victim as it snaps its wings and generates the sonic boom. It can then hover and continue to generate the sonic boom every action turn thereafter.

Hogarts can sometimes (if carefully approached) serve as guides, for they know the territory around their snowy lairs very well. Hogarts do not like yexils for some reason, and often attempt to blast them out of the sky.

Hogarts have snow-white scaly skin and feathered wings, with a coarse blue mane running from the backs of their heads to their tails. Their wing feathers are highly prized for decorative purposes, and four sacks full of feathers (as much as can be taken from a hogart) would be worth about 150 gold pieces.

Kreel Torrn

<-Gamma World Creature->

Name: Kreel Torrn (Leapers)

MORALE: 1d4 + 4
HIT DICE: 3d10
SIZE: 1.2 m tall
LAND SPEED: 12/600/18, plus special
MS: 1d6 + 9
IN: 1d6 + 9
DX: 1d8 + 10
CH: 2d4
CN: 1d8 + 7
PS: 1d6 + 6
ATTACKS: As per weapon type
ORIGINAL STOCK: Common meadow grasshopper
MUTATIONS: Chameleon powers, empathy, taller, modified body parts (forelimbs), and ultra vision
HABITAT: Grasslands and forests
DIET: Grasses and leaves
DESCRIPTION: Kreel torrn are large, bipedal grasshopper-folk with manipulative forelimbs. Though they have lost the flight capability of their ancestors, they still retain their leaping ability. Kreel torrn may leap up to 30 m in any direction every other Action Turn, for as many leaps as they have CN points. Afterwards, they must rest 10 minutes for each leap made before they can leap again. A kreel torrn in mid-leap is -3 to hit and be hit.

Kreel torrn are semi-nomadic beings and employ Tech Level I weapons and equipment. They often supplement their wealth by ambushing unwary travelers. When lying in ambush, kreel torrn use chameleon powers to conceal themselves until their quarry passes by. They then leap out of cover, attempting to surround their prey and overwhelm any opposition, attacking to kill only if resistance proves to be too great.

A favorite tactic of the kreel torrn is to hide completely out of sightand use their empathy to follow the progress of their target(s). A similar ploy is for the kreel torrn to wait in complete darkness, using ultravision to find their marks.

Kreel torrn are opportunists and flee if their position becomes untenable. They can sometimes be hired so long as the work is not too hard and the pay is good.

Ecology Bot - Bayla

<----Gamma World Robot---->

Name: Ecology Bot (Wilderness) - Bayla

HIT DICE: 16 hit dice
HIT POINTS: 80 hit points
THACO: R7 / M7
CONTROL: Vocal (Stage II I.D.), standard electronic, programmed
M.S.: 13
Sensors: Standard, infrared, ultraviolet, microscopic, extra-sensitive audio, telescopic
Power Source: Broadcast power, solar cell
Abilities: Construction: 3.5 meters wide, 5 meters long, 1.5 meters high; ovoid shape. Anti-grav pods move the unit plus up to 1000 kilos of excess weight at 96 KPH. Two tentacles 7 meters long can lift 250 kilos each. 4 tentacles 5 meters long can lift 100 kilos each, and all are equipped with touch sensors on the ends, electric paralysis devices, and manipulative 3-fingered claws. Special devices include soil, water, and air analysis equipment, liquid spray nozzles with a 10-meter range (limited fertilizer, herbicide, insecticide, defoliant), minor power tools (sonic torch, laser torch, flame gun, vibrosaw), capture equipment (including paralysis field with 30 meter radius, 3 weighted throwing nets with bazooka-type launcher and 20 meter range, small expandable capture cage), and minor surgical tools necessary for field veterinary operations.
Bayla's Non-working items: What doesn't work: spray nozzles (empty, clogged); minor power tools (flame gun is empty w/broken controller; sonic torch is just plain kaput); capture equipment (nets & cage gone, paralysis field works only 40% of time). The loss of two torches and intermittent paralysis field reduces Bayla's hit dice to 13 hit dice.
Special: What works: everything else, including paralysis devices on tentacles. Frieda does have owner's manual and Bayla is keyed to her command via a small data pad (see data pad by clicking on Bayla's picture).


<----Gamma World Robot---->

Name: Soldier Bot

THACO: R7 / M7
M.S.: 15
Other: These were the basic style of combat robot used in ground combat, usually in support of armored infantry. They were roughly eight feet long, and could move up to 50 M.P.H on six to eight legs. They were equipped with two 20 shot grenade launchers (usually Incendiary grenades) and a H.P.A.L. laser (Laser Rifle) unit on a rotating turret. They were protected by a 75 hit point power shield, and could make 200 foot jumps using a limited V.T.O.L. system. They had a full array of Infared, U.V., and radar scanners and a built in comlink. Soldier Bots were powered by three Atomic Cells that operated in tandem, and their C.P.U.'s were shielded against Radiation and Environmental Extremes.

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