The College of Chaos Spells

First a little about Chaos...


Chaos is composed of all the unstable parts of fire, water, air and earth. Chaos is a swirling black/blue mass, with occasional flecks of bright white. It seems to change form at random, although it always retains the same general size in hexes.

Game effect:

All Chaos spells are M/VH. Chaos has the combined effects of the disintegrate, darkness and fog spells. Unlike the normal disintegrate spell, chaos is able to affect part of an object. This functions as if the object was immersed in acid (as created with the create acid spell). Each turn, the object is also attacked by a 3d disintegrate attack! Thus, when the object has been weakened by the "acid", the "disintegrate" takes over and make the object evaporate. If you don't want to roll the dice, simply assume mayhem and major destruction and go from there! Also, chaos has a special effect on living beings. Instead of only causing destruction, the chaos might also cause random mutations. Think science fiction B-movie/worst nightmare here! Chaos causes advantageous mutations 10% of the time, disadvantageous mutations 70% of the time and minor cosmetic changes otherwise.

Chaos table Roll 3d6:

3-5 Advantageous mutation.

1) The body part affected blisters and burns.

2) The parts affected blisters and the subject suffers 2 hits of damage.

3) The body part swells to double size - permanently. It doesn't get any stronger, though.

4) Makes limbs stick together.

5) Cause your nails to harden to gain you the claws advantage

6) Burn the hand right off, leaving only a blackened stump!
You as the GM decide!


Gravity or other minor forces do not affect chaos. It might stay in place or gently move in some direction, changing course seemingly at random. If in doubt, at any time roll a die and let the chaos move in the direction of a chosen number, be that up, down or in a compass direction. The speed will be 2 at most. Chaos seems to move at 2 5% of the time, 1 at 40% and remain still at 55%. Chaos will keep existing for an undetermined amount of time. Sometimes, the Chaos will remain "stable" for only a couple of seconds and sometimes for centuries! Obstructions will be consumed, leaving dust behind. Mostly, however, the Chaos will only remain for a couple of minutes.


Seek Chaos (VH) Information

This is the basic Chaos spell. It tells the caster the direction and approximate distance to the nearest significant amount of Chaos. Use the long-distance modifiers (GURPS Magic p.10). Any known sources of chaos may be excluded if the caster specifically mentions them before beginning. This spell can also be used to find beings affected by Chaos.

Cost: 2
Prerequisite: Seek Earth, Seek Water.
Item: A rod of iron and bronze


Shape Chaos (VH)Area

Allows the caster to shape chaos. The Chaos can be moved about at a maximum speed of 3 hexes/second, moving at the casters turn. Each shape-change requires a second of concentration on the part of the caster, and moving Chaos requires constant concentration while it moves. Once shaped, the Chaos behaves as usual, moving and changing shape seemingly at random. Duration: 1 minute.

Base Cost: 3. Cost to maintain: Half the cost to cast.
Prerequisite: Seek Chaos, All 4 of Shape Air/Earth/Fire/Water.


Create Chaos (VH) Regular

Lets the caster create Chaos where none existed before. It cannot be created inside an object or creature however. Creatures in the Chaos area are affected on their own turns; if less than an entire turn is spent in the affected area, the effect is halved.

Duration: Permanent
Cost: 6 per hex.
Prerequisite: Shape Chaos, All 4 of Create Air/Earth/Fire/Water.


Destroy Chaos (VH)Area

Destroys a hex of Chaos. A larger area may be affected at an increased cost in fatigue. Removes only the Chaos, not the effects.

Duration: Permanent
Base Cost: 4
Prerequisite: Create Chaos, Destroy Air, Destroy Water.


Chaotic Touch (VH) Regular

Caster must touch the subject. The subject suffers 1 die of Chaos damage for every point the caster puts into the spell. Armor protects normally.

Cost: 1 to 3.
Prerequisites: Icy Touch, Burning Touch. At least 5 Chaos spells.


Chaos Jet (VH) Regular

Lets caster shoot a jet of pure Chaos from one fist. Each turn, the caster must roll versus DX-4 or Magic Jet to hit, and rolls for damage if he hits. This attack may be dodged or blocked, but not parried. Treat it as a hand weapon - a flaming sword without the sword - but it cannot parry! A mage can cast the spell twice and have two Chaos Jets; the second is an off-hand weapon, at -4 to skill.

Duration: 1 second.
Cost: 1 to 3. Does 1d damage for each point put into it. The jet's range in hexes is equal to the number of dice. Cost to maintain is the same.
Prerequisite: Flame Jet, Water Jet, Air Jet, Mud Jet.


Chaotic Weapon (VH) Regular

Causes any weapon to be surrounded by a glowing nimbus of chaos. This nimbus does not harm the user but lets the weapon do chaos damage.

Duration: 1 minute


Chaos Bolt (VH) Missile

Lets caster throw a bolt of Chaos from his hand. When it strikes something, it vanishes in a puff of Chaos. It has SS 13, Acc+1, 1/2D 25, Max 50. The Chaos bolt does 2d-3 damage for each energy point spent in casting it. (this reflects the chaotic nature of the bolt. Damage will be from -1 to 9, averaging 4. If the result before damage resistance is subtracted is -1, the bolt actually heals one point of damage!)

Cost: 1 to 3; the Chaos bolt does 2d-3 damage for each energy point spent in casting it.
Time to cast: 1 to 3 seconds.
Prerequisite: Magery, Fireball, Ice Sphere, Stone Missile, Lightning.


Emotionalize (VH) Area; Resisted by IQ-2

This extremely powerful spell plays upon the strongest emotion in the subjects. Since the spell only enhances natural feelings and urges, it is more difficult to resist. The caster doesn't know which emotions are played upon. The GM chooses the most appropriate emotion and uses the game effect of the corresponding spell or disadvantage. Remember, that the effect of this spell should be roleplayed. Also, when the effect resembles a disadvantage, the emotion should be played to the fullest.

Emotion - Effect
Love - See below 1)
Hate - Berserker (p. 57)
Lust - As the Lecherousness disadvantage
Anger - As the Bad Temper disadvantage
Greed - As the Greed disadvantage
Jealousy - As the Jealousy disadvantage
Patriotism - As the Fanatism disadvantage
Bravery - Bravery (p. 56)
Hunger - 10 x Gluttony disadvantage
Fear - Panic (p. 56)
Sadness - Mass Daze (p. 57)
Joy - Must be roleplayed!
Peace - Mass Daze (p. 57)
Unrest - Madness (p. 58)
Depression - Mass Daze (p. 57)
Boredom - Mass Sleep (p. 57)
Loyalty - Bravery (p. 56)

Duration: As the appropriate spell; Otherwise 10 minutes
Cost: 3; same to maintained
Time to cast: 2 seconds


Viper Speed (VH) Blocking

This spell causes the caster to gain amazing reflexes for one second. The caster gains a special +5 bonus to dodge due to incredible speed. Since coordination is not enhanced, parry and block remain the same.

Duration: 1 second
Cost: 2. Cannot be maintained.
Prerequisite: Great Haste


Wall of Bone Fragments (VH) Area

Creates a cloud of whirling bone fragments does 2d cutting damage to everyone passing through.

Cost: 2/1
TTC: 2 seconds.
Prerequisite: Zombie


Sphere of Bone Fragments (VH) Regular

Sphere of whirling bone fragments does 1d cutting damage to everyone it touches. It is controlled using the M/A skill, Magic Sphere. The skill is used to hit opponents and to direct the sphere. The sphere is extremely unstable and requires constant concentration to cont rol. A roll vs. the casters Magic Sphere skill roll must be performed every turn to control the sphere. On a critical failure, the sphere either (roll 1d)

1-2 explodes, doing no damage.

3-4 moves quickly in a random direction (treat as a missile for purposes of defense).
5-6 moves uncontrollably for 2d seconds.

The sphere has a maximum move of 3. The sphere can be blocked or dodged.

Cost: 2/1
TTC: 2 seconds.
Prerequisite: Zombie


Death Trance (VH) Blocking

This spell has one primary use. It can be cast instantly, even out of turn, to prevent the death of the subject. In the game, the spell prevents the subject from having to roll a death roll when reaching -HT hits (i.e., the First Death Roll). The spell also causes the subject to enter a deep deathlike trance, which lasts as long as the spell is maintained. During this trance, the subject doesn't loose hit points from bleeding.

