Squire Raven Bleakmoor

Persumed Heiress of the Barony of Bleakmoor
A GURPS 150 Point Character suitable for use as either a PC or NPC.

Squire Raven of Bleakmoor is a somewhat experienced and very ambitious squire. Her father rules the Barony of Bleakmoor and is a loyal baron, but without any real power or influence outside his own small barony. Being of an old, well established "blue-blood" family, the Bleakmoors are respected as country gentry. Numerous ancestors have served faithfully for crown and country, with very few ever misusing their authority.

Raven herself is something of a daredevil and since she was rasied mainly by her father as the son he never had and as the likely heiress of Bleakmoor (since her mother died of fever shortly after childbirth), she is more comfortable as "one of the boys" rather as in the role of a young noblewoman.

As is the custom, Raven was fostered off to another noble family to serve as a page when she was eight and she has been a squire since she was tweleve. Many consider her something of a nuisance, not so much for the fact she is female as for her infamous ingenuity in coming up with new pranks and tricks, especially for those who bully those she considers as her friends.

Appearance White female, 5'11, 150 lbs, silky, long black hair, flashing black eyes and of fair complextion. Age 15. Better than ordinary clothing. Her coat of arms consists of a black raven grasping within its beak a red rose, all on a polished silver background, surrounded by a broad rose red border.

The Story so Far

Fifteen year old Raven is currently squire of Sir Gondress from Norford. Over a year ago, Sir Gondress took charge of the three Squires of Sir Langwood, rumored to be on a secret and dangerous mission where his squires could not be allowed to follow. Raven quickly assumed the duties of "Senor Squire" and begain overseeing the duties and training of her fellow squires who are Earnest (14), Arina (another girl) from Norford (17) and Karastan from Soresten (16).

All together Sir Gondress and the four squires travel to Ispar, capitol of the Adarian Empire. There the squires meet with Cedrik, son of the Duke of Norford and squire to Sir Haro, a knight of the empire. Poor Cedrik is very young (11), very small and weak but has a noble character.

That matters not very much to the big squire Wolford, a real bully and jerk. He and his friends, especially Fallet, nicknamed the silent mocker, makes life hell for little Cedrik. So Raven and "her" squires launch a practical joke campaign against the bullies to distract their attention from Cedrik and present them some worthier foes. But before things got too serious between Raven and the bully squires a fair maiden, introducing herself as Duessa of Castle Carohaise, appears on the first night of a grand banquet. She seeks a knight of the empire to free her people from an evil ghost. Sir Gondress quickly volunteers.

On the way to castle Carohaise the party finds in a cursed forest the skeleton and armour of Sir Langwood, the knight long missed. Further on their way they encounter strange bears guarding a cursed pond. The situation is turned by Caesar, a speaking owl. He brings the heroes to Heliat of the Dunchallows Guard Forest. This wizard lives in a remarkable magic tower and recognizes the maid Duessa as the disguised witch Faldessa. The evil witch takes Sir Gondress hostage and escapes in the direction of Castle Carohaise.

As Senoir Squire, Raven is convinced it is her duty to lead a rescuse mission, post haste, to Castle Carohaise, to free Sir Gondress from the evil witch Faldessa. She may seek the aid of a party of adventurers. The other squires are less than thrilled, since they have lost "their true knight" Sir Langwood and they consider it their duty to return his body and tell of what has happened so that a knight may perform the recsuse but have so far obeyed Squire Raven. Once again, the other squires are Earnest (14), Arina (the other girl who will use sex appeal to get her way!) from Norford (17) and Karastan from Soresten (16).

Earnest is brave, noble and will do whatever he thinks is right, thus far he has not really noticed that Raven and Arina are females. Soresten on the other hand, has crushes on both Arina and Raven and follows either like a puppy dog on a leash...either female can get him to do whatever they wish, he is likely to carry out whatever the last one asked him to do. Arina is not above using her sex appeal to influence or aid her cause. She knows she is not quite as good looking as Raven, so she tries her best to compensate by using her charm and paying extra attention to any males who happen to be in the neighorhood.

Raven hopes in secret to win her knighthood by completing this mission sucessfully and she will recklessly pursue her goal AND do all in her power to win glory and stand out as an example of knightly virtue... She will use her intelligence and wits, using the strength and power of the party to fullfill her objectives if she can. She will prefer to fight on her terms with every "honorable" advantage she can gain for "her squires" whom she knows are not veteran warriors. She will try to husband her resources but if some must die, as long as she gains glory and the mission is sucessful she will consider the losses as acceptable.




