Player Hand-out
Basic Adaarian Campaign Background Information Every Player Should Know

GAME MASTER: Pat Patterson

CAMPAIGN NAME: The Adarian Campaign - "Dark Days and Black Knights"

GAMING SYSTEM AND BOOKS USED: The GURPS Gaming System. GURPS Basic Set, 3rd Edition - Revised, GURPS Magic, GURPS Martial Arts, and GURPS Compendium I may be used to create Player Characters.

CAMPAIGN'S STARTING YEAR: Year of the Unicorn, 100th Cycle of Years. The Adarian Year is 365 1/4 days long. The months are of the same duration as the same numbered month in our own earth world. Every forth year the extra day (i.e., the 28th) is added at the end of the Month of Icy Winds. The Cycle of Years 01 - The Year of the Phoenix 02 - The Year of the Lion 03 - The Year of the Unicorn 04 - The Year of the Hawk 05 - The Year of the Griffin 06 - The Year of the Fox 07 - The Year of the Panther 08 - The Year of the Horse 09 - The Year of the Tiger 10 - The Year of the Raven 11 - The Year of the Bear 12 - The Year of the Racoon 13 - The Year of the Serpent 14 - The Year of the Ox 15 - The Year of the Ram 16 - The Year of the Scorpion 17 - The Year of the Eagle 18 - The Year of the Hydra 19 - The Year of the Wolf 20 - The Year of the Dragon The Cycle of Months 01 - The Month of Icy Winds 02 - The Month of Deep Snows 03 - The Month of Muddy Water 04 - The Month of Singing Showers 05 - The Month of Great Blooming 06 - The Month of Sunny Days 07 - The Month of Warm Winds 08 - The Month of Dry Winds 09 - The Month of Cool Nights 10 - The Month of Changing Colors 11 - The Month of Falling Leaves 12 - The Month of Long Nights For example June 25th, 2003 is as 25th Day, Month of Sunny Days, Year of the Unicorn, 100th Cycle of Years Shorthand might be 25-06-U-100 CAMPAIGN TYPE: This Campaign is a swashbuckling heroic-fantasy, which tries hard to be reasonably serious about "realistic" situations, "dramatic" role-playing, character development and character inter-action. This campaign could probably best be described as a "Swashbucking Combat and Adventure" campaign with a healthy dose of "Romance and Mystery" elements thrown in as well. KNOWN NONHUMAN RACES: There are a very large number of intelligent races in the world with over 100 possible player character PLAYER CHARACTER RACES). The usual fanasty races are known (and are fairly standard except they may have devloped somewhat differently in the Adarian setting. The most important of the major nonhuman races (at least in so far as they directly challenge the notion that human-elfin-dwarvish-halfling Grand Allaince of civizations are the leaders and the dominate intelligent life forms), are the Kizinti, the Orcs, and the Wolflings. Every new character should at least know the following:

The Kzinti are a large race of agressive, lion-like humaniods. They are hunters and live on fresh, raw meat. The majority are part of the Kzanti Empire and they make no bones about it, they plan to conquer the world. They use slave troops and their "allies" fight alongside them out of fear rather than love. The Kazinti are big, fast and very dangerous. So far in the last hundred years there have been three major Adarian-Kzinti Wars...

The Orcs are the fastest breeders of all the intelligent races and while their lifespan is the shortest of the major races, they breed like cockroaches. Much of the time they are content to war amonst themselves and raid their neighbors, but when their population reaches a certain point, they go into the dreaded "Orc Frenzy," and they unite and launch agressive "Unholy Wars" of expansion and racial exterimation, fighting and killing all they come across until they either conquer enough new lands for their increased numbers or their numbers are decreaced to the point that the population pressure is no longer the driving force for the Orcs. During the "Orc Frenzy," the Orcs fight like mad berserkers and they will not retreat nor give up any ground, slaying everyone they come into contact with, and fighting to the very last, believing that only their strongest of the strong should survive to breed and continue their blood line.

