Dark Days and Black Knights #3

Dark Days and Black Knights #3

by The Scribe

"It was the night of secrets, and perpetually exhausted pages."
          The secrecy was linked to the pages - one of them in particular
got extremely tired running secret scrolls to the various members of the 
party.  The only one to escape this was Brother Wilfred - perhaps a man of 
the cloth had little to hide.

          Ilshana roamed the castle, the dungeons, and the gardens in 
search of seemingly anything that would hold her attention.  Roland was 
called away, twice, and was seen later on with an unattractive noblewoman.  
Dellick Orbes returned from his wanderings with his pants soaked up to the 
knees, and Sylvia returned from the east garden looking like she'd seen a 

          Sylvia and Wilfred were overheard having a lengthily discussion 
about Daremyth, the afterlife, the struggle for good and the elven race.  
Ilshana continued to roam the halls, asking about a place she could drink at 
1:30 in the morning.  Roland remained conspicuously absent...

          In the morning, the group set out. The first clues that Ilshana 
was not a mere frail faerie-kin and that Sylvia was more than a bartender 
made themselves known, when they picked normal saddles instead of side 
saddles, the latter being standard for women in Adare. The five of them 
saddled up, were briefed on their route, and were on their way.

          It became obvious what Roland, Ilshana and Sylvia were called 
away on the previous night, a short while into the trip.  A spy had leaked 
information on their mission to an unknown party, and they were told to be 
on their guard, because several parties might want the million crowns they 
were escorting.  Sylvia let slip that Manfred had met with her, and she 
worded it badly - she made a remark about his stamina, for being able to 
stand with a large lump in his forehead, but it was misinterpreted by the 
others in the group as something far more scandalous...

          After a few hours more, they came across an injured child lying 
next to the road, in a pool of his own blood. After Brother Wilfred healed 
the lad, the child told the tale of a slaughter at the nearest way station, 
where the five of them were due.  After a short deliberation, the five of 
them set off to the station.

          Not by the usual route, though. They went through the 
countryside instead, approaching the back of the station.  Roland and Sylvia 
went on a forward reconnaissance mission.

          They found some rather daunting odds - eleven men on the inside 
and two more standing guard further down the road. The two of them withdrew 
and joined the others.

          The group faced a dilemma. One of the men inside seemed more 
fancily dressed than the others - he may have some relation to the spy, or 
even have been the spy.  Interrogating him could come in handy. On the other 
hand, thirteen men with guns was thirteen men.  Any attack would be risky and 
would involve a high degree of planning...
The Adarian Campaign: "Dark Days and Black Knights" Gossip Page 4
The next installment of The Adarian Equirer, written by one of the PCs...

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