The Great Southern Continent

The Lizardmen are an ancient race created by the god-like beings known as the Old Ones to be the guardians of the world. Their age-old civilization is based deep within the steaming jungles of Lustria, the continent far across the Great Ocean from the lands of Bretonnia and the Empire. A smaller Lizardmen settlement can also be found in the lands far south of the Old World.

The mighty temple-cities of the Lizardmen rise above the humid jungles in these tropical lands. There, the bloated Slaan Mage-Priests, who have mastered the art of magic, attempt to divine the intentions of the long-departed Old Ones. Though the Great Plan is only revealed in omens and portents, the Mage-Priests do their best to interpret the signs and guide the Lizardmen to do the Old Ones’ bidding.

The bulk of the Lizardmen army consists of Saurus, a warrior species slightly larger than Men, and Skinks, a smaller, more intelligent species of skirmishing warriors. These troops are bolstered by Jungle Swarms of lizards and snakes, the giant Kroxigor warriors, the flying Terradons, the mighty Stegadons, and Salamanders, the living artillery of the Lizardmen army. Together, these troops constitute a powerful force that is much feared by most Old Worlders, who know little of this strange and alien race.

As the Lizardmen are cold-blooded, they are sometimes slow to react to battlefield conditions. Terrifying monsters, huge outnumbering forces, and the deaths of their brothers-in-arms – things that would cause other troops to panic and flee – have little effect on the Lizardmen. It is only the will of the Mage-Priests and the Great Plan of the Old Ones that motivates the Lizardmen, and they tend to fight on, regardless of consequences.

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