"The Raging Lord, Lord of Rain, the Storm Lord"

God of Weather, Rain, the Four Winds, Storms, Lightning, Thunder, Temper, Twilight, Patron of Monster Slayers

SYMBOL: White cloud with a blazing lightning bolt on a sky-blue shield

Since weather (and particularly storms) are of great interest to most people, it is not surprising that Tempus is one of the most favorite gods. His followers are those who spend a great deal of time outdoors and depend upon the benifits of weather for their livelihoods: seafarers, farmers, herders, etc. All who worship the rainmaker understand the power of storms to destory, revive and allow fresh starts.

In all the stories that Tempus appears, he is strong, totally fearless, naive at times, straightforward, bluff, hearty and violent. He performs incredible feats of strength and feasting. Hw kills many giants and monsters, with and without good cause. He has no time for subtle plans and complex machinations - when offended or angered he simply smashes the miscreant's head with his war hammer.

Many barbarians consider him the ideal warrior, possessing strength, courage and resoluteness in abundance.

Tempus normally appears as a huge, muscular warrior with long (sometimes braided) shoulder length red hair and a long beard. His eyes are sky blue. He is armored like a wealthy warrior but uses a large war hammer.

Storms are said to be the result of his rage, the sound of thunder to be his hammer striking a foe, the lightning to be sparks from the impact of his blows...

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