The Wolflings are a race of wolf humaniods and are very effective and highly organized. They work well together and with other races, having adopted whole races and peoples who willingly serve and expand the Wolfling Empire. While the Wolfling Empire is much smaller than the Adarian or Kzinti Empires, the Wolflings have the reputation of being the most trustworthy and honorable of the major races. CAMPAIGN'S BASE CITY OR TOWN: The Imperial City of Renown, Duchy of Renown, Adarian Empire. NAME AND TYPE OF GOVERNMENT: The Adarian Empire is a union of free cities and noble holdings. Eules by an elected emperor. The Duchy of Renown is a semi-independent Dukedom, paying taxes to the Adarian Empire while running its own local affairs (for the most part). The Dukes of Renown are hereditary rulers and the "Renowns" were the founders of the Dukedom during the times of the Adarian Sucession Wars durring the Dark Ages. The current Duke is Sir Henri the Elder, VII Duke of Renown. While in theory, the Duke of Renown has final say within his dukedom, in practice he is limited to a great extent by the rights and priviledges that have been granted to both the people of Renown and the noblemen who owe the Duke their fealty...Also his rulings can be appealed to the Adarian Emperor. The City of Renown's Ruling Council is made up of the Duke and the heads of the "Council of Lords," the "Council of Merchants," the "Theocratic Council" and the "Mage's Council." Generally each of the four lower councils makes its own rules and polices its members. In cases where restrictive or unfair rulings are made, an individual may petition the Duke to bring the matter up for debate by the Ruling Council. If an individual does not belong under the jurisdiction of one of the junior councils or if a case involves individual(s) that would involve more than one junior council the case would go to the Ruling council where a ruler is made. A SHORT HISTORY OF THE STATE AND ITS NEIGHBORS: It is written... The war raged for two thousand years, until the very powers of hell were summoned, destroying all of that which was fought for. The fires of hell did burn across the land with the light of the setting sun, and the hell fire raged for uncounted days. And lo, a great darkness did descend upon the land, ending forever the reign of the elves. Verily, the gods did labor to save the world, but their efforts did weaken and tire them so, and then the gods slept in the darkness that followed. And yea, verily man was born into the darkness from the dreams of the gods. The Fiends of the Pit seeing the Higher Powers asleep and yea thinking it the perfect time, did raise up their foul lizard minions and taught them dark magery and the secrets of black iron. And lo, from over the sea did these hellspawn Iksar in their black iron armor come to enslave and conquer, speaking strange tongues and slaying with their accursed witchery and wicked iron weapons any who dare oppose them. And yea, verily arose the foreign Iksar invaders who did enslave the more primitve humans, elves, dwarves and other native races of this continent. And lo, for forty generations the Iksar used the natives harshly to built dark stone cities and vile temples to their demonic Gods. In the blackness of despair arose Adare who led the natives in revolt and who smited down the evil tryants and drove back the demon lizardman hordes. Four thousand years the gods had slept. And lo, they awakened to the light of a completely new dawn. The birth of the Adarian people. The gods did rejoyce and think it good. And yea, verily did men multiple quickly, with the smile of the gods upon them, and spread in earnest to the four corners of the world. And lo, did they prosper, in the east, the west and the south. But woe to those who chose the north, for they were met by the wolves of hell that sprang up from the hell fire of the great war. Wolves who stood up and walked like men sprang up in the north to tear life from man. These Wolflings snuffed out the light that shone so brightly in all the rest of the world. Thus it was Adare's heirs proved to be worthy successors who ruled justly and fairly with the full support of all their people. Verily, the Golden Age endured for forty generations or more, with great advances in all fields of knowledge both magical and mundane and civilization reached great highs of achievement. But northern wilderness remained in darkness. But then came a time when Adare's desendants, however, proved lacking in the wisdom of their ancestors and verily believing themselves to be the true and only chosen race of the gods these later Adarians began to devolop dark theories of racial and cultural purity. They became arrogent and cruel, considering all other races, nations and peoples as inferiors, they treated their pets better. The Adarian wizards, blinded by their lust for power, tampered with the natural order and the creations of the gods. With their magics they created such abominations as the hydras, manticore and griffins (to name just a few), they created human/animal crossbreeds such as the