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The World of the Adarian Campaign is physically simillar to our own earth in size, shape and rotation with 24 hour days and a year of 365.25 days, but there are major differences. Only about one-third of the Adarian World is covered by water whereas earth's surface is two-thirds water. This means of course that there is roughtly twice as much land surface on the World of Adare than on the Earth. The major result being that, on average, the oceans and seas are smaller and generally not quite as deep as our own. There are more continents and islands on the World of the Adare than on Earth.
Galleys remain the most common type of warship with some of the major powers having fleets of several hundred to a thousand or more galleys. As might be expected ships play a very inportant part in trade and travel and where there are ships there are pirates....
The following is a brief description of the lands and nations of the Adarian World listed under continents.

Nations and Lands of the Continent of the Old World

The Wood Elf realm of Athel Loren lies hidden in the midst of the vast Forest of Loren in Bretonnia. This mysterious woodland realm is all that remains of the Elven colonies that once existed in the Old World. Over 4,000 years ago, the land west of the Grey Mountains which is now the Kingdom of Bretonnia was settled by High Elves from Ulthuan. They traded with Dwarfs from the Dwarf empire far to the east and built splendid cities on the coastal plains as ports for their merchant ships sailing to Ulthuan. These colonies were distant outposts of Elven civilization in the savage wilderness that was then the Old World.

A land of often rough and often impassable terrain, the Badlands are the major homeland of the Orcish and Goblinoid races in the Old World area since time immemorial, their realm is growing as the orchish tribes expand....

A City State on the sourthern coast in the Realm of the Border Princes. A racially mixed, port city, ships from many different lands bring goods from near and far. The water front is said to be one of the wildest and most lawless pleaces in all the world. Pirates, smuggles, outlaws and foreign merchants from near and far mingle on the crowded streets. The city has been fought over and captured by numerous foreign invaders, most of the local population are divided between northeners, gypies, and southerns from Araby, the land across the southern sea. Additionally, a large number of Barrowmen have Adarian, Bretonian or even Norse blood. Regardless of their racial or cultural origns most locals are loyal Barrowmen with the usual Barrowmen outlook. Tough, clever, streetwise, always grimly carrying on and looking for that big score.

One of the mightiest realms of the Old World, almost rivalling the Empire in size, wealth and power. The Bretonnians forged a formidable and heroic tradition of Knighthood. It is the Knights of Bretonnia who hold back the destructive forces which threatens to devour this fair land, including Fleets of Undead raid the coastal regions of the West. Skaven appeared from the south, Norse and Chaos raiders invaded from the north, Orc and Goblin tribes raid from the south-east, on occasion there are border incidents with the Empire's frontier troops to the east...

the Dolganians are best-known for their high quality cavalry; Dolganian mercenary cavalry units are in demand throughout the Old World, and individuals from Dolgany can always get work related to horses. They are also known for their spicy native cuisine; a good Dolganian restuarant with spicy goulash and good Tokay wine is guaranteed patronage anywhere, partciularly if the wild fiddle m usic and dancing brought by the original Dolgan conquerors is also featured. Other exports include high-quality breeding stock (horses, sheep, goats, cattle), leather goods, and the famous paprika spice that will grow no where else.

The Empire was founded over 2,500 years ago by Adare, a legendary warrior who has become the first emperor of this powerful land, now the largest and most technologically advanced nation of men in the Old World. Led by Emperor Fredrick Dexterhart from his throne in the capital city of Ispar, the men of the Empire defend their borders from many would-be invaders: the forces of Chaos from the north, the Orcs & Goblins from the east and west, and countless others who covet the Empire’s wealth and rich farmlands.

The Frozen Realm of the Ice Queen is a land of dark pine forests, snow-clad wilderness and wind-swept steppes. The inhabitants huddle around huge log fires in timber halls protected by massive stockades. The ruler of this cold and extensive realm is the Ice Queen, Czarina Katarin the Great, Shaman-Khan of Keslev, daughter of the notorious Tzar Boris Goblin Basher whose many battles in the east expanded the Kislev Empire beyond the Worlds Edge Mountains.

