Lord Maragond, Mage of Renown

(This character is copyrighted by Patyrsun 1998)

Appearance - Handsome, very richy dressed nobleman with long neat dark
brown hair (usually worn pulled back with a ribbon) with a van dike 
beard, hazel eyes with a thin scar (from a lightning bolt) running down 
from the top of his head to his left foot, where the scar crosses his 
body hair, left forehead, left eyebrow, left part of his beard, etc.),
the hair is snow white.

0   ST 15 *    DAMAGE
0   DX 15 *    Thrust: 1+1
0   IQ 15 *    Swing:  2+1
0   HT 15 *

* - Due to magicial ring...

Speed 9
Move  9

Usually Encumberance is none

Dodge            8/16  No Armor/His Elven Chainmail
    Staff       12/20  "    "  / "    "      "
    Flamingwing 13/21  "    "  / "    "      "
Block             -

Damage Resistance
Elven Chainmail     DR +9
Armor Spell         DR +5 (Usually on if time permits for its casting)
Total DR (Normally) DR 14

 5  Appearance, Attractive (+1 on reactions)
 2  Extensive Training, 2 levels (See the link below)
50  Filthy Rich
15  Magery, 3 levels
 3  Musical Ability, 3 levels
50  Multimillionaire, 2 levels
10  Reputation +2 (Everyone, all the time)
0   Status, 3 levels (Lord)
15  Unusual Background (Access to unique and powerful magical items that
       were bought and aproved of at creation, as well as being from a well
       known powerful noble family).

-15 Glory Hound
-15 Lecherousness
-15 compulsive Spending

-1 Enjoys Carousing
-1 Very Generious
-1 Perfers Green Eyed Women
-1 Really enjoys luxury
-1 Enjoys the chase whatever he is after (i.e., women, fame, a foe or
   a business deal...)

Skills (60 Points)
Acrobatics           4  DX   15
Administration      1/2 IQ   12
Area Knowledge
   Adarian Empire    1  IQ   15
   Duchy of Renown   1  IQ   15
Bard                 2  IQ   15
Body Sense           4  DX   15
Brawling             1  DX   15
Carousing            4  HT   15
Dancing              2  HT   15
Detect Lies          4  IQ   15
Economics           1/2 IQ-2 12
Fencing              8  DX+2 17 (20 with Flamewing)
Heraldry             2  IQ   15
History            1/2  IQ-3 12
Law                1/2  IQ-3 12
Leadership           1  IQ   15
Literature          1/2 IQ-3 15
Merchant             2  IQ   15
Mind Block           2  IQ   15
Occultism           1/2 IQ   13
Politics            1/2 IQ   13
Riding               2  Dx   15
Running             1/2 HT-2 13
Savoir-Faire         1  IQ   15
Singing              -  HT-1 14
Spell Throwing
   Fireball          1  DX   15 
   Ice Sphere        1  DX   15
   Lightning         1  DX   15
   Stone Missile     1  DX   15
Staff                4  DX   15 (18 due to Magicial Staff)
Stealth              2  DX   15
Strategy            1/2 IQ-2 13
Tactics             1/2 IQ-2 13
Theology            1/2 IQ-2 13
Traps                2  IQ   15
Ventriloguism       1/2 IQ-2 13

Armor                1       11

Attributes       0
Advantages     140  
Disadvantages  -45
Quirks          -5
Skills          60

Maragond's Magical Items

The Staff of Maragond
     This items appears as a 6 foot staff with a wavy pattern of silver
platinum running in 1/4 inch vains in a corkscrew fasion completely 
circling the staff eight full rotations in a clock-wise manner. An ebony
snakes 1/2 inch around coils itself around the staff in a counter 
clock-wise fashion, the snake's head rests on the top of the staff, with
two sapphires for eyes (Worth at least $10,000 each), while holding a 
very large ruby (Worth at least $50,000) in it's mouth. This staff is a
a true work of art. This item has the following enchantments on it...

Banish                  Accuracy +3
Deathtouch              Limit
Entomement              Loyal Sword
Explosive Fireball      Power 20
Frostebite              Powerstone 20
Ice-Sphere              Puissance
Lightning               Shatterproof
Stone Missile           Staff
Whirlwind               Utterdome

     In addition, when a Mage of Renown dies, his soul is transported
into the staff and can be called upon by the wielder of the staff for
advise. The problem is that the souls inside have no contact with the
outside world (except via the wielder and thus they may not know what
is currently going on. I treat this as a limited patron, on a roll of
12 or less the wielder of the staff may make contact. I offset this 
Patron Advantage by an equal value Enemy disadvantage...Family Foes, a
large group that rarely appears, roll of 6 or less, one of which is the
Scarlet Mage...).

Maragond's Ring
     This is a large man's ring and is made of alloyed gold and 
platinum forged in a swiralling pattern with a large black onyx
(worth &25,000). This ring is the Seal of the Lordship of the Mage
of Renown and is used for making contracts legal and binding. This
ring is a highly magical item and has the following enchantments...