centuars and minotuars. With the ability to create and motify life itself thay came to see themselves as gods and so they turned away from the true gods and verily did they too learn the dark arts, to raised the dead and summon demonkind. They uttered blasphemies against the gods and forced subject peoples to bow down before stone idols of themselves. And lo, verily then did the great disaster strike, what exactly it was is unclear, many believe that the gods had enough and struck down the pproud, sinful Adarians, others believe that the Adarians themselves caused their own destruction through the misuse of their powerful sciences and magic. Whatever its origins, a great and world wide disaster unparalled in recorded history suddenly and apparently without warning crashed upon the world. And yea, verily, did the earth split apart, mountains exploded, skys darkened, rivers reversed their course and flowed swiftly backwards causing massive floods, land and mud slides engulfed whole communities. Fierce thunder storms raged with lightning striking dead anything that dared move out into the open, hailstones big enough to strike an ox dead fell like a blizzard, the very seas arose to inundate the land and while some lands sank beneath the waves, new lands arose from the bottom of the sea where only open ocean had been. The seas boiled, hurricanes, tsunami, tornados and earthquakes struck constantly and with unnatural fury. Many believed it was the end of the world. Though a large portion of the Adarian continent survived relatively intact, the capitol city of the Adarian Empire and a hugh area of the surrounding country-side had sunk beneath the waves. Much of the coast line had changed. Some port towns were miles from the sea while other interior cities sank beneath the waves. The world's various continents and islands quickly lost touch with each other as the gales blew and raged for years to come and the seas remained much too violent for ocean travel for at least a generation to come. And lo, verily the sun turned blood red and the skys remained under a red hue and were darkened for fourty generations. The sickly red light of the sun caused strange tumors to grow and many went blind as people and animals sickened and died from sun exposure in the unusal red glow of the blood sun. The whole world cooled noticeably and at least half of all the life on the planet died either directly due to the disasters or due to the plagues and famines which followed as crops failed and climates changed. As death and dispair grew and prays apparently went unanswered, many godly people turned from the gods, and thus the church's power and influnce weakened greatly. Some godly people rejected the church totally as too selfserving, corrupt and unholy, some founded independent temples, others begain to follow holy men, while still others become true non-believers and a few begain to worship beast cults, chaotic or dark higher powers. Durring the height of this turmoil Emperor Adare XXXV suddenly and unexpectedly died, apparently murdered. The heir apparent disappeared completely and was assumed to have also been slain. The emperor's youngest son, a mage was blamed and outlawed. Civil war quickly broke out as the leaders of all of the five great families laid claim to the imperial throne, thus begin the Adarian Succesion Wars and the Dark Ages which followed.

For hundreds of years the empire tore itself apart as first one claiment and then another wresrled control of the imperial crown from his rivals, only to face bloody revolt and continued civil war at the first sign of weakness. Much knowledge was destoryed or lost as war raged and all thoughts turned to war. As contact was reestablished with the other continents and islands the Adarian troops stationed there were quickly withdrawn and the natives soon grew tired of the endless succession wars, the heavy war taxes to support the continued fighting and sending their own warriors to die for little or no apparent gain. For a hundred years and more the Adarian Empire appeared to be doomed, slowly bleeding itself white while more and more of its former subject people broke away to form their own tribes and nations. Many rejecting Adarian knowledge and culture. There began a secret movement of magic users banding together to seek a final solution to the Adarian Succession Wars and in the end after much study and debate the mages decided to do away with the whole noblity and form a new empire ruled and controlled by the mages themselves. Rather than attempt an open rebellion, the mages spent years plotting and experimenting, opening Gates to Other Worlds and recruiting or enslaving alien followers and/or creating even more hybreds creatures, monsters and some say even going so far as to making pacts with demons. Finally when all was ready the GREAT MAGE REVOLT begain with trusted court wizards and mage advisors suddenly and without warning attacking and murdering their employers, leige-lords, slaying every nobles in sight, all in authority and their families. The coup apparently was successful very