Links to Other GURPS Sites

The official Steve Jackson Games GURPS Page....

GURPS Frequently Asked Questions
A good place to start is where you can get your questions answered, and for GURPS this is the place...

A boiled down, 32 page core rule book with everything you needed to make GURPS Characters and it's Free...

Acrobat Reader
To use GURPS Lite, you will need the Acrobat Reader...

GURPS Utilities
Computer Aids for Steve Jackson's Games including GURPS...

GURPS Character Assaistant Home Page
A very neat program to make completed GURPS Character sheets including being able to place pictures or drawings on the sheet...

GURPS Character Guru
Another neat program to make GURPS Characters Sheets...

GURPS Links By Topic
A pretty good link page....

GRUPS Web Ring Page I
A list of GURPS Web Ring Sites 1-20.

GURPS Web Ring Page II
A list of GURPS Web Ring Sites 21-40.

GURPS Web Ring Page III
A List of GURPS Web Ring Sites 41-60.

GURPS Web Ring Page IV
A List of GURPS Web Ring Sites 61-80.

GURPS Web Ring Page V
A List of GURPS Web Ring Sites 81-100.

GURPS Web Ring Page VI
A List of GURPS Web Ring Sites 101-120.

GURPS Web Ring Page VII
A List of GURPS Web Ring Sites 121-140.

GURPS Web Ring Page VIII
A List of GURPS Web Ring Sites 141-160.

GURPS Web Ring Page IX
A List of GURPS Web Ring Sites 161-180.

GURPS Web Ring Page X
A List of GURPS Web Ring Sites 181-183.

Dr. Kromm's GURPS Page
The official GURPS system Guru...

The Shipyard
A GURPS Starships, GURPS Traveller page...

GURPS World Index
A list of all the GURPS World Books and if they are still in print or not...

E-bay's Auction for GURPS
Where you can often find out of print GURPS Books...

Net GURPS Character Book
A site where you can find pre-made GURPS Characters ready to play

Links to Non-GURPS Role-Playing Sites

While the following sites are not for "GURPS" per say I have found them
useful in one way or another....I believe that after you vist them you 
will see why...Good Luck!
This is a free role-playing host site where you can join or create your own role playing games on line. Their Games (chat rooms?) have Mapping tools, so your character can walk around and fight on a map. There are dice tools as well...basically everything you need to play your favorite roleplaying games on-line (except for a GM), but they do have a data bases so you can find a player or game that uses your favorite gaming system...I am going to be running a version of my Adarian Campaign from there, so if you like this site and are interested in playing look me up.

Homepage of Friends Of GURPS List, a group of 40+ GURPS WebRPG Players

Role-Playing Paradise
Another Homepage of a Group of Role-Players that play on the WebRPG Site...

AccessDenied GURPS Player List
A place where you list yourself and you can locate other GURPS Gamers, world-wide...

AccessDenied Challenge Board for GURPS
Where you can locate GURPS Games or post your own game....

Ever Changing Book of Names
A Very good little Random Name Generator that forms names by different races or cultures (i.e. Latin, Elven (Grey, High), Black Speech, Dwarven, Greek, Authurian, Viking, Drow, all 20 races or cultures to choose from. I highly recommend this gaming aid as you can generate many useful names quickly that sound right.

Gamemaster's Bookshelf
A selection of books useful to Game Masters and anyone who designs campaigns and scenarios for roleplaying games (RPGs)...

Programs for Role Playing Games Online
Some useful little programs that can pretty much be used with any RPGs.

Play by Mail (PBM) Games Homepage
A large variety of games can be played by either postal mail or electronic mail...

A listing of real herbs along with some fanasty herbs along with adventure seed ideas...

Most stupid gamers ever
On a lighter note....
Links to Historical Sites

Elizabethan Fencing
An excellent site for the different fencing styles as well as provding the history of fencing....

In Ferro Veritas ("In the Sword is Truth")
A site dedicated to Classical & Historical Fencing...

Swordplay - The Noble Art of Defence
A Fencing resourse page...

Weapons of the Thirty Years War
Part of what I used to base some of my thoughts on blackpower weapons and tactics in my personal RPG Campaign, The Adarian Campaign, "Dark Days and Black Knights"

The Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies
A web site with quite a bit of medieval background info...

The Ancient World
A web site with ancient history background info...

Mythology on the Web
An index of mythology, folklore, and religious sites...

Myths & Legends
A good resorce for...well myths and Legends....

Another good reference site...

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