"The Laughing Rogue"

God of Appearance, Style, Fencing, Romance, Courtship, and Fable

SYMBOL: A pair of gold rapiers crossed on a blue circle

DAREMYTH usually appears a very handsome, slim, tall, graceful man with stylish long dark brown hair and a rakish van dike cut beard. His hazel eyes are always merry and twinking brighty. His clothing is always fancy, of the latest style and cut. He swaggers with a gold hilted Rapier on his hip.

There are about as many stories about the origin, the life and adventures of the Laughing Rogue as he has worshippers. DAREMYTH himself refuses to resolve these contradictions - a policy entirely appropriate to one who delights in fable and romance.

Those who worship the Laughing Rogue do so primarily for the fun of it and are very concerned with cutting a proper figure. Bravado and feats of darring-do are highly prized, and genuine courage and actural recklessness are respected, but not always emulated. To a worshipper of DAREMYTH, its the look of the thing, not the actuality, that is the most important thing.

All who worship the Laughing Rogue are expected to train continually in snappy repartee and in swaggering. Opponents must be insulted amusingly (even during combat). No matter how grievously injured, a true follower of DAREMYTH will always say something like, "Really, I am alright. It's just a flesh wound." They all practice casual way to ask for Major Healing.

Rather than likes and dislikes, the followers of the Laughing Rogue prefer to think in terms of In and Out. For instance, dapper clothing is In (especially tights and puffy sheeved shirts with lace necks and collars). Heavy weapons, heavy armor and discipline is OUT. Cavalry charges, duels and having a little gold is In. Having a lot of gold is Out. Ancestors are In. Decendants are Out. True love is in, especially if it is hopeless. Marriage is Out. Light warhorses and pegasus are In. All other mounts are Out. Having a cause is in, especially if it is hopeless. Being mercenary is Out. Lightning storms are In. Darkness and Death are Out, except that Vampires are In. However getting to be a Vimpire is almost always Out, though it can depend on your relatives.

All worshippers of DAREMYTH must buy a repier from his temple. It is not necessary that it be used or even worn. But one must be owned. Many of the Laughing Rogue's followers are very skilled fencers.

DAREMYTH was born mortal and is said to be the son of a king/a mighty wizard/a high priest/a beautiful and unmarried princess (in this version of the tale, his father was the king's trusted champion, a paladin, who by this one act of lust fell from grace, leaving to become a holy hermit)/etc.

Anyway, DAREMYTH was an embassrassment to his parent(s) so he was sent away to distand family/relatives/an orphanage. He was taken by (or was given to) slavers/bandits/barbarians/gypsies/soldiers to be killed, but they were unable to murder the DAREMYTH child, so they raised him as their own/switched babies with a woman who's child had died/or trusting fate abandoned DAREMYTH in a snowstorm/on a mountain/in the forrest/in a swamp/on a raft/on the high plains....etc. Then DAREMYTH was found and raised by dwarves/elves/halflings/wolves/soldiers/a hermit (His father)/ adventurers/bandits/buccaneers/gypsies/beggers/prostitutes/shepherds/a princess/bears/gorillas/clerics/a gentleman/a knight/a bard/a poor fisherman/etc.

In a similar fashion DAREMYTH's exploits constitute a bewildering mosaic of events. He ran away from home as a youth and began to travel widely, having many adventurers. Always trying to cut a proper figure and doing everything with a flair and style. DAREMYTH was often accompanied by a faithful companion, either a human, elf, dwarf, centaur, a giant, wizard, etc. Hill folk still tell stories about the Laughing Rogue's greet deeds as a gallent pirate, evidently due to their unfamiliarity with real pirates.

The only common "facts" about DAREMYTH, his adventures (and misadventures) are that he traveled widely, had a great many adventures, was always known to be very deadly with rapiers when forced to fight. He has a magicial dress rapier said to be made of pure gold named "Quick Strike" which can divide itself into two small swords named "Quick" and "Strike" respectfully which he uses florentine style when facing several foes. His boasting and swaggering always get him into a tight spot, but somehow using his quick wit and charm he always manages to get out of the situation on top, making himself look even more dashing...

Taste extends to every aspect of a cleric of DAREMYTH's life. Thier taste is apparent in fashion. Why would a cleric of DAREMYTH wear something unappealing when something stylish is fairly easy to aquire? This is true of everything - even their horses and pets are aesthetic first, practical second.

Certain principles are held sacred. One princible is courtesy - they are always polite. Another is generosity - never refuse a request for money from a poor person. A third point is graciousness to the ladies and a flirtatiousness that many women find flattering.

Nothing that can be enjoyed is ever hurried. Everything should be considered an art form.

are expected to be swashbucking gentleman, they value courage above skill and try to do everything with style and taste. They try to gain status and acceptance in the social circle. They like to be invited to dinners and parties and they court members of the oppsiste sex in a

Romance is essential to a cleric of DAREMYTH, but as with everything else, they go about it tastefully. The niceties must be observed in taking a lover. Flowers, music, walks in the park, love notes, a rendezvous, wine and food are all handled tastefully, in the correct order, at the right pace. Discretion is a must. Both parties must be excited by the courtship or it ceases quickly.

Advantages/Disadvantages: Clerical Investment is required as is Full Literacy. Useful advantages include: Alertness, Charisma, Combat Reflexes, High Pain Threshold, Rapis Healing, Luck, Toughness and Wealth.

Duty (to POMMEL, 6 or less),
Sense of Duty (to congregation)
Code of Honor

Other common disadvantages: Compulsive Carousing, Compulsive Gambling, Gluttony (for quality food only), Impulsiveness, Jealousy, Lecherousness, Odious Personal Habit (Boasting), Overconfidence, Stubbornness and Truthfulness.

Skills: Fencing, Religious Ritual, Riding, Savoir-Faire, and Theology at 12+ are required. Many of these clerics are masters of social skills. These clerics would likely know Acrobatics, Carousing, Gambling, Jumping, Literature, and possibly Artistic skills. .

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