in obtaining all its objectives, the mages slayed all the leading contenders for the imperial throne in a twenty-four hour period in a massive bloodletting, noted for being especially savage in a barbaric age. Not content with slaying just the leaders of the various noble factions, the mages imprisoned and slayed whole families, often under torture to reveal the locations of relatives, treasures or for the sheer pleasure of it all. While not always succesful, in most areas the mages gained total control declared themselves the ligitimate authority and started issuing decrees restricting personal freedoms and plundering the locals to reward their alien followers. The leader of the revolt, known only as the Scarlet Mage crowned himself Emperor Adare XXXVI after slaying a number of his most powerful followers in Magical Duels in "Right to Rule" Challenages. However the mage's arrogance and wanton display of naked power, slaying of innocents and minor non-combatants, looting and their highhanded treatment and total disregard for their inferiors (i.e., anyone not a mage) caused such a backlash of hate that it united the surviving nobles and commoners like nothing else could have, so while things did not turn out as they planned, in an ironic way the mages were successful in ending the Adarian Succesion Wars and uniting the Adarian Epire once again. On the 13th day after the Mages took power, the Patriarch of the Adarian Church Universal and Triumphant declared a holy crusade against the mages and united with the few surviving nobles and peasants to break the power of the mages. The Imperial Council was formed (at the Patriarch's urging) and elected as its first emperor, a former nobleman who had become a cleric and gained a reputation as a steadfast and honorable man with no political asperations. Crowning himself Paladine I, the new emperor and the combimed might of the Adarian Empire turned upon the Mage Revolt with all its fury. Very quickly the mages were defeated in open battle and were driven into hidding. The Time of the Mage Burnings had began. For several hundred years it was illegal in the Adarian Empire to be a mage and those who were or were even sucpested of using magic in any form were hunted down and burned, often lynched without a trail. The church gained much from the Mage Burnings....influnce, wealth, power (taking possession of many magical items to dispose of, or for safe keeping!), the property of the mages to cover the expenses of hunting them down and fear if not much respect. THE GOLDEN AGE OF THE AMAZONS Following the collapse of the Adarian Empire, much of the world was thrown into a state of chaos. When the Adarian garrison troops were withdrawn, the native survivors, suddenly freed from the yoke of the Adarians soon fell to warring amoust themselves. The knowledge and culture of the First Age Adarians was spurned and soon forgotten as the races and peoples reverted to their earlier, barbaric ways. For hundreds of years, conditions remained unchanged. In time however certain of the larger tribes began to settle the coastial regions. With the establishment of native villages, town and cities, new nations were born. The Erians and Amazons (both said to be descended from stranded Adarians), the Khitans of eastern Jumbu, the black skinned Ophir and Qaddan of Gondwana and the Tharshi of the Middle Sea. Of these the Amazons of Hesperia (a warlike female-dominated society) soon rose to a position of superiorty. Within a generation the Amazons had conquered and colonized much of the northwestern coast of Gondwana. Only Qaddan and Ophir, secure in their great city walls, had successfully resisted the Amazon invaders. Temporarity brought to a standstill in Gondwana, the Amazons turned their attentions towards the Adarian Empire. The once mighty Adarians, having just united under Paladine I, weakened from the Mage Revolt and the Succession Wars, strugging to rebuild their shattered civilization, proved no match for their fierce antagonists. Attacking from the south, the Amazons advanced swiftly to Ispar, the new capitol city of the Adarian Empire, defeating the weaker Adarian Legions at every turn. The fall of Ispar and the Adarian Empire seemed inevitable. It was, however, not to be. Despite its many successful campaigns, the Amazon Empire was weakening from within. Internal squabbles with the Gorgons (a snake-worshipping cult of Amazons) and an inability to maintain order amoungst the peoples the Amazons had subjugated were draining Hesperia's limited resources. The Adarian campaign, close as it was to its goal, had served to overextend the supply lines of the Amazons. Aware of the difficulties, Ophir and Qaddan chose to launch counterstrikes against the Amazons in Gondwana. The results for the Amazons were disastrous. Though only partially successful, the Gondwanan's attacks served to further agitate the Amazons internal difficulties. The Gorgons rebelled and Hesperia become embroiled in civil war. The field army beseiging Ispar and the garrison troops in Gondwana had to be recalled to quell the