Copyright (c) 1996 by "S.D. Anderson" <102250.1425@CompuServe.COM>

                        Gustav Le Meseries              
         20 years old, 6'0" brown hair & eyes, moustache
       Attributes   ST: 10  DX: 15  IQ: 10  HT: 10 [60 pts]

   Advantages                        Skills
High Pain Threshold [10]           Acrobatics 14 [2], Climbing 14 [1], 
Marseilles Fencing Style [10]      Cloak 16 [4], Dancing 14 [1], Fast
Weapons Master (all) [45]          Draw: Knife 15 [1], Fast Draw: Sabre
   total: 40 pts                   15 [1], Fast Talk 11 [4], Fencing 16 
                                   [4], Jumping 15 [1], Kiai 10 [4], 
   Disadvantages                   Knife 16 [2], Knife Throwing 15 [1], 
Bad Temper [-10]                   Language: French 10 [0], Language: 
Code of Honor (Gentleman's) [-10]  German 9 [1], Main-Gauche 16 [4], Ride 
Enemy: Bishop Pierre 9- [-10]      Horse 13 [1/2], Savior-Faire 10 [1],
Illiterate [0]                     Stealth 14 [1], Tactics 7 [1/2], 
Overconfidence [-10]               Wrestling 14 [1]   
      total -40 pts                     total: 39 pts

Close Combat 12 [1], Corps A Corps 17
[1], Feint (Fencing) 17 [1], Fleche 
15 [1], Riposte 14 [2].
     total: 6 pts

Quirks                             Equipment
Cuts food thoroughly               Sabre, clothes, Large Knife, Lt 
"Expert" on wines                  Leather Armor, Personal Basics,
Protective of women                1 week's trail rations, wineskin &
Scar over right eye                wine, $19
Speed 6.25, Move: 6                Damage: Sabre 1d+2 i/1d+3 ct pry: 10
Thrust 1d-2 Swing 1d               Knife 1d-2 i/1d-2 ct pry: 10/7
                 TOTAL: 100 points

   Weapon damage reflects weapon master adds.  (irony: due to 
main-gauche skill, he gets the 10 parry holding the knife in the 
"wrong" hand). 

     Gustav was born into a farming family near Meseries.  At the 
age of nine, a poor crop sent him packing from his home.  He 
managed to reach Marseilles in three years.  He was sleeping in 
an alley one night when a drunk stumbled in to relieve his 
bladder in private.  8 more men entered before the man could 

     The bravos began taunting the drunk.  From these insults, 
Gustav learned their target was Sir Hugo Pagani, a Corsican 
knighted by his late Majesty Charles of England, master of one of 
the best fencing salles in all Europe.  It was also clear they 
were ganging up on him to kill him. 

     The smart thing for the street urchin to do would be keep 
quiet.  But the odds against Sir Hugo were patently unfair and 
Gustav threw his knife deep into the ribs of the leader of the 

     That was all the break Sir Hugo needed.  With lightning 
speed, rapier and dagger appeared in his hands and men started 
dropping with astonishing speed. 

     Gustav tackled another of the bravos, and with the strength 
of adrenaline and the wrestling skills he'd honed back on the 
farm and sharpened in the cities, he disarmed the man and held 
his sabre. 

     When the bravos had regrouped, they saw four of their number 
down, a 5th unarmed.  Those who could, fled. 

     Sir Hugo wouldn't let the lad who aided him sleep in an 
alley, took him home, and gave him a job at the salle.  Lessons 
were part of  the wages Gustav recieved.  He seemed a "natural" 
with the sabre he'd won in the alley, and by the age of 16 was 
more of an assistant instructor than pupil. 

     Marseilles had it's share of  salles, duelling societies, 
and clubs.  It wasn't uncommon for private disputes between 
people belonging to these organizations to spill over to the 
groups, resulting in vendettas, constant duels, and the 
occasional equivalent of a gang rumble. 

     It was during one such rumble that Gustav killed Robert, 
youngest brother of Bishop Pierre.  The bishop vowed revenge, and 
had the money and men to get it.  

     Gustav wisely left Marseilles as fast as he could.  On 
occasion, Pierre's agents have caught up with him.  They did so 
36 hours prior to the time Gustav enters your campaign about 10 
miles south of where he's encountered.   Their bodies should have 
been found by now.                    

   To convert to a Yrth setting, change France to Aratterre, 
Marseilles to Sauvons, French to Aralise, and German to Anglish. 

   Marseilles Fencing Style  Cost: 9/10 
 Primary skills: Cloak, Fencing, Knife, Main-Gauche
 Secondary skills: Acrobatics, Jumping, Knife Throwing
 Optional Skills: Black Powder Weapons, other sword skills
 Maneuvers: Close Combat, Corps a Corps, Feint (Fencing), Fleche 
and Riposte 
 Cinematic Skill: Kiai* 

*Weapon Master permits the character to learn this skill without 
being trained by a master