Drago Dread-axe

(This character is copy-righted by Patyrsun 1998)

Drago appears as a 4'9" tall, 220 lbs. Green eyed, Drarf with flaming
red hair and beard, with thick bushy eyebrows, normally dressed in Heavy
Dwarven Plate Mail, with a Large Shield and a Very Fine Battle Axe near
to hand. Drago carries a large backpack with various tools and equipment
hanging from it.

20 ST 15
30 DX 13
30 IQ 13
10 HT 11

Basic Speed 6 
Move 2

Encumbrance is normally X-hvy

Active Defenses
Dodge 3/11/20 Armor only/Armor & Shield
Parry 9/18/27 No Armor/Armor only/Armor & Shield
Block 17/26   Shield Only/Armor & Shield

Damage Resistance
Racial DR +1
Toughness DR +2
Dwarven Plate +12
Total DR +15

30 Dwarf (Adarian)
     ST +3
     DR +1
     Extended Life-span
     Extra Encumberance
     Extra Fatigue +2
     Reputation +1 (as a race of superb craftsmen)
     +4 on all craft skills
     Racially Learned Skills:
     Axe/Mace at DX +1 (4 points)
     Reduced Move -1
     Interance for Orcs (-5 points)
     Cannot Swim
     Racial Quirks:
     Suspicious of Evles and Goblins
     Carry Grudges Forever
     Never Willingly Shave Beard

Personal Advantages
25 Toughness, DR +2
 5 Single-Minded

-15 Enemy (Orcs, appears on a 6 or less)
-10 Bloodlust
-10 Overconfidence
-10 Vow - To war upon the Orcs and never make peace with them...

-1 Hopes to make a name for himself that will live on in legend after
   he is gone...
-1 Drinks to forget his past, but often remembers it and thus is usually 
   very moody, often in a foul or sad mood and easy to provoke when in 
   his cups...
-1 Dislikes bullies, ejoys picking on and fighting them...
-1 Will not allow anyone to order him around
-1 Respect bravery, even in foes...

Axe/Mace         8  DX+2      15 (18) *
   Hand Weapons 14  IQ +6(+4) 23 (26) **
Brawling         1  DX        13
Cooking         1/2 IQ-1      12 (15) **
Crossbow        1/2 DX -1     12
   Mining        4  IQ        13 (16) **
Geology          1  IQ-2      11 (14) **
Merchant         6  IQ+2      15 (18) **
Running          1  HT-2       9
Shield           8  DX+3      16
Throwing Axe     4  DX+2      15 (18) *
Traps            2  IQ        13 (16) **

* - with Dread Axe see below under Magical items
** - +3 due to Single-Minded advantage

Attributes       90
Advantages       60
Disadvantages   -45
Quirks           -5
Skills           50

Magicial Items

Dread Axe
A very Fine magical Battle axe, +3 to Hit, +5 to Damage with the following
enchantments upon it...Quick Draw, Loyal Sword and Hex. 4 pounds, Sw+2

Dwarven Heavy Plate Mail
+5 PD, +5 DR, with the Lighten Enchantment (1/2 normal weight). All
Dwarven Plate has the special ability that thrusting attacks are turned 
(treat them as cutting for damage purposes). 55 pounds

Large Dwarven Shield PD +5, with the Lighten Enchantment on it. 131/2 lbs.

Drago allowed his greed to get the better of him and he slew a old man for
his gold and was cursed because of his actions. Drago will never use, give
away, buy anything or otherwise allow any of this gold to get away from him.
The cursed gold weighs 50 Pounds.

Hand Weapon Skills
Weapon      Type      Amount   Reach  ST  Notes
Dread Axe  Cutting   2d+8 ***    1    12  Throwable, 1 turn to ready

Ranged Weapon
Weapon      Type     Amount    SS   Acc   1/2D     Max Range
Dread Axe  Cutting  2d+8 ***   10    2   15 yds    221/2 yds

*** - I change the damage 4d+2 by adding an extra dice of damage for each 
      +3 in modifiers.

"Dread Axe" Battle Axe              4 lbs.
Dwarven Heavy Plate                55 Lbs.
Large Dwaven Shield                13 1/2 Lbs.
Personal Basics                     -
Pick                                8 lbs.
Shovel                              6 lbs. 
Crowbar                            10 lbs. 
Hammer                              4 lbs.
Rope (50 Yards)                     7 1/2 lbs.
Heavy Wool Blanket                  5 lbs.
Heavy Wool Blanket                  5 lbs.
Tent (One man)                      5 lbs.
Small Wineskin (Fulled with Brandy) 8 lbs.
Large Backpack                     10 lbs.
Crossbow                            6 lbs.
Quiver (& 12 bolts)               1/2 pound
Latern                              2 lbs.
Oil (10 pints)                     10 lbs.
Travel Rations (21 meals)          10 1/2 lbs.
Cursed Gold                        50 lbs.
Total Weight                      220 lbs.

Drago's Background

     Drago Dread Axe is the last survivor of the Fallinghammer Clan of
Dwarves. Their strong hold was over-run by a dragon and its Orc slaves.
Drago survived the attack fighting until he was overcome. Drago believes
that he killed the dragon as he was knocked out by a blow to the back of
his head...all he is certain of is that when he came to, the Dread-axe 
was embedded in the dead dragon's forehead and the orcs had fled. Drago 
searched for survivors, but he found none. He gathered his equipment and
left Fallinghammer Hall vowing to war upon the Orcs and never make peace
with them.
     Over the years Drago has made good his promise to such a extent that
various Orc tribes consider him a deadly enemy and some Orcish Chiefs send
individual Orc warriors, or small groups of Orcs after Drago, an effective
way for the Orc chieftains to rid themselves of troublesome followers...
     Drago still hunts Orcs whenever he isn't on a quest with his friends, 
and even when he is on such a quest, he will attempt to kill any Orcs he 
runs across, even if the smart thing would be to be stealthy and let them
pass...Drago is a useful friend in a fight, but sometimes his companions
consider travelling with him a mixed blessing.
     Drago has a one track mind and once he sinks into a job, be it 
disarming a trap, haggling over supplies or making a sword, he ignores
everything else. 
     Another thing about Drago is that he does not give a foe an even
break, he wants his foes very dead and goes out of his way to make sure
that they are. He does not believe in any nosence able honorable battle,
he will ambush a foe and not feel a bit bad that the foe never even knew
what killed them.
     The Dread-axe is Drago's soul weapon, he made it as the greatest 
expression of his craftsmanship and believes it to be the best throwing 
axe that he could possibly ever make. Drago will never attempt to forge 
another throwing axe, believing he has attained perfection in his craft 
and that attempting to forge another such axe would be wasting his time
and effort, not having the drive to try and improve on the design. Drago 
believes that his soul became a part of the axe which is why he has taken
the axe's name and combined it with his own. Drago can and will make other 
hand weapons, at times forging hand weapons to raise money for a few weeks
at a time before setting off on another Orc hunt.

"Ahhhha Orcs...time for a little axe work."


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