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A work on the backburner....maybe someday soon will be a Work in progress.....some races and info that might useful for conversion from traveller

Stuff from Traveller

Homeworld Modifiers

The homeworld of a character's birth can cause some slight variation in characteristics. Some of the more common modifiers are listed below. Note that no characteristic may be decreased to less than 3 or raised to more than 21.

High Gravity +1 STR, -1 CON
Low Gravity -1 STR, -1 CON
Hostile Atmospheres -1D3 CON, +1D3 DEX*
High Population +1D3 APP
Low Population -1D3 APP
High Tech Level +1D3 or +1D6 EDU
Low Tech Level +1D3 CON, -1D6 EDU

* Only if environment suits were often worn

The following article is my rough draft of a SF version of BRP. I used mostly Call of Cthulhu (CoC), Elric!, RuneQuest (the playtest draft of the fourth edition, RQ4) and Traveller (the New Era, TNE) as sources for ideas for rules. I'm afraid that I used a lot of abbreviations that you won't understand in this article without knowledge of some of the above books.

For this SF BRP, I assume the background of Traveller. This is comparable to the universes of Asimov (Foundation) or Anderson (Dominic Flandry) and could be used in any similar background with little problem.

The background centers around a more-or-less peaceful stellar empire with client states, independent wilds and some non-human races. The empire itself is ruled by beings calling themselves humans. Technology is advanced, but not as sophisticated as you could think of. There is faster-than-light travel (FTL) traveller, computers (perhaps also AIs), robots, laser weapons and other classical SF-stuff. However, there's no teleportation, antimatter power sources, sun-destroying weapons, cyberware or other 'unbelievable magic-like super technology'.




These are the characteristics of CoC. STR, CON, INT, DEX and APP are all 'classic'. SIZ is typical for BRP-like games and EDU is important for SF games, maybe more than STR or CON (TNE for example uses STR, CON, INT, AGL=DEX, EDU and CHR=APP). POW is useful because it allows the concept of SAN, making a SF/Horror crossover conceivable. POW could also be used for PSI-like magic.

Slightly different characteristic generation should be used for the different races of the Traveller universe. In the templates below, only those statistics which vary from the human norm are listed.


Char - Roll - Averages
STR - 3D6 - 10-11
CON - 3D6 - 10-11
SIZ - 2D6+6 - 13
DEX - 3D6 - 10-11
APP - 3D6 - 10-11
INT - 2D6+6 - 13
POW - 3D6 - 10-11
EDU - 2D6+6 - 13


STR - 3D6+2 - 12-13
SIZ - 2D6+8 - 15

Aslan are honorable lion-like creatures.


STR - 2D6+3 - 10
CON - 1D6+10 - 13-14
SIZ - 2D6+3 - 10
POW - 2D6+6 - 13

Droyne are lizard-like creatures.


STR - 2D6 - 7
SIZ - 2D6 - 7
INT - 3D6+6 - 16-17

Hivers look like great sea stars.


STR - 3D6+2 - 12-13
CON - 3D6+2 - 12-13

Vargr resemble uplifted dogs.


POW - 2D6+6 - 13

Zhodani are human like, but most of them can use PSI.

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