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This is a random roll system to general a character's background story and personal history. Bascially you can use this system in a couple of different ways. Frist for a totally random character background story you would start on the first table TABLE 001:CHARACTER RACE and and follow the directions on it. In this case, it will direct you on what to roll for that table, then direct you to the next table which is TABLE 002:CULTRUAL BACKGROUND.

Another way the system can be used is to start on the Character Background Table Index and start on wherever Table you wish. (i.e., if you just want some backgound for your character's service during his hitch in the army, but you already have the rest of his background worked out, then you could start on TABLE 080:MILITARY SKILLS, WEAPONS & ARMOR BY SERVICE BRANCE and then start rolling from there...

Please note that in some cases you will roll more than once on the same table. Additionally, quite often the table you are currently on will direct you to another Table, after which you may have to return to the Table that directed away...Confused? Its really easier than it sounds. Just follow the directions and the links.

Just remember that all this material is completely optional, you do not have to keep any results with which you are uncomfortable or which does not fit in with your character concept. On the other hand, if you need help to come up with a very strange or unusal character this system can work out great. Some of the most "original" outlandish, off the wall, one of the kind, unique individual player characters started out using these tables to anchor their character in some background story. You can wind up with enemies, family feuds, relatives you would rather not have, a family heirloom, debts, rivals, be married, seriously wounded, renowned, orphaned, have a bounty on placed on your head....or your background could be so average and bland...its no wonder you took up adventuring.

Please note, there are results on the Tables where you can gain advantages, disadvantages, or skills. There are several ways to handle this, which you and the GM may need to work out.

If your totals exceed campign maximums (say for disadvantages), the simplest thing might be to keep all the disadvantages tolled, but only take the maximum amount of character points for the campaign and move on.

Another option is to reduce the value of the disadvantages themselves, (i.e., your enemy may not still be as powerful, or may show up less often, or the evil reputation you earned in the war may have faded and be all but forgotten, your reputation might have been -4 right after the evil deeds occured, but as people tend to forget very unplesant things, it may be only equal to a -1 point Quirk. In such a case my ruling would be only those interested personally or professionally would remember, and then only on a critial success would such people remember the the evil war deeds done and connect it to the character at which time the NPC would react to the character at the full -4 penality). But in such a case it might only come up once in a dozen gaming sessions. A third option is to take the full amount of the disadvantages and be prepared for trouble, because at least in my campaign if a player character get an extra -15 character points for disadvantages, they will EARN every one in game play, trust me, I never give away any free character points...but even so, I will only go so far and would never allow too many extra points...its just too crippling. As the Game Master I fully reserve the right to disapprove or reject any part of player character design or concept in whole or in part.

If you are using these background tables in another campaign, you should check with the GM who will have to approve, and as always his rulings are final.

As this is a major project for me, and I am only able to work on it as time permits, it may be quite some time before I get all the planned Tables up on this web site. So until then, use as much of it as you can and if directed to a Table thats not there, make up something that seems right and go on...

Try it, I think you might like it. Most of my players do.

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