Patyrsun's Home Page

Welcome to my home page. This site was started on April 7th,
1998, and it was my first attempt at web page design. When I
started this little project I did not know any of the html 
coding, but I wanted to what you see before you is
the result and hopefully as I learn more about what I am doing,
this site will continue to improve and become a useful resourse
where people will want to return from time to time. I have many
different interests and in time I plan to have pages devolted to
many different areas, so if you don't see anything around here 
that interests you now, you might consider coming back later 
because even I don't know what will be here or even what this
site will end up look like later!

My Links

Patyrsun's Diplomacy Page
One of my hobbies is playing DIPLOMACY. On my DIP page you will find the resources to begin play or perhaps improve your game...
Patyrsun's Main GURPS Page
Another of my hobbies is role-playing. About 1986 I started playing GURPS, which is in my opinion the best role-playing system ever. Check it out and I believe you'll see why...
Cherilyn's Home Page
My wife and I are big fans of Impressionist Art....especially Renoir, you will also find links to Renaissance Faires here

Please report any broken links to me at....

So far a few vistors have graced me with their company... so far in fact. May you find whatever you are searching for...