The Forest Kingdom of the Wood Elves

The Wood Elf realm of Athel Loren lies hidden in the midst of the vast Forest of Loren in Bretonnia. This mysterious woodland realm is all that remains of the Elven colonies that once existed in the Old World. Over 4,000 years ago, the land west of the Grey Mountains which is now the Kingdom of Bretonnia was settled by High Elves from Ulthuan. They traded with Dwarfs from the Dwarf empire far to the east and built splendid cities on the coastal plains as ports for their merchant ships sailing to Ulthuan. These colonies were distant outposts of Elven civilization in the savage wilderness that was then the Old World.

After a long war with the Dwarfs, the High Elf realm of Ulthuan was attacked by Dark Elves from Naggaroth. Most of the High Elves returned home to defend their lands, but some refused to leave. Those who stayed behind retreated from the coastal cities to the forest and became known as Wood Elves.

Wood Elf generals may choose from Archers, Glade Riders, and Glade Guard as their Core troops, Scouts, Great Eagles, Wardancers, Warhawk Riders, and Dryads as their Special troops, and Treemen and Waywatchers as their Rare troops.

Commanding a Wood Elf army takes skill, precision, and subtlety, but in the hands of a clever general, the Wood Elves are a highly effective force that can defeat any enemy. The Wood Elves cannot stand toe-to-toe against strong units of hand-to-hand combatants like Chaos Warriors or Orcs and must instead rely on softening up their opponents with missile fire and then maneuvering the quick and nimble Elven forces to gang up on their enemies.

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