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Appearