Maracaran Slasanza

        The Slasanza are believed to have been on Durrin longer than any
other race.  The Maracarans tell that the Slasanza were already living
their brutish lives when the Maracarans came to Durrin.  Although not
considered an intelligent race by most of the inhabitants of Durrin, the
Slasanza do seem to have a rough language, although noone can reliably be
said to speak this language.  The Slasanza have no written language, and
are unable to work metal.  Any metal tools or weapons found with Slasanza
have been stolen from the Bramhillians or the Maracans.  The reptilian
Slasanza tend not to use metal weapons in any case, as they prefer to use
their natural weapons, their teeth and claws.
        The Slasanza culture is brutal and horrifying.  Each tribe of
Slasanza is led by a single head male.  This male comes to power by
defeating his predecessor in combat, and then devouring him.  Males are
forced out of the tribe at a young age, to survive alone in the jungle.
The most dangerous foe to a young Slasanza is an older Slasanza, who prey
upon the weaker.  Those who survive long enough and become strong enough
are then able to attack a head male, and take over his tribe of females.
Ofton, both the attacker and defender are wounded, allowing other young
males the chace to snatch a mate.  These females go along at first, but
escape tback to a tribeas soon as possible.  It is the lone Slasanza males
who most ofton prey upon humans, and in turn are hunted by the
Bramhillians.  The females of the specious are perhaps more dangerous than
the males, in that they hunt in packs.
        Unfortunately, the favored prey of Slasanza are intelligent beings.
the lone males are ofton terrifying enough, but an entire hunting pack of
females will make even the strongest warrior quake with fear.  Entire human
villages have been captured and killed by hunting packs.  The Maracarans
tend to avoid the Slasanza by remaining in their treeetop homes while the
Slasanza hunt.  The Bramhillians, on the other hand hunt the Slasanza at
any provocation.
        There is at least one documented case where the Slasanza left
survivors in a village.  Predictably, these survivors informed the
mililitia and an armed party marched into the Maracaran Rainforest.
Apparently there was some sort of trap set up, as none of these warriors
ever returned.
        The Slasanza normally remain in their forest homeland.  Normally,
it is only when humans intrude into the forest that contact and the
inevitable bloodshed occurs.  Unfortuantley, the main trade artery within
Bramhillian, the Steinly River,  runs through the Maracaran Rainforest.
Only the most foolish travel this waterway without armed gaurds.  The
Slasanza are not a problem for most of the population of the Kingdom of
Bramhillian, as they rarely move about.  Even the lone males rarely
penetrate far into civilized lands, since their bloodthirsty ways announce
thier travels to local hunters.


        Illhillians are pale, sickly creatures of low intelligence.  They
are slightly more intelligent than the Slasanza, but not by much.  Their
bulbous upturned noses mark the Illhillians as an inferior race.  However,
unlike their relatives on the southern continent, Durrin Illhillians have
managed to acquire many of the traits of their more intelligent human
neighbors.  They are able to work metal, although poorly, and some
Illhillians are able to learn to speak proper languages.  Their own
language is of course fairly simple, barely adequate for communication of
simple concepts.  Since no Illhillian has the capacity to read or write,
they have no written language or history.
        Although the Illhillians are capable of most simple work, and if
properly trained can appear quite intelligent, they are invariably lazy.
Instead of working to improve themselves and feed their families,
Illhillinas prefer to steal to survive.  Caravans passing near Illhillian
territory are commonly attacked and travellers killed or captured  Given
the choice, most caravans prefer to kill their own if it seems iminent that
they will be overrun by the barbaric Illhillians, as these people prefer to
capture humans and then eat them alive.  Illhillians are known to prefer a
diet of young children, so caravans with children as far from the
Illhillians as possible.  It is avery foolish caravan who takes an
underprotected train near this territory.
        It is unlikely that the Illhillinas would still be living on Durrin
but for the Maracarans and the Ironrocks.  Almost two hundred years ago,
when the first Illhillians were discovered by the Triad, the humans decided
to put aside their own differences and wars of conquest to destroy this
infestation.  The Illhillians of that time were as depraved as their
descendents, and were wantonly attacking villages and travellers.  The
Illhillians were festering in a badlands area bordered by each of the
Triad, so it seemed a simple thing to root them out before they were able
to multiply any further.
        Records of what happened next were obviously exagerated, as tales
from that time peroid indicate that an Ironrocks army column, eleven
warriors wide and over ten miles long arrived at the badlands area just as
the Triad armies were massing to attack.  Hundreds of Maracarans were also
present, and although the Triad offered the elder races the chance to join
with them to destroy the evil breed, the ancient races declined the
invitation.  The Maracarans told the humans in quite forceful terms that
they would not stand for genocide, and that they were there to defend the
Illhillians.  The Ironrocks apparently had no comments at all, but calmly
arranged themselves between the Triad and the Illhillians.  Outnumbered,
the Triad armies left the field of battle.
        Once the Triad Armies had left the field, the Ironrocks set to
removing all humans from a sizeable territory.  They then set about
surrounding the area with their signposts.  It was clear that the Ironrocks
would consider any attacks against the Illhillians as attacks against
themselves.  As the Ironrocks returned to their mountainous homes, they
continued to build signposts, thus claiming as thier own a strip of
territory twenty-five feet wide, and several hundred miles long.  Fifty
years ago, the Ironrocks marched back along this stretch of land to again
defend the Illhillains, to much the same affect.  The Triad retreated, and
the Ironrocks returned home without comment. This Ironrocks territory has
now become the official boundry between Bramhillian and Labhartain.
        Human missionaries often live among the Illhillians in hopes of
converting them to a human religion.  The missionaries are often
successful, at least until they return home and the Illhillians return to
their own worship.  There are also a number of unsavory humans who use the
orcish borders as defense against human law.  These people are not the most
discerning types, and sometimes have families among the Illhillians.  The
Illhillians tend to look down on half-breeds, and most humans tend to
dislike half-breeds even more than they do Illhillians.