Dark Days and Black Knights #1

Dark Days and Black Knights #1

by The Scribe

Game Transcript #1

"Welling Bells and Musket Shells"

It was a joyous day to be in Ispar, for Manfred Vanderghoul, the Baron of Hapstead, was marrying Roseanna Rebaldi, daughter of the merchant prince Henri Ribauldi.  They were to be wed at the temple of Daremyth, and everyone in the entire city had turned out for the occasion, it seemed.

There was Crown Prince Roland, captain of the military escort.  Derrlick Orbes was there also, and apparently he had feelings for the bride neslted in his heart.  Another with feelings for the bride was the farie-kin Ilshana, the flower girl for the ceremony, and friend to Roseanna.  Meanwhile, Sylvia Morgenshire, an elven bartender from a tavern in town, appeared as well, and seems attracted and interested in the groom.  And administering the ceremony was Brother Wilfred, cleric of the order of Daremyth.

Many events took place during the day - many seemed preoccupied during the ceremony, their eyes darting around.  The day turns cold and black, with storm clouds rolling across the sky, and the old church shook with thunder as the ceremony concluded.  Finally, the ceremony was completed, and the happy couple left the bulding and were greeted by a military squad of the Dragoons, the most professionally trained and hardest fighting military unit in the Royal Adarian Regiments.  Standing there in ceremonial greeting.

Or not.

As they reached the end of the crowds, the Dragoons attacked.  They accosted Roseanna, knocked out Manfred and drew their weapons - sabers and muskets.  Roland drew his knife, Brother Wilfred brandished his ceremonial rapier, Dellick utilized his hand to hand skills, and Ilshana and Sylvia began to cast spells.  All were cut short, however, by the retort of twenty wheel-lock pistols firing into the crowd...

Ilshana and Sylvia were injured badly at first, while Roland was grazed in the skull by a pellet.  Brother Wilfred had divine assitance as he swatted away a musket bullet with his rapier, and Dell was cut after failing to take a Dragoon down with a shin kick.

The battle was going poorly - Roland passed out from his wounds, Ilshana and Sylvia were critically hurt, Dellick's arm was crippled, and Wilfred was fighting alone with the leader of the Dragoons...

The day was not over yet, though.  Sylvia managed to get off one good flaming spell of fire, taking down the man dueling Wilfred.  The other Dragoons had escaped, however - after placing a parchment on the ground.

When the dust settled, many in the crowd were dead or badly hurt.  Manfred was lying on the ground, out of commission...  Henri Ribaldi, the bride's father, was seriously wounded...  Roseanna was abducted, there was one Dragoon left behind, and the group was just beginning to put itself together...

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