Old World Knightly Orders

(Based In The Bretonnian Kingdom)

The Templars of Poemorea are famous for their proclivity to start crusades against Bretonnia's enemies.

In Quenelles Duke Tancred has initiated an relentless war against the legions of the undead. In this crusade the Duke has been supported by the priests of POEMOREA (poe-MORE-re-ah), Shieldmaiden of the Worth Cause, and The Lady of Paladins - Goddess of Courage, Valor, Honor, Truth, Duty, Loyality, Obedience, Perservence, Endurance, Fitness, Ancestors, Heraldry. Patron of Protectors and Guardians, who very badly wish to prevent the dead in their care from being stolen by the magic of Necromancy.

In the Duchy of Quenelles there was founded the Order of the Knights of the Temple of Poemorea whose duty is to fight alongside the Duke against the dead who walk the earth. One of the principle duties of the Templars of Poemorea is to insure that the dead who were consecrated to their god remain buried and rest in eternal peace.

As an emblem of their dark mission, and to show their sorrow for all the brothers who have perished in their everlasting struggle, the Templars of Poemorea wear a black cross on their white tunics. White symbolizes of purity - black humility. In fact, each knight who enters the Order must renounce his domain and his family Coat-of-Arms. Only knights who have successfully completed their errantry quest can become Templar Knights, since they have proven themselves worthy of the benefits of knighthood, although they reject them in the service of POEMOREA.

Over time and after numerous battles, the Templars of Poemorea have become the worst enemies of the Lords of the Undead. They remain unperturbed in the presence of the worst undead aberrations and horrors, while fighting and destroying the unliving forces. Many Liches have been vanquished and burnt by the Templar Knights.


When a individual is knighted he automatically assumes certain feudal responibilities and he apply or (if particularly noble, well known as heroic, or very well connected) may be asked to join one of the Knightly Orders of the Empire. These are chivalric societies are often devoted to a particular place, deity or memory of an ancient warrior, but most importantly to the defence of the whole Empire against Chaos.

The Orders were created many centuries ago to defend the Empire against its foes, and in particular against the perils of Chaos. Each Knightly Order has its own distinctive style of armour and often a favoured method of fighting. There are many orders throughout the Empie. Some are small and their members belong to a local community, while others are vast organisations with members throughout the imperial realms and in many (foreign) principalities. When the knights go to war they normally fight alongside other knights from their own order, forming a seperate unit on the battle field. The smallest and most onscure Knightly orders may contain but a handful of Knights and they will often join with other small Orders to form a unit, fighting together in a colourfully varied group of Knights, though no less deadly. Some Knights hold Imperial Lefion Commissions and server as Officers in the Imperial Legions and would fight with their troops.

Not all Knightly Orders wear a distinctive badge, some preferring to retain a slightly anonymous appearence, while others take considerable pride in their extravagant armour and improbable plumes.


There are many Knightly Orders in the Empire, the Knights of the Blazing Sun is one of the lesser Orders. They wear no uniform or badge to distinguish them from other Knights, except that they carry a lance pennon decorated with the blazing sun. When they fight in battle the Knights carry their standard depicting a soaring pegasus against the blazing sun emblem.

The Knight Order follow the godess Myrmidia, who is the warrior godess of the southern land of Estalia. During the wars against Araby some of the Empires Knights helped to recapture the temple of Myrmidia in Margritta, the southern sea port of Estalia. During the fierce fighting around the temple a violent earth tremor shook the building, dislodging the vast bronze statue of Myrmidia riding a pegasus which was fixed on its topmost steeple. The statue fell to the ground smashing into a thousand fragments and flattening the Emir Wazir the Cruel and his Black Scimitar Guard. Upon returning to the Empire the veterans of that battle formes the Knights of the Blazing Sun and built a shrine to Mymiia in Tlabheim. Since that time the Knights of the Blazing Sun have fought with distinction against the enemies of the Empire.


The Knight Panthers claim to be the oldest of the Knightly Orders and animals the like of which had never been seen in the Old World. Amongst these many creatures were the panthers liberated from the extensive pleasure gardens of Istrabul. When the Knights paraded through the streets of the cities of the Empire many did so accompnied by one of these marvellous creatures padding beside him, led by a golden chain. This created such an abiding impression that the Knightly Order founded by these returning crusaders became known as the Knights Panther. Some of the panthes carried off by the victorious Old Worlders were eventually to become saddle cloths or trimming for fur cloaks, and this helped to reinforce the association. Today the original panthers and even their hides have long gone, but the memory of the Arabian wars in maintained by the Knights Panther. The Knight Panthers decorate their helms, warhorse and shield with whatever spotted fur they can obtain, many wear furcloaks as well.


The Reiksguard is recruited from the sons of the Empire Nobility. It is a considerable honour for a family for its oldest son and heir to serve in the Reiksguards. They accompany the Emperor in war and peace, forming his personal bodyguard on the battlefield and in the course of his ceremonial duties. The Reiksguard are based near the Emperors palace in Ispar and can be seen parading through the streets and patrolling the city walls. The Reiksguard carry the personal standard of the Emperor and it is considered to be a great honour to be choosen as the standard bearer.

The Reiksguard are much loved throughout the Empire. When a dashing young Reiksguard trooper returns to his home town on leave he is greeted by cheering citizens, and riotois celebrations carry on long into the night. The Reiksguard wear magnificent gilded armour garlanded with tall feathered crests and scarled sashes. When they accompany the Emperor on his ceremonial processions they add to the splendour and magnificence of the occasion by dint of their awesome appearence and fabolously expensive armour. During the annual Imperial tournament the Reiksguard compete against each other for the honour of being closest to the Emperor. Those events are a major highlight of the year attracting citizens from all over the Empire and beyond.

The Reiksguard are the Emperors best troops, and form the core of the Imperial army. The Captain of the Reiksguards is ranked as the personal bodyguard and Aid of the Emperor on state occasions. The Reiksguard are present in almost all battles for the Empire, and not many enemies of the Empire have remained to tell of their encounter with the finest Knights of the Empire.

The Reiksguard is divided into warriors who fight on foot, refered to as the Reiksguard Legion Knights, and a mounted arm known as the Reiksguard Mounted Knights. Their helms are adorned with the coloured crest of the ruling Emperor. The present Emperor, Karl Franz, have chosen red and white as his colours.


The Knights of the White Wolf are amongst the most numerous and powerful of all the Knightly Orders in the Empire. They are especially strong around Middenheim, where the Order was founded.

The White Wolves were founded in the city of Middenheim during one of the many Chaos incursions which threatened to sweep the whole Empire away. The city lay directly in the path of the advancing Chaos Hordes, and only the bravery and determination of the Knights saved the city from destruction. Riding out on their fiery war horses, bareheaded and brandishing huge warhammerse the warriors met and defeated the Chaos Army, saving Middenheim for the Empire, and earning themselves a place in the heroic legends of the Old World. The survivors decided to found a chivalric order sworn to fight Chaos, and the choose the name of the White Wolves after the city of Middenheim. also known as the City of the White Wolf.

To this day the White Wolves still celebrate the legendary battle of Middenheim in a great annual Feast of the White Wolf held on the battlesite itself. Following the example of their forebears they maintain the tradition of fighting without a helmet, their long hair blowing behind them as they charge and makingthem look even more fearsome. They wearmantles of wolf skin over their armour and spurn shields and lances in favour of their warhammers, which they handle with great skill, striking easily to the left and right, smashing aparn armour and pounding the skulls of enemy foot troops.

Their banner depicts the white wolf of Ulric. This banner was carried at the battle of Middenheim itself and adterwards dipped in the blood of a mighty Daemon Prince of Chaos destroyed by the Knights. This endoved the banner with magical properteis, radiating terror that affect the Knights enemies, the banner is kept in Middenheim and is often carried into battle. The bravest and most determined Knight will be given the honour of carrying it, upholding the tradition of their forebears.

Additional Knightly orders not yet detailed (just a few, there are many others)





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