Example: Durina the healer and Vulf the warrior (HT 12) are involved in intense combat. Vulf takes a total of 30 points of damage, bringing him to -18 hits. Before Vulf has to roll a death roll, Durina announces that she wants to prevent Vulf from dying. Since combat is chaotic, she first has to roll a vision roll to see that Vulf is hit by a killing blow (or the blood flow from his lips, or whatever.... Make it dramatic!). She then casts Deathbrink on Vulf, with a penalty equal to the amount of damage beyond -HT hits, -6 in this case. Also, Vulf is 3 hex away from Durina, causing the final penalty to become 9. Note, that a successful casting of this spell only negates the death roll at -HT and not subsequent rolls at -HT -5, -HT -10 etc.. Thus Vulf in the example above, still have to roll a death roll for reaching -17 HT (-HT-5).

Duration: 1 minute
Cost: 5 to cast, 2 to maintain.
Prereq: Major Healing, Suspended Animation.


Spider Spells

Spiderbolt Missile

This spell causes a stream of lots of little spiders to shoot from the casters hand. The subject can dodge or block this attack, although PD from body armor does not apply. The spiders will immediately attack the subject, causing discomfort and pain. The effect is as for a swarm attack of spiders. Remember, that clothing will hold off the spiders for 2 turns and armor for 5. After that, the spiders do the listed damage. There are about 1000 spiders in the swarm, which takes 5 hits to disperse. The spiders will quickly spread all over the subject, trying to penetrate armor. Multiple bolts does not deal additional damage at the same time (Spiders in 2 layers won't do any more damage than spiders in 1). When the spell ends, all the spiders drop dead instantly and curls up.

The Spiderbolt has SS 13, Acc+1, 1/2D 20, Max 40.
Duration: 10 seconds
Cost: 2 for spiders doing 1d-1 damage pr turn. 3 for spiders doing 1d. Cannot be maintained.
Prerequisite: Arachnid control


Create Spider Regular

This spell creates a 5 foot tall hunting spider, weighing about 200 lbs. The spider has the following stats. For an additional cost, the spider will use a strong poison (type F) otherwise it uses type A poison. A hunting spider can jump up to 3 times its own length - treat this as a flying tackle (see p. B113). Otherwise, use the rules for Create Animal.

Poison type A: Roll against HT-4 immediately. Failure causes 1d+1 damage. Critical failure causes death. Roll vs HT-4 again at the beginning of the each day for the next 3 days. Modifiers to the HT roll: +1 if the venom is sucked out within 5 minutes. If all rolls are successful, the venom has no effect.

Poison type F: Roll against HT-6 immediately. Failure causes 2d damage. Critical failure causes death. Anyone taking damage is nauseated and dizzy; -3 to all attribute checks and skill rolls for 1d hours. If the HT-6 roll is made, no damage is taken, but the victim still feels sick for 3d minutes; -3 to all attribute checks and skill rolls as above.

Spider stats:
ST 16 DX 15 IQ 6 HT 14
Move/Dodge 7/7
PD/DR 2/2
Damage: 1d imp/half damage if strongly poisonous.
Reach: R,C
Size: 2 hex
Weight: 200 lbs

Duration: 1 minute
Cost: 4 or 6 with strong venom, half to maintain
Time to cast: equal to cost, in seconds
Prerequisite: Create Water, Create Object, IQ 13+ and Create Acid (if you want to be able to create a strongly poisonous spider)


Spidersilk/Create Web Special/Missile as described in Grimoire


Spidervision Regular

The caster sprouts 6 additional eyes. In combat, all adjacent hexes are treated as front hexes. Note, that the eyes appear on the side and back of the casters head, thus the caster cannot wear a helmet covering the neck, if he wants to benefit from the additional eyes. Allow the cast to gain Peripheral Vision if the neck is covered. Duration: 1 minute Cost: 2 to cast, 1 to maintain Prerequisite: Alertness or Shapeshifting (giant spider) Spiderwalk Regular As pr. the Wallwalker spell (see p. M70)


Steelbite Regular

This spell causes one weapon held by the caster to become imbued by the holy essence of the deity. The weapon flares with either a white, shimmering light or a dull red glow depending on the deity. Certain beings may be affected less or more, depending on the deity. A weapon with steelbite carried by a follower of a good deity could cause +1 extra damage for each energy point against undead.

Duration: 1 turn
Cost: 1-3, the weapon damage is increased by 1d-1 for each point of energy.
Prereq: Sharpen.


Call Upon Faith Regular or block

This spell only works when the cleric is doing something to further the will of his god. It affects one single action, a quick contest, one attribute check, one blow, resisting a spell, throwing an object, etc.

