Copyright (c) 1996 by "S.D. Anderson" <>

                      William Danton
          Age: 36  Height: 5'9"  Weight: 185 lbs  
        Hair: light brown (greying)  Eyes:  Brown 
                Captain of the Jersey Sky
                 Move/Dodge: 6  Parry: 5

ST: 13  DX: 11  IQ: 13  HT: 13 
  Attribute cost: 100 pts 

Comfortable Wealth [10]
Literate [10]
Patron: British Crown 6- [15] 
Status +1 {ship's captain} [5]
  Advantage cost: 40 pts 

Administration 12 [1], Area Knowledge: Carribean 14 [2], 
Area Knowledge: American colonial shores 13 [1], Area 
Knowlege: Port Royale, Jamaica 12 [1], Area Knowledge: 
Bahamian Cays 14 [2], Boating 11 [2], Black Powder 
Weapons 13 [4], Carpentry 12 [1], Carousing 13 [2], 
Climbing 13 [4], Cartography 12 [1], Cooperage 12 [1/2], 
Dancing 10 [1], Diplomacy 11 [1], Fast Talk 12 [1], First 
Aid [TL 4] 12 [1], Fishing 13 [2], Gambling 11 [1], 
Gesture 12 [1], Gunner: Naval Cannon 12 [4], Heraldry 13 
[2], History 10 [1/2], Jumping 11 [1], Knife 12 [2], 
Language: Spanish 11 [1/2], Language: Dutch 11 [1/2], 
Leadership 12 [1], Merchant 13 [2], Meteorology [TL 4] 12 
[2], Navigation 15 [8], Polearm 11 [2], Sailor [TL 4] 13 
[2], Savoir-Faire 13 [1], Seamanship [TL 4] 12 [2], 
Shiphandling [TL 4] 13 [4], Shortsword: Cutlass 10 [1] 
  Skill Cost: 65 pts

Compulsive behaviour: Wanderlust [-10]
Curious [-5] 
Gluttony [-5]
Overconfidence [-10] 
Overweight [-5]
  Disadvantage Cost: -35 pts

Dislikes Spainiards [-1]
Enjoys sunsets [-1]
Likes to wear Dark Blue [-1]
  Quirk Cost: -3

Total 167 pts 

   Danton is an explorer by heart, the second son of a banker, 
he entered the navy as a young man and loved seeing new places.
His family arranged to buy him a ship.  As captain he's done
fairly well for himself hauling cargo but his real wealth
comes from a commision by His Majesty's Navy to help map the 
seas and the lands around the Carribean, Gulf of Mexico and the
Southern parts of North America.  And the occasional bit of

   Adventure Seed: The PCs are Pirate hunters for the navy, 
operating out of Virginia Colony under the command of an NPC, 
Captain sir Harold Terrance.  Sir Harold has considerble repute
as a pirate hunter, but the PCs had a chance to see that it was
the real brains of the outfit were in the head of Harold's first
officer Samuel O'Reilly.  Sir Harold provided the dashing good
looks and connections to friends in high places.  

   All was well until O'Reilly was killed during an engagement.
Sir Harold's ineptitude is becoming apparent to the PCs but
not to the rest of the crew, who still trust their captain 

   The PCs have some evidence that several Charleston 
merchants have been selling pirated goods (a telescope bearing 
the monogram of the owner's family was recognized by a PC or 

   It belonged to the second mate of a ship taken by pirates
not three weeks earlier, and some other goods seem to have 
come from the same ship) and subsequent investigation leads 
the PCs to conclude the ship that brought it normally is 
found in Bahamaian waters.

   Sir Harold sets sail south by south east to the Bahamas, 
where he uses his King's warrant to commandeer Danton's ship to
help find the pirate.

   Sir Harold and Captain Danton do NOT get along very well 
(treat as if critical reaction roll failures occured both ways) 
and the relation grows steadily worse as the mission continues.

   Player characters may begin to note signs of Paranoia in Sir 
Harold, particularly regarding anything involving Danton.  

   The evidence the PCs should find if successful to this point 
would lead them to a small island in the cays.  Sir Harold has 
the PCs on board The Jersey Sky to conduct some part of the raid.

   Until the PCs bring their orders to Danton, he's been kept in
the dark as to what Sir Harold planned.  He pales when he reads
them.  Sir Harold is falling into a trap, Danton explains there is
a sandbar covering most of the harbor.  At low tide only a very 
narrow channel allows any ship that takes more than 2 fathoms to 
pass.  Sir Harold's attack time will put the ships into the harbor
an hour before the tide closes off all but the channel route out
and the winds generally blow the wrong direction at that time
for a ship in harbor to reach it easily.  You'd far more likely
run aground on other sandbars trying to tack to it.

   Given the kind of defenses his scouts saw in place, it'd only
take one of the pirate ships they know are somewhere in the 
region to close in on the harbor and surround them.

   Can the PCs convince their captain to abandon the plan or otherwise
defuse the trap?