Armor and Weapons in the Adarian Campaign
Armor and Weapons in the Adarian Campaign

Melee Weapons
Weapon                       Skill         Damage     Type     Reach   Cost    Wt.    Min St

Cavalry Saber          Broadsword       imp          Thr+1        1        $500      3          9
  & Heavy Scimitar                             cut           Sw+1
Cutlass                     Shortsword        imp          Thr          C,1       $300      2          7
                                                          cut           Sw
Fencing Saber              Fencing          imp          Thr+1        1        $400      2          -
                                                          cut           Sw-1
Light Scimitar               Fencing          imp          Thr-1         1        $500      2          7
                                                          cut           Sw+2
Smallsword                  Fencing          imp          Thr+1        1        $400     1.5        -
Dress Smallsword        Fencing          imp          Thr             1        $300      1          -
Rapier                          Fencing          imp          Thr+1       1,2      $500      2          7
Edged Rapier               Fencing          imp          Thr+1       1.2      $1,000    3          9
                                                          cut           Sw
Pike                             Spear             imp          Thr+3       4-6      $180    3/yard   12
                                                          crus          Sw

Claymore - Treat as a Bastard Sword from the Basic Set. A common "barbarian" type weapon, it is little used by the more "civilized" nations.

Light Scimitar - Designed for Fencing and especially cutting, it is poor at thrushing because the curve of the blade bends upon impact. This weapon does not require a turn to ready after a swing.

Pike - A long (4- to 6 hex reach) spear. A pike weighs 3 pounds for every hex of reach. Its principal use in massed formation; the pikes are extended in front of the formation to impale the enemy. The pike is awkward. It takes 1 turn to change the hex that the point of the pike is in. Anyone closer to the pikeman than 1 hes from the point can be attacked only with a crushing blow at swing damage. Normally the pike is used with two hands, but when a pike formation is braced for a charge, the Pikemen stand on the blunt end of the pike, crouching over and holding the pike shaft with one arm extended with the pikeman's other hand usually on their sword hilts. Anyone carring a Pike is at -3 to DX and may be penalizedd even more for carrying the pike into buildings, forrests or other tight quartes.

Rapier - A light, stiff, long (2-hex reach) sword. The Rapier parries with 2/3 fencing skill, rounded down, but can make only 1 parry per turn. Most rapier fencers carry a Main Gauche for additional parring or a buckler for blocking. Rapiers can either be point-only or point-and-edge-swords. This is a change from the Basic Set.

Edged Rapier - As a rapier above, but does swing damage and takes 1 turn to ready after a cut (because the long blade overblances the hilt).

Basket Hilts
A basket hilt is a metal guard on the hilt of a sword, wrapping around the swordsman's hand. It is intended to protect the hand from blows, and can itself be used as a weapon. Basket hilts can be used on any weapon, including two-handed weapons. A basket hilt weighs 1 pound has PD 3 and DR 5 for the weapon hand only, but gives PD +1 to the entire body when used against melee weapons (acting as a small shield), but does not count against missile weapons or attacks from behind. This PD also only applies when the weapon is in hand, not when sheathed. DR only applies to the covered hand. A basket hilt adds 25% to of the costs of a good weapon of that type and costs the same no matter the quality of the weapon. For example, a good rapier costs $500. A basket hilt for it costs $125. A fine rapier costs $2,000, but a basket hilt for it still only costs $125. Of course, much more money could be (and often is!) spent on elaborate decoration.

A note on Fencing:
All fencing weapons are mutually unfamiliar weapons. Each fencing weapon is at -4 on Fencing skill to one another. But since Fencing relies greatly on training the reflexes, it only takes 100 hours of training (or 1/2 character point) to become familiar with another fencing weapon (and being able to use it without the -4 penality).

Ranged Weapon Table
Weapon                 Malf   DMG   SS    ACC   1/2D    Max    Wt.   RoF    Shots   ST    Cost

* Arquebus                13      5d-2    16       3       100       500        9     1/60       1      10    $300
* Blunderbuss            13      8d        14       3         15         30      15     1/30       1      13    $400
* Caliver                    13      5d        15       4       100       700      11     1/60       1      10    $350
* Musket (with rest)   13      6d        18       5       100       900      20     1/60       1      12    $500
** Hold-out Pistol      13      2d+2    11       1         50       300        1     1/60       1      10    $750
** Belt Pistol              13      3d+2    12       1         75       400        3     1/60       1      11    $800
** Horse Pistol           13      4d+2    13       1       100       500        5     1/60       1      12   $1,000

* - Matchlock
** - Wheel-Lock
Ammunition cost: $2 per 100 shot.
Ammunition weight: Pistol - 15 shot per pound, long gun - 10 shot per pound.

Grenades: - These are black powder weapons. A roll against that skill is nessarrary to prepare a grenade, with a fuse the desired length (usually five seconds) for throwing. Any sucess prepares the grenade; any failure is an unlit fuze; the greanader can try again in 1 turn. The grenade weighs 2 pounds and does 3d concussion and 3d fragmentation damage (see p B121-122). Distance and accuracy of the throw is based upon the throwing rules on p. B90 and B119. A sucess goes off when expected; a failure does not explode.

Black Powder and Water - All black powerder weapons malfunction more often if they are wet. The Modifiers are...

Light Rain or spray Matchlocks & grenade Malf -1.
Heavy Rain or spray Matchlocks & granade Malf -3 wheel-lock Malf -1.
Gale-force rain Matchlock will not fire at all, grades cannot be lit, wheel-locks misfire on a 10, and black powder weapons cannot be unloaded.


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