Cost: 1 pr point boosted (max. 5) with no reduction for high skill.


Determine Age (H) Information. Resisted by IQ-4

Tells the age of the subject accurate to nearest year.

Cost: 1


Holy Avenger (VH) Regular

This spell causes the caster who must be the subject to go berserk as the disadvantage. He gains +2 to damage and has his PD and DR increased by 2.

Duration: 10 minutes, or less if the fight ends and the subject comes out of the berserk rage as pr. B31.
Cost: 3


Total Healing (VH) Regular

The subject of this spell is instantly healed of All wounds that spells like Major or Minor Healing would normally heal. This spell will only work once pr. day for the caster.

Duration: Permanent
Cost: 6
Prereq: Major Healing + either Magery 2 or Power Investiture 2


Sacred Guardian (VH) Information

This spell shows when the recipient is in danger and gives the caster a mental picture of the situation with no distance penalty.

Duration: 1 day
Cost: 3 to cast, 2 to maintain


Create Holy Symbol (VH) Regular

Creates a holy symbol from the casters own faith. It is made from a simple material.

Duration: Permanent
Cost: 3


Zone of Truth (VH) Area; Resisted by IQ

Creates a zone where creatures cannot lie. Subjects in the area who resist knows instantly, that they are unable to tell a falsehood.

Duration: 1 minute
Base: 2 to cast,1 to maintain


Accelerate Healing (VH) Regular

The subject heals at twice the normal rate for 4; the subject heals at 4x the normal rate for 8; and for 12 points the subject heals at 6x the normal rate.

Duration: 2d6-2 days or until completely cured (at 100% hit points).
Cost: 4/8/12 HR>

Choose Future (VH) Regular

Enables the subject to choose his own destiny. In game terms; the subject has two rolls for any normal (attack, defence, resistance, attribute check) while the spell is in effect.

Cost: 1 for each turn with 2 rolls (max. 5)
Duration: Max 5 turns or 10 total rolls.


Watch Death (VH) Regular, resisted by IQ-5

Allows the caster to watch the death of the subject. (As the spell, death vision, except that the subject doesn't experience the vision).

Duration: 1 second Cost: 1
TTC: 3 turns
Prerequisite: Death Vision.


Lightning Rod (VH) Blocking

The subject is immune to electricity long enough to withstand a single lightning attack, or one second of electricity of any strength. For long-term protection, use Resist Lightning.

Cost: 2
Prerequisite: Resist Lightning


Minor Invisibility (H) Regular

This spell turns the subject invisible, as per the invisibility spell. Its effects are reduced to the effects of a normal, but strong (4 point), Blur spell the instant the subject attempts any action which involves movement (an attack, casting a spell, touching someone, dodging, picking up an object...).

Duration: 1 minute
Cost: 5/2
Time to cast: 2 seconds
Prereq: Same as Invisibility


Mana Spheres (VH) Missile

The mage is able to throw up to 3 glowing balls of pure mana and is able to aim at up to 3 different targets in his field of vision and gains a +3 Acc bonus on all missiles.

SS: 13, Acc+3, 1/2 Dam: 30, Max: 80.
Duration: Instant
Cost: 1-3; (1d-1 dam per point of energy per missile) So a 3 second casting would allow three 3d-3 mystric spheres which could be targeted at 1 to 3 foes.
TTC: 1-3 turns (1 turn per point of energy)
Prerequisite: Drain Mana


Fist of Fury (VH) Regular

The hand and arm of the caster temporarily swells, bulging with muscle. The arm and hand also gain more substance, increasing the PD by 4 and the DR by 8. The caster is then able to punch with tremendous force, causing an additional 1d of damage for each point of power put into the spell. The extra muscle is only good for one attack and one parry or block. After that, the arm regains its usual size.

Duration: Instant
Cost: 1 to 3, Cannot be maintain
Prerequisites: Resist Pain, Shield.
Items: Glove. Mage only, Energy to create: 1,500.


Mana Missile (VH) Missile

This spell creates a magical missile. Repeated castings creates more missiles, which the caster is able to hold in one hand (up one for each finger). The missile can be blocked or dodged. Armor and toughness protects normally.

SS: 13, Acc +20, 1/2Dam: N/A, Max: 50
Duration: Instant
Cost: 1-3, does cost x 2 dam
TTC: 1-3 turns (1 pr point of energy)
Prerequisite: Magery 2
Item: Staff or Wand. Energy: 400

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