revolution. Although the Gorgons were defeated, the Amazons suffered the loss of much of their conquered territory. The Golden Age of the Amazons had come to an end. THE THIRD AGE With the fall of the Amazon Empire the modern era known as the Third Age has begun. THe first two hundred years of this epoch saw the re-emergence of the Adarian Empire as a major world power, allied with Ophir and on relatively good terms with neghboring Hesperia. The other human nations that have established themselves as major world powers include Tartessos, Qaddan, Sheba, Khitai and Araby. Non-human Major world powers include the Wolfling Empire, the Kzinti Empire and the Orcish Horde. Of the major powers, Tartessos in particular is a source of some concern to the Adarians, although sharing borders with all three of the non-human major powers, the Adarians have many foreign concerns. THE ADARIAN EMPIRE OF TODAY The largest and richest nation where many races and different peoples live and work together. Fairly tolerant, most Adarians are content to live peacefully and mind their own affairs. The five great families ( the Dexterharts, the Grimwels, the Vanderghoulds, the Von Bloodrics, and the Wolfinghams) are still powerful clans and the majority of Adarian Nobles and Emperors have come from these families. For the most part, members of the five families consider themselves at best as rivals and at worse bitter, bitter enemies. There has been a lot of bad blood and duels and vendetta still do occur.... While mages are no longer outlawed. They are often suspect and mistrusted and there are places where a know mage might be advised to watch his back. A great deal of knowledge and lore (both magical and mundane) was lost durring the Dark Ages and during Time the Mage Burnings. The mages' on-going quest to recover lost magical artifacts and magic knowledge (especially spells) continues. Guilds are seen as a necessary nuisance by the noble houses and the church. Both the church and the nobles are happy to let them handle trade as it is considered below the dignity of the Church and/or nobles to dally in commerce. In the empire, all the great guilds belong to the Merchant League which resembles the Hanseatic league (from earth's history) in power and organization. Basically each guild works for the betterment of the League while seeking mercantile domination within the league. The Leaguemeister (Merchant Prince and leader of the guilds) is elected for 4 year terms at a time by the guild members. While not nobles, those who master their trade and become rich enough become Merchant Princes which often have quite a bit of power and influence. The merchant League has in addition to a fleet and a private army, control of several ports and is always attempting to gain total control of all trade routes. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE STATE AND ITS NEIGHBORS: Still a huge nation, larger and richer than its neighbors, while no doubt the Adarian Empire has declined and is in fact still only a shadow of its former self, it has not lost any territory in the last couple of hundred years, despite fighting a number of major wars and invasion attempts. Currently the Adarian Foriegn policy is to not expand, and instead hold and defend its natural bounderies. There are large numbers of Adarians who would love to see this policy changed and reconquer some or all of the former territory once controlled by the Adarian Empire. West of the Adarian Empire is the the kingdom of Bretonia, it shares a fairly lengthly border with the Empire. Civilized and attempting to expand, it is a young nation staking out its claims. To the north of and the the northwest of the Adarian Empire is the Icy Sea and the Island of Norsa where a three-way war rages between the Bretonians, the Varangian Vikings, and the native Na-zish). In the past the Adarian Empire has sent in small military forces to aid one or more of the combatants. North of the Adarian Empire is the Varangian homeland where a great many Varangian tribes war with one another, the local monsters, and the Wolflinging Empire to their east. The bolder and stronger Varangian Jarls (local chieftains) raid into the Adarian and/or Wolfling Empires both by land and sea, but as often as not with very limited sucess. These northern barbarians are generally considered tough and make fine warriors... North and northeast of the Adarian Empire is the Wolfling Empire, and while neither Empire has openly declared war, border "incidents" are becoming much more common. Generally these have been fairly small unit actions (due mainly to the fact that both Empires have conflicts on their other borders, and both nations know that the only way a major war could be won against the other would require using their full military might and leaving their other borders undefended. So far neither the Adarians nor the Wolflings have been willing to commit enough military forces to risk all out least so far, but both sides expect it will happen sooner or latter. Bordering the Wolfling Emipre is the Kislevian Empire, who has lost a great deal