Dexterity (DX +5)
Might (ST +5)
Vigor (HT +5)
Wisdom (IQ +5)
Magic Resistance +5
Powerstone 15
Limit (Only wearer may take it off)
Power 5
Detect Magic
Detect Aura
Dispel Magic
Dark Vision
Hawk Vision
Know Illusion
Water Vision
See Invisible
See Secrets
Major Healing
Cure Disease
Neutralize Poison
Gift of Tongues
Gift of Letters
Breath Water

Maragond's Armor
Elven Chainmail, +5 to PD, +5 on DR, with Lighten, Shatterproof and has
the special ability to control its tempture, thus warming the wearer in
cold weather, or cooling him in the summer. Elven Chainmail is normally 
the weight of Heavy Leather (20 ibs., but with Lighten this armor is only
10 pounds. Also Elven Chainmail is not lessened in defending from thrusting
attacks keeping its normal PD 3, DR 4, or in this case PD 8, DR 9).

Maragond's Rapier, Flamewing
     This Edged Raiper is very Fine, is +3 to hit and +5 on Damage. It 
has the the following enchantments Dancing Weapon, Flaming (+2 fire 
damage), Lighten and Shatterproof.

Skill 15
Speed 5

Maragond's Background

     Lord Maragond, Mage of Renown is the 8th Mage of Renown and so 
sometimes his title is rendered either Lord Maragond VIII, Mage of Renown
or as Lord Maragond, 8th Mage of Renown. As for himself, he usually just
introduces himself as "Lord Maragond, Mage of Renown."
     The Duchy of Renown is one of the oldest and wealthies Duchies
of the Adarian Empire. The current Duke is Leobold VI and is Maragond's
great uncle. The title that Maragond holds once was as the official
court wizard of Renown, but over the years the Dukes of Renown have
started the custom of having their own court wizards not related to 
themselves, so Maragond does not owe his uncle a "duty" as such.
     The Mages of Renown and the Dukes of Renown have always been closely
related since the Duchy was founded by two brothers who took these titles
and have usually been closely allied, working together for the best
interests of the Duchy. 
     The Mages of Renown have one major advantage over the other nobles
of the Adarian Empire, due to the first Maragond saving the life of the
first Adarian Emperor, Adarian I and his family. Lord Maragond, Mage of 
Renown and all those who bear his title and name are free from paying 
taxes to the Adarian Emperor and or to any other Nobleman of the Adarian 
Empire, which has helped to make the Mages of Renown some of the very 
richest individuals in all the Empire, certainly much richer than the 
Dukes of Renown and most often much richer than the Emperors themselves...
     As for the current holder of the title, Maragond is the older of a
set of twins born to the 7th Lord Maragond and Sedonna D'Amberville. The
youngest twin which was named Garagond was disowned by his father, who
feared that his sons might fight for the secession to the title.
     Sedonna D'Amberville, a foreigner and a member of the immortal (and
many say cursed) D'Amberville family, willingly gave up her immortality to 
bear children. Sedonna was a powerful welder of magic herself, but her
body wasted away while she was on a dream vision when the twins were about
8 years old. Some say that a powerful mage trapped her soul, but no one 
knows exactly what or why it happened...
     The death of their mother effected the twins differently, Maragond
become a pleasure seeking, fun loving extrovert while Gar (who never went
by Garagond) became more introverted, becoming moody and having a harter
time perhaps accepting his loss. Both twins were given a formal education.
Gar seemed interested only in Fencing and especially after his mother's 
death studied it first and foremost. Maragond seemed more interested in his 
pleasure seeking, but being a noble with vast business holdings and in 
training to be a wizard as well, Maragond learned quite alot about many 
things and has learned enough to know what he needs to know hold his title.
     The 7th Lord Maragond (the twin's father) disappeared for longer and 
longer periods of time, especially after his wife died...the last time the 
twins saw their father was when they were 13. Before he left the last time
their father paid a princely sum to the last Adarian Emperor to grant Gar a
title as "Lord Garagond, Fencing Master of Renown," but Gar never attempted
to claim the title as he considered it a meaningless gesture on his father's 
part and instead he left Renown at 15 to seek his fortune in Ispar, the 
Capital City of the Adarian Empire.
     Young Maragond also went to Ispar at age 15 to joined the Adarian 
Imperial Marine Regiment, was trained as an officer and commissioned, serving
the standard four year tour of duty and attaining the rank of captain. He saw 
some combat, and earned the respect of his men and his peers.
     Having served his tour of duty, Young Maragond returned home and
claimed his father's title, as his father had been gone seven years and
under Adarian Law is presumed (and considered legally) dead. At the time
when an Adarian Nobleman claims his title, he may be challenged by another 
Adarian Nobleman (of equal or greater rank) to a duel to the death for
both the challenger's and the challenged's title. Lord Votinian, Guildmaster
of the Renown Mage's Guild and unofficial Court Wizard of the Duke of Renown
challenged Maragond and the duel was fought the next day at dawn, Maragond
wearing and using his fathers magicial items (see below). Maragond was
scared by a lightning bolt during the duel (which is described above), but
Maragond won the duel and slew Votinian, becoming the Guildmaster of the
local Mage's Guild, as well as Lord Maragond, Mage of Renown...
     Currently Maragond is 20 years old and he working on becoming the most 
famous "Arch-mage" in the country. He is very kind and giving, especially
to bards. He isn't a bit above making himself appear in the most favorable 
light, for example, he might save an elven maiden from a wolf, but shortly
afterwards, the bards will sing of Maragond's latest adventure...about his
saving an Elven Princess from a horrible Were-wolf...Maragond will never 
confirm or deny such stories, smiling and shrugging, saying something to the
effect of "Everyone knows abouts bards and their story-telling..."


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