For thousands of years they laid within their mighty burial monuments. Called from their deathly slumber to seek vengeance on those who destroyed their ciivilization, the ancient Kings of Nehekhara marched forth from their tombs, assisted by the magically adept Lich Priests, The Tomb Kings lead a variety of skeletal and mummified troops into battle. Skeletal infantry, cavalry, and charioteers constitute the bulk of the Tomb King forces. More specialized forces include, the mummified Royal Guard, Tomb Swarms of undead scarab beetles, the enormous living statues known as Ushabti, great undead birds called Carrion, giant Tomb Scorpions, catapults that can hurl skulls or shoot bone missiles at their enemies, and the terrifying and destructive Giant Bone Crocs. The Tomb Kings are a relentless, magically potent army that is resplendent on the field of battle

The Skaven are a race of malevolent rat-men that inhabit the underground. The tunnels of their vast under-empire reach from the steaming jungles of the Southlands to the snow-covered steppes of Kislev, from the western borders of Estalia and Bretonnia to the lost realms of the Far East. Their capital is the mysterious city of Skavenblight, hidden in the center of the foul marshes lying on the western borders of Tilea. There, the mighty Lords of Decay, ruthless rulers of all Skaven, sit on the Council of Thirteen, scheming and preparing for the time when their armies will emerge from the subterranean realm to raze the entire surface of the world.

A mountainous, foggy land of dark, gloomy woods and tangled moor. Peasants who toil silently and without joy. Afraid of what the night will bring. They bar their doors and windows tightly at night, even during the hotest part of summer. With wooden stake, garlic and holy symbols near at hand all the long sleepless night, for all their noble masters in this unhappy land are Undead and the people all know it, but can do nothing about it, the ones who tried and even those who only attempted to escape were hunted down and made such a terrible example, that all of that the rest remain, sleeping durring most of the light of day, then working for awhile before sun-set, for at night, when the Vampire Counts hunt, they are awake, praying for dawn, wondering if they or their kin will be taken during the night...

The High Elven Island Realm - The High Elves are a wise and ancient race, whose chronicles date back to when the world was young. Their deeds and achievemnets were legend before the tribes of man ever arose to power in the Old World. Proud of their noble heritage, the High Elves are a graceful and cultured people, yet unflinching in battle. They are masters of arms and the secrets of High Magic, and once aroused, their wrath is terrible to behold. From their island home of Ulthuan, they ply the seas, trading with younger nations and defending their homeland from assault. It is said that no enemy has ever breached the gates of Lothern, the most fabulous city in the world, and few have trespassed into the secret interior of Ulthuan - and lived to tell the tale.

Or The Duel Monarchy - One of the lesser-known, but still interesting, Border Princedoms is actually two principalities under one Prince: Waldavia and Mollachia. They are currently in control of a third principality, Transmontania, but they have often lost control of Transmontania to their neighbours and bitter rivals in Dolgany...

The Ziszerland is a loose confederation of cantons located in The Vaults, with a culture that draws from both Brettonia and The Empire. The Ziszer's main export are its cheese, chocolate and its famous bands of mercenary pikemen, found in armies across Albion and the Old World. These troops are highly paid professionals, very expensive and they will will not fight against other Ziszer mercenaries. Famous mercenary regiments include Emmerich Zoller's Black Berets, Stelnmann's Storming Band, The Blood Pikes, and Harcors Halberders.

Nations and Lands of Lustria - The Great Southern Continent

The Lizardmen are an ancient race created by the god-like beings known as the Old Ones to be the guardians of the world. Their age-old civilization is based deep within the steaming jungles of Lustria, the continent far across the Great Ocean from the lands of Bretonnia and the Empire. A smaller Lizardmen settlement can also be found in the lands far south of the Old World. The mighty temple-cities of the Lizardmen rise above the humid jungles in these tropical lands. There, the bloated Slaan Mage-Priests, who have mastered the art of magic, attempt to divine the intentions of the long-departed Old Ones. Though the Great Plan is only revealed in omens and portents, the Mage-Priests do their best to interpret the signs and guide the Lizardmen to do the Old Ones’ bidding.

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