of their territory to the Wolflings and continues to be the Wolflings most bitter foes. South of the Kislevian Empire (and claimed by it) is the plains of the Kosacks, several tribes of nomadic herdsmen who hire themslves out as light cavalry. Many of the Kosacks tribes are non-humans, some tribes are totally made up of Centaurs, Wemics, Caninoids, Felinenoids, Humans, Orcs and several unrelated races of humans. Some tribes are mixed races and are indeed often a motley crew. South of the Kislevian plains but east of the Adarian Empire is the Hawksloft Kingdom, a hodge-pode of different peoples and races living under the rule of the Hawksloft Kings, who were once Adarian nobles who founded their fortune outside of the Adarian Empire proper. South of Hawksloft is the hill country where Caninenods Clans and more of the Kosacks tribes have holdings, farther south is the Sultanage of Arby, which is the source of much of the Duchy of Renown's wealth, being the gateway to the unknown east. Southwest of Arby and south of the Empire of Adare is the Elven Forrest, the Orclands, and the Dwarven Kingdom (which has been for the most part over-run). There are Elven woods in the Orclands as well, small islands of civilization in a barbaric sea. The Orclands are the larest concentration of Orcs in the known world, there Orcish nations rise and fall as Orcish tribes ally and break apart, the orcs spend more time warring and killing each other than they do fighting anyone else...which suits their neighbors. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DUCHY OF RENOWN The Duchy of Renown is located on the eastern border of the Adarian Empire. The City of Renown is located east of the Great Eastern Pass (more commonly known as Dead Orc Pass), between two huge snow-capped mountains with sreams flowing together forming the headwaters of the Swiftflow River which surrounds the high city walls of Renown. To the north is the lands claimed by the Kislevians, Wolflings and Kosack nomads (of one type or another). Just north of the northern branch of the Swiftflow (legally outside of the Duchy and the Adarian Empire) is a small colony of Samuri warriors and their dependents, they number perhaps three thousand warriors (and at least eight thousand dependents). The Samuri form the Karma Clan of the Samuri, but there are seven sub-clans that often work at cross purposes. At least in theory, they are all sworn to the service of Lord Maragond VIII, the Mage of Renown, but some appear less than totally loyal. The Samuri stay busy defending their northern borders and fighting with each other for position and the best resources to be much of a threat to the Duchy of Renown or the Adarian Empire even if they wished. In general, the Samuri and the Adarians view each other with mild distain, quicker to see the faults of the others than their own cultural weaknesses, although both sides respect the other's fighting abitities...North of the Samuri-lands (as they have been dubbed) is a bloody no man's land that has been fought over time and time again. Currently nomadic orc bands, Kosacks, Wolfling and Kislevian forces fight and raid the Samuri and the other humans that still live in the "Wilderness" (as this area is commonly known. These humans were once part of the Adarian Empire, but over a hundred years ago it was decided that the area was not worth the cost to defend it and the Adarians withdrew their military forces behind the Barrier Mountains and east and south of the Swiftflow River. The people left are true fontiersmen, mostly humans, elves and half-elves that survive by hunting and trapping who are crafty enough to survive in this "wilderness" turned battle zone. Some of these forntiermen are hostile to the Samuri who return the hostility.... East of Renown is the Hawksloft Kingdom and while the Hawksloftsmen were more or less in the same as boat as their northern neighbors, the forntiersmen when the Adarians military withdrew its forces, a remarkable family of lesser Adarian noblemen stayed and founded the Hawksloft Kingdom. Somehow they have managed to organize and hold their own small nation intact and have formed and maintained an indepentent kindgom on the ruins that the Adarians left in the east. While poor and barely able to feed themselves, the Hawksloftmen are a hearty and tough little nation who are surrounded and so far have not only managed to defend themselves, but in recent years have even managed to expand their holdings somewhat, working with some of the Samuri whom are also taking and holding more territory. While the Hawlsloftmen are often considered wild and uncivilized by the majority of Adarian noblemen, the Hawksloftmen noblemen are every bit as civilized, they just follow their own sense of honor and are perhaps quicker to take offense than more "civilized" people. The Duke of Renown and the last few Emperors have desired to maintain the Hawksloft Kingdom as a buffer state and have provided aid and support to the Hawksloft Kingdom. Many Adarian noblemen (either exiled or younger sons), find a place in the Hawksloft Court provided that they can fight and they remain loyal, those who survive can carve out a holding or win rank and glory. Many Adarian families from the inner empire send their sons to gain war experience to relations in the Hawksloft Court. While in general, the people of Hawksloft try to make such "visitors" welcome (They are truely greatful for the aid and support these "young gentlemen" provide), such "exiles" generally either love or hate Hawksloft...South of Hawksloft is the area known as the "hill country" (but often called the "highlands" by the natives). The highlanders are made up of humans and Canineniods Family Clans which wear kilts, heard cattle, sheep and goats and spend most of their energy raiding each other and their neigbors while defending themselves from invaders. Southeast of Renown is the routh to the Sultanate of Araby, one of the Duchy's main trading partners. A land of mystery, little is known of Araby but many stories are told of this magical, rich land. Most people in the campaign know very little about it, knowning only that usually at least twice a year, a large and heavly armed caravan camps outside the Walls of Renown, spends a few weeks trading goods and then leaves taking many Adarian goods to Araby. South of Renown is the Orclands, and while the Swiftflow River runs south threw the Orclands, the river is controlled and used by the Amazons who also trade with the Duchy of Renown (Renown being the farest the Amazon's galleys can navigate up the Swiftflow River. The Amazon control the mouth of the Swiftflow, where they maintain a fairly large city state colony known as Safe Haven. The Swiftflow empties out into the Southern Sunny Sea and the Amazons trade with many foreign nations and thus bring many strange foreign fruits and items such as peacock feathers which would otherwise be unknown in the Adarian Empire. Also from time to time a large Dwarven caravan will enter Renown from the remains of the Drawven Kingdoms, deep in the Orclands. The Dwarves bring weapons and finely crafted items to trade for food and/or gold. The Dwarves usually come to trade about once a year, usually in the fall after the harvest is in. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE POLITICAL/ECONOMIC SITUATION: The Duchy of Renown is on one of the Empire's prime trade routes and the city of Renown is perhaps the richest single city in the Empire. The Duchy of Renown on the Adarian Empire's forntier border and has been hotty contested a number of times during the few hundred years. The Wolfling and Kzanti Empires would like very much to conqueror the Duchy and the Orcish hordes have besieged the City of Renown numerous times, but so far the City of Renown has never been conquered. It has been hard pressed many times in its history. Generally, the Duke of Renown is more strongly allied to the Emperor than most of the other Adarian nobles whom are somewhat shielded by Renown and the Barrier Mountains. In return, the Adarian Emperors are generally more favoribly inclined to aid the Duchy than some of the other more troublesome border cities and holdings, causing a certain amount of resentment of Renown from the inside of the Empire as well as outside of it. There are constant attempts to gain control of the Duchy and influence its policies, nearly all sides are greedy to force concessions and gain a percentage of Renown's wealth and some sort of trade arangement. CAN WEAPONS BE CARRIED IN PUBLIC? Yes, dress swords are considered to be part of formal wear and no true gentleman would be seen in public without one (Statue level 1 and above). Nearly everyone carries a belt knife or dagger. In general, the larger the town or city, the less armor will be expected to be worn (except by on-duty soldiers and the watch and the like). Scale mail and platemail are for war and it is considered very bad form to run around in metal armor (and may result in be escorted to the local authorities to for questioning) while in a "peaceful" town or city in a "civilized" area. But mainly it depends upon the local ruler(s) and the current situtation in the surrounding lands. In the Campaign's Base City of Renown, All Weapons and Armor are allowed, as the Duchy of Renown is surrounded on all sides by hostile neighbors, and raids and attacks are fairly common. Please note that Ducal Officers have the "right" to press-gang likely looking individuals or whole parties into service in the case of emergencies. Failure of an individual to carry out such "duties" would result in the individual being subject to court-martialed as would an active duty soldier failing in his duty. Pay for such service is a silver crown per day. If an individual is wounded, killed or loses property because of having been "drafted," the individual has the right to sue the Duchy for expenses, and will generally get a fair (if normally modest) settlement. CAMPAIGN'S MAIN TECH LEVEL: Generally in most areas, the TL3 can be considered as the campaign's norm, but there are TL4 Blackpowder Weapons availible. Basically, due to magic defenses, blackpower weapons have not had