ST 12 [20], DX 14 [45], IQ 12 m[20], HT 14 [45]
Speed 7, Move 7, Dodge 8, Block 8, Parry (sword) 7
Thrust: 1d-1, Swing: 1d+2.
Punch 1d-2; kick 1d; knuckles +2; boots +1

Raven is very fast and uses the retreat maneuver frequently. (E.g. PD 3 (shield) + PD 2 (armor) + 8 (Dodge or Block) + 3 (Retreating) gives maximum total PD 16.) Do not forget Luck!

With armor, weapons and shield: Light Encumbrance (-1).

Squire template [0]

Chivalric Code of Honor (Never break your word; never ignore an insult; protect the weak; accept challenges.) [-10], Duty (to Patron, always) [-15], Knightly Candidate [5], Patron (Powerful Individual, available 15 or less) [30], Sense of Duty (to Kingdom) [-10], Sense of Duty (to Patron) [-5], Status 1 (Squire) [5]


Beautiful [15], Combat Reflexes [15], Luck [15], Status 5 (comes from a well established family, heiress of a fairly poor barony, treat only as background story, no additional point cost, father is only thirty-five and is in excellent health, he is the 14th in his family to hold the title, but due mainly to the barony's wet terrain he is barely able to balance his books...please note, that Raven will not herself bring up being an heiress, and even if that is discovered, the Bleakmoors do not discuss money matters, so it is not common knowledge how poor the barony is. It will take some research to discover should anyone attempt to find out more about Raven's background).


Curious [-5], Delusion (Women are totally different from men and impossible to understand) [-10], Gloryhound [-15], Impulsiveness [-10], Youth (15) [-2].


Wants to become a knight of the empire [-1]. Assumes most "magic" to be fake [-1]. Favorite weapons is morning star. [-1] Wants nothing to do with romance or love and really does not know she is Beautiful [-1]. Dresses in black and silver, but preffers armor to formal wear [-1]. Will never use sex appeal to gain an advantage[-1].
Skill  Type  Points  Level  Notes 
Animal Handling  MH  11   
Axe/Mace (Pick)  PA  ½  12   
Bard  MA  ½  11   
Boating  PA  13   
Bow  PH  12   
Brawling  PE  14   
Broadsword  PA  ½  12  Parry 7 
Camouflage  ME  ½  12  (+ vision modifiers) 
Carousing  PA (HT)  ½  12  (+2 or more to reaction) 
Chess  ME  ½  12   
Climbing  PA  13   
Fast-Talk  MA  ½  11   
Flail  PH  13   
Heraldry  MA  ½  11   
Knife  PE  ½  13   
Lance  PA  ½  12   
Law  MH  ½  10   
Musical Instrument (Small Harp)  MH  ½  10   
Poetry  MA  ½  11   
Riding (Horse)  PA  13  +5 on her own horse 
Savoir-Faire  ME  ½  12   
Sex Appeal  MA (HT)  ½  12   
Shield  PE  14   
Singing  PE (HT)  ½  13   
Staff  PH  12  Parry 9 
Stealth  PA  13   
Survival (Hills)  MA  12   
Survival (Moors)  MA  12   
Swimming  PE  ½  13   
Tracking  MA  12   


Armor (19 lbs.)
Leather Helm, $20, PD2, DR2.
Leather Gloves, $30, PD2, DR2.
Leather Armor Arms, $50, PD2, DR2, 2 lbs.
Leather Armor Body, $100, PD 2, DR 2, 10 lbs.
Leather Armor Legs, $60, 4 lbs.
Leather Boots, $80, PD 2, DR 3, 3 lbs.

Weapons (25 lbs.)
Morningstar [crus 1d+5, $80, 6 lbs., ST 12, 1 Any attempt to parry a flail is at -4, Fencing weapons and knives cannot parry Flails.
Primary weapon.
Broadsword, $500, 3 lbs. [cut, 1d+3; or cr, 1d]
Secondary weapon.
Large knife, $40, 1 lbs. [cut, 1d, imp, 1d-1]
Close combat weapon.
Medium Shield, $60, , PD 3, Hits 7/40, 15 lbs.

Other possessions
Horse (an agile black mare named Midnight), $4.000
Brass Knuckles [+2 Dmg], $20
Middle-Class Clothing, $40
Basic Adventuring Set, $5
Cash: $5


Monthly cost of living: $400
Goal: Learn First Aid (ME)
On Shopping List: Regular bow [imp, 1d, SS 13, Acc 2, ST x 15, 2 lbs.], $100. Quiver (holds 10 arrows), $10. Arrow, $2. Bodkin (DR-2, Dmg -2), $2. Bracer (CII27), $8.

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