A listing of some of the more famous (and infamous)characters of the Adarian Campaign

Below you will find links to some of the Player Characters and Non-Player Characters from my Adarian Campaigns. Hopefully I will be able to briefly outline their backgrounds while still capturing their favor.

Bone Helga
One tough lady....Under construction...

Bradeus the Brownie
150 Point swashbuckling Brownie warrior-rogue...Still Under construction

Drago Dread-axe
A 150 point Dwarven Hero, last of his line who wants to be remembered, a bit of a Dwarven tank!

Elleshar the Elf
150-point Elf who is somrthing of a dabler and jack of many trades and not yet a master of any...under construction...

A bit darker sort of character and another of my all time favorites, a 150 (or 180) point gentleman Cleric-Fencer follower of Lovaitar the Pain Maiden, Goddess of Suffering, Pain and Loss....

Igor, the Eye of the Beholder
Igor (EYE-GORE) is not just another monster, he is a complex character. Friendly in his own twisted way, Igor likes nothing better than to attach himself to a roving band of troublemakers - like Adventurers - to seek excitement and maybe a good brew...

Kabella Drake-kin
150 point bold female wizardess. This firely lass may well be more than she appears...Still Under Construction...
Lord Maragond VIII, Mage of Renown
A 150 point super rich mage nobleman with a few artifacts on a life quest for fame and a good time, this is one of my all time favorite characters....

She is often more noble than the nobles...Under construction...

The Scarlet Mage
This was the major NPC opponent in my campaign for a long, long time...still under construction
Shuri Karma
150-point Samuri Lord, one of Maragond's henchmen, Shuri decided to bring his clan into the Adarian Empire and attempted to form a hybid culture combining the best of the Samuri and Adarian cultures
Tiny the Ogre
A most unusal dwarf Ogre....please do not mistake him for an Orc - that upsets him and has proved fatal in the past for many that decide to pick on the poor, weak, defenceless orc...

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