The Adarian Empire

The Empire was founded over 2,500 years ago by Adare, a legendary warrior who has become the first emperor of this powerful land, now the largest and most technologically advanced nation of men in the Old World. Led by Emperor Fredrick Dexterhart from his throne in the capital city of Ispar, the men of the Empire defend their borders from many would-be invaders: the forces of Chaos from the north, the Orcs & Goblins from the east and west, and countless others who covet the Empire’s wealth and rich farmlands.

The Adarian Military Forces
Perhaps more than any other commanders, Empire Generals are spoiled for choice in terms of the types of troops they can bring to battle. The Core selections alone offer a wide variety of troop types. Regular infantry choices include Halberdiers, Spearmen, Swordsmen, and Musketeers and typically form the bulk of the Empire’s Core units. Militiamen, in the form of Free Companies, Archers, and Crossbowmen can also be drafted into service in times of great need. Many of these troops fight in small units known as detachments that support their parent regiment in battle. Noble Knights also fall under the Empire’s banner in times of war. Most members of the Knightly Orders are well armored cavalrymen who wield lances to devastating effect on the charge, whereas the Knights of the White Wolf from Middenheim wield powerful cavalry hammers in combat.

Special and Rare choices offer the Empire commander an even greater range of options. Greatswords wield mighty two-handed weapons and, with their Stubborn rule, will seldom flee from a fight. Pistoliers, cavalrymen who wield two pistols in combat, are outstanding Fast Cavalry and a worthy addition to any force. The Empire’s artillery school, located in Nuln, the former capital of the empire, is second to none, save perhaps that of the Dwarfs. The Great Cannon, Mortar, and Helblaster Volley Gun, perhaps the most feared artillery weapon in the world, can have a devastating effect on the enemy, and the dreaded Steam Tank is nigh invincible in battle. Finally, the crazed zealots known as Flagellants often flock to the armies of the Empire during times of war. Screaming gloom and doom, these lunatic doomsayers hurl themselves into battle like there was no tomorrow, for in fact, they believe tomorrow may never come.

Overall, the Empire is a highly versatile army that can suit any style of play. While individual troopers are not powerful forces to be reckoned with, working in concert, the troops of the Empire can face down any enemy and have successfully defended their borders for centuries.

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