Copyright (c) 1996 by "S.D. Anderson" <>

                   Sir George Collins
      32 years old  5'11  170 lbs Brown Hair & Eyes 
                  Captain of HMS Starling
  Move/Dodge: 6  Parry (fencing): 9  Parry (Shortsword): 7

ST: 12  DX: 14  IQ: 12  HT: 10
  Attribute Cost: 85 pts

Appearance: Handsome [5]
British Naval Swordsmanship Style [9]
Legal Enforcement Powers (Britain) [10] 
Literate [10]
Military Rank 6 
{Captain of a Line Ship} [30] 
Patron: British Crown 9- [30] 
Status - Knighted +2 [10] 
Reputation: +3 Merchant sailors/-3 pirates [0]
  Advantage cost: 94 pts

Administration 11 [1], Area Knowledge: Carribean 12 [1], 
Criminology [TL 4] 12 [2], Black Powder Weapons 15 [2], 
Clibing 14 [2], Guns: Naval Cannon 14 [1], Interrogation 
12 [2], Law (+5 specialty Nautical Law, -1 all other law) 
14/8 [2], Leadership 12 [2] Savoir-Faire 12/10 [0 (from 
status)], Sailor 11 [1], Seamanship 12 [2]. 
  (Normal) Skill Cost: 18 pts 

Brawling 14 [1], Shortsword: Cutlass 14 [2], Fencing 14 
[2], Shortsword: Handspike 13 [1], Shortsword: Belaying 
Pin 13 [1], Wrestling 13 [1]
  (Style) Skill Cost: 9

Arm Lock 15 [1] Feint (Fencing) 15 [1], Floor Lunge 11 
[1], Lunge 14 [1], Riposte (fencing) 11 [1]. 
  (Style) Maneuver Cost: 5

Duty: British Navy 15- [15]
Guilt Complex [-5]
Obsession (Destroy all Piracy [-15] 
Sense of Duty: to Pirate Victims [-5]
  Disadvantage cost: -40 pts  

Quiet [-1]
Fitful Sleeper [-1]
"Wild" looking eyes [-1]
  total Quirk Cost: -3

 TOTAL Character cost: 178 pts 

British Naval Swordsmanship Style - the details
Realistic style (no cinematic abilties) Cost: 9 points
Primary Skills: Fencing, Shorsword: Cutlass, Wrestling.
Secondary Skills: Brawling, [any two] Shortsword: 
  Belaying Pin, Shortsword: Handspike, Polearms, Throw 
  Grenadoes, Harpoon.
Optional Skills: Any remaining weapon skills above
Maneuvers: Arm Lock, Feint (Shortsword or Fencing), Floor 
Lunge, Riposte (Fencing).  Learning both Feints adds 1 to 
cost of style.

    Captain Collins has already impressed the Lord Admirals with his ability and
dedication despite his lack of years.  His single mindedness to pursue and
destroy pirates, coupled with his talents have made Merchant Captains and their
insurance companies happy which in turn keeps Parliament and His Majesty happy
with them.

   Collins' obsession stems from a deep secret in his past (this is not listed
as a
disadvantage because ONLY he knows it and the odds of him telling are too slim
for any reasonable die roll).  He'd started sailing as a ship's boy, making his
way up to the rank of Captain.  On his third voyage as a midshipman, Collins'
ship took on a pirate vessel.  The pirates won.  Collins to get to a nearly
empty barrel of foodstuffs, toss it overboard jump on it and climb in.

   He washed ashore 3 days later.  He'd panicked when his best friend,
Midshipman Patrick Allen was shot dead by boarding pirates and hid through the
bulk of the battle.  He was a coward who let his friends die while he saved

   And he tortured himself with that fact for those three days adrift and many
days, weeks months and years afterwards.  He returned to duty with a death wish.
He just wanted to take as many of the pirate bastards with him to his well
earned place in hell as he could.  

   This hasn't changed much in the intervening years.  However, Collins has
survived his mistakes to date, and more importantly, learned from them.  

   Pirates are wary of him for good cause.  He's killed a lot of them so far.

Adventure Seed:  The PCs are pirates.  Collins is after them.  Game Object: