Eye of the Beholder

Built on 400 points but not unbalancing and very suitable for any high-fantasy campaign.

Igor (EYE-GORE) is not just another monster, or even just a simple Eye of the Beholder, he is a complex character in his own right. Friendly in his own twisted way, Igor likes nothing better than to attach himself to a rowing band of troublemakers - like Adventurers - to seek for excitement and maybe a good brew...


Igor is easily bored and always full of ideas that he considers funny. His humor is rather rude and involves frightening people with his ugly appearance or with unexpected sudden roaring shouts with his deep and raspy voice. Scaring and intimidating someone just for the fun of it is one of his pastimes. If he can get away with it he will demand humiliating services from his victims. But if opposed in a determined way he will backup and never mind.

Igor's reputation is accordingly bad. He likes it that way and plays on his "Being dangerous, sightly crazy and too magically powerful to be worth the trouble." reputation. He is not really destructive, let alone a killer. He is only a mayor nuisance for any town he elects as his current place of amusement. So everyone will be relived if he joins a party of strangers.

Igor has a healthy appetite. He likes to eat anything, even things most beings would consider uneatable. And he eats a lot. More so he drinks a lot. He is not an addict but he loves the effects of hard liquors. His specialty is consuming the whole filled bottle, crunching it in his big mouth. When intoxicated his flight coordination drops to the point where he bumps into anything, tumbling and bouncing like a drunken heavy balloon.

Igor will hover all the time, except while sleeping. He manipulates things with his flexible tongue, leaving his distinct unpleasant mouth odor in the process.


From all things said so far you might have gotten the impression that Igor is only a practical joker/jerk. That is far from the truth. He is not affected by the appearance of others, holds no prejudice for any race, sex or religion, and does not care about most odd or strange behavior. He has a feeling soul and can be considerate and caring if he has grown to like someone. His rude humor hides a very positive and optimistic attitude. He is not aware of his humor being often totally non-funny for some beings. If he realizes that one of his victims is not only angry or upset but deeply hurt by his behavior, he will stop and in rare cases even offer an apology. He is never depressed or in a bad mood and will try to console and cheer up anyone sad and downhearted. If befriended he will even fight for his comrades and when doing so can be brave bordering on stupidly reckless.


Igor rarely uses his special powers just for jokes. He reserves them for combat. He is tough and knows it. His big eye is -7 to hit, the smaller eyes are -9 to hit. If enough overhead space is available he will use a retreating dodge (+3) by flying upwards out of reach of most ground-based opponents. Powerful opponents will be targeted by various successive magical attacks. Magic users will be attacked by the infamous "Anti-Magic-Ray", which is visible as a yellow-green or red, fan-shaped ray (only a special effect), When attacking more conventional foes, he tries to slam into his opponents (p. B112), attempting to dismount riders first. Use the Flying Tackle rules (p. B113) without any danger of falling down for the flying beholder.

The powers of Damage Control and Mimicry are located in two of his eyes and will be lost if those eyes are crippled, but do not work as ranged attacks. Igor actively seeks to memorize interesting and uncommon sounds and voices to use them for surprise effect and deception in combat.

Igor has 30 unspent points, allowing for plenty of customization.

GURPS Character Statistics


ST 12 [20], DX 10, IQ 10, HT 10
Speed 5, Move (flying) 10, Dodge 12, Size 1, Weight: 200 lbs.
Biting Damage: 1d-1 cutting, Reach: C
Natural Armor: PD 2, DR 5. The eyes have PD 4, DR 2.


DR 5 [15], Fast Regeneration (1/min) [50], Flight [40], Hard to Kill +3 [15], Literacy [10], Longevity [5], Nictating Membrane x2 (PD 4, DR 2) [20], Passive Defense x2 [50], Penetrating Call [5], Regrowth [40], Sharp Teeth (cutting) [5],
Universal Digestion [15].


Bad Reputation (-4, always, as "crazy and magic") [-20], Bully [-10], Compulsive Behavior (always looking for a entertaining diversion) [-5], Gluttony [-5],  Odious Personal Habit (never cleans teeth) [-5], One Arm (using his very flexible tongue) [-20], Ugly Appearance [-10].


"Drinks" by eating filled bottles [-1], Does not care about any appearance, social or most physical and mental disadvantages of others [-1], Flight skill drops significantly when intoxicated [-1], Lies to intimidate [-1], Very deep and raspy voice [-1].


Flight (P/A) [8]-12, Intimidation (M/A) [2]-10.


All powers are eye-related. Think of them as magic rays emanating from the eyes. Each of the smaller eyes has a different power. All have power 2, skill level 10, and are useable two times a day, for 2 seconds. Total point cost is 104 points.

The smaller eyes have the following powers:
01) Bindness-10 (2) [8+12]
02) Blindness-10 (2) [8+10]
03) Confusion-10 (2) [8+8]
04) Control Animal-10 (2) [8+6]
05) Damage Control-10 (2) [8+6]
06) Deafen-10 (2) [8+6]
07) Lightning-10 (2) [8+12] (2d-2 damage)
08) Mimicry-10 (2) [8+4]
09) Sense Animal-10 (2) [8+2]
10) - The tenth eye is currently crippled. Decide upon its power when it has regrown and pay points accordingly.

The bigger main-eye has a special power, worth 12 points, the "Anti-Magic-Ray," treat as Magical Resistance, level 8, with the enhancement Affects Others (SS 12, Acc 1, 1/2D 5xHT, Max 10xHT, duration HT seconds) [+40%], and the limitations Accessibility (affects only others) [-30%], Limited Use (twice per day) [-30%], Takes Extra Time (twice as long to activate) [-10%].

Anyone hit by this Anti-Magic-Ray gains the temporary advantage of Magical Resistance +8 for 10 seconds. This usually disturbs mages a lot, effectively lowering their skills with spells by -8 for the duration.

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