quite as much of an impact upon warfare in the World of Adare as in our own history. There are some very large areas of TL2 (uncivilized, barbaric and some may say savage cultures, so barbarian characters are not only possible, but likely to be encountered). DIFFERENCES FROM THIS TL AS DESCRIBED IN THE GURPS BASIC SET: As above, in regards to magic armor being able to be enchanted so that "missile" weapons bounce off (or worse for the missile firers, target them!), Black powder weapons are not nearly as effectively as in our own world. In naval matters, galleys are still widely used as warships (many with slave rowers!). There are no tall ships, and sailing ships tend to be fairly small and generally only the most adventurous become sailors, because shipwreak, pirates and sea serpents are common, but a profitable vorage or two can make the crew and the ship owners very rich. ANY HIGH TECHNOLOGY? Yes, some. There are "Gates" commonly called "Portals" to other worlds. Most have been magically sealed, but there are some still being used. As an example, there are a small group of Cyborgs in Adare from a world completely destroyed by war, and the Cyborgs have limited access to some very high tech items (including Lasers and light sabers (er Force Swords!). Additionally there are a few higher tech items around, but in general the magic of Adare seems to cause high tech items to malfuction and become less reliable than would be expected, also there is the problem of repairing or replacing such items...while it is possible to run into someone (or something) with higher tech weapons, the ultimate warrior is one in heavily enchanted armor, charging into battle with a lance mounted upon a strong heavy warhorse (at least that is what the knights always say...). PSIONICS? (HOW POWERFUL? HOW COMMON?)Currently No. I am working on redoing the Psionic Rules so that they are a little more balanced, so while not outlawing them completely they will be in very limited use (if at all) and are subject to changes during play. Basically I would prefer that character use magic instead for the time being... COMBAT RULE VARIANTS USED:
Patyrsun's House Rules
Index Page for my Adarian Campaign House Rules... OTHER RULE VARIANTS USED:Follow the link under Combat Rules above... PLAYER CHARACTER RACES ALLOWED Check with the GM there currently are right 100 possible player character races (Counting subraces). See the ADARIAN PLAYER CHARACTER RACES section Patyrsun's Main GURPS Page P> BEGINNING PLAYER CHARACTER POINT TOTAL: 150 points Player Characters LIMITS ON PERSONAL DISADVANTAGES: PCs are limited to a total of no more than -50 points worth of persoanl Disadvantages and Quirks total BASE STARTING WEALTH: 1,000 Silver Crowns BASE STARTING SOCIAL LEVELS ALLOWED FOR PLAYER CHARACTERS: PC Characters may start with Status Levels of -3 to +4. LANGUGAGUE(S) THE PLAYER CHARACTER WILL NEED: Native Adarian Characters of Status 1+, will have High Adarian (M/H). Native Adarian Characters of Status 0-, will have Low Adarian (M/A). Non-natives may learn either of the above or Trade Adarian (M/E). Anyone interested in doing research should learn Old Adarian (M/VH). Please note High Adarian, Low Adarian and Trade Adarian are all understandable but there are distinct accents (and some slang phases may not be the King's English with American English as a similar example, also Old Adarian is at -4 default to be understood by speakers of High Adarian, Low Adarian or Trade Adarian, compare speakers of Modern English to Shakespearian or Old English). Fay (M/A) is a common language that many woodland creatures speak. Vile Rune (M/E) is the common language that the darker races speak. All the races and most nations (except the Kats) normally have their own languages. Most are Mental Average. Unless otherwise noted elsewhere...The general rule is that Races with lower than average IQs will normally have (M/E) languages. Races with average IQs normally have (M/A) languages. Races with higher than average IQs usually have (M/H) lanaguages. Also please remember than in the Adarian Campaign Language skills are based upon 1/2 of IQ instead of full IQ. ESPECIALLY USEFUL/USELESS CHARACTER TYPES: Warriors, Rouges, Mages, Thieves, Ranger, Samuri, Clerics, Martial Arts Monks, Duelists, Swashbucklers, Bards, Musketeers, Paladins, Merchants, Knights, Nobles, Spys, basically any adventurer type. Useless character types include inventors, scientists and in general "technocrats." The most sucessful Characters should be willing and be able to travel to foreign places and be able to take care of themselves both at court and in the wild...a good balance between combat, social and survival skills is highly recommended. ESPECIALLY APPROPRIATE PROFESSIONS: Merchant/Trader, Gambler, Freelance Adventurer, Mercenary, Traveling Bard, Nobleman, Knight, Military Officer, Merchant Prince, Foreign Noble, Improvished Gentlemen, Wandering Cleric, Monk seeking enlightenment, Spy. ESPECIALLY INAPPROPRIATE PROFESSIONS: Assassins, Shop Keepers, Homemakers


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