Plant People

Called "Elves" by the People of Glorantha

People of Glorantha - Plant People

There are several races in Glorantha descended from plants. Since all these folk are descended from Flamal they share a common heritage but are different. Elves (Aldryami) see Sea Elves as distant kin rather then fellows, for isntance. What applies to the aldryami does not necessarily apply to the rest of Flamal's descendants, even though they are called "Red Elves", "Dark Elves" and so on. Aldryami are the most well known and common of the plant people races and when people of Glorantha refer to "elves" they mean the Aldryami. They are the descended from Aldrya the Goddess of Forests.

Dark Elves are also well known and are the descended from Mee Vorala goddess of fungi and daughter of Flamal.

Fire Elves are rumoured to be a race which lives in or near valcanos, but nobody knows their parentage or whether they truely exist.

Red Elves These are descendants of the Goddess of Ferns, daughter of Flamal. Also called goblins, they inhabit vast regions of Pamaltelan swampland. It is thought that within these swamps are at least three great Empires which have never heard of each other.As outsiders are killed before they penetrate the fringes of the swamps, little is known of the Red Elves. Red Elves are not descended from Grandfather Mortal and do not live normal life cycles, breeding and dying in different ways.When they reach a stage in maturity they find a rare female sub-type, mate with her then bury themselves in the ground, producing a number ofoffspring ferns that develop into children, the resulting Red Elves or imps being gathered by other Red Elves who then raise them. Red Elves have a reputation for ferocity that is borne out by anyone who ventures into their swamps. They worship Flamal, The Fern Goddess and a host of local deities only worshipped in their vast swamps. Most of the people of Glorantha beliebe that they are best left alone.

Sea Elves descended from Murthaldrya goddess of Sea Plants and daughter of Flamal and Triolina.

Storm Elves are rumoured to be a race which lives in the Sky, but nobody knopws their parentage or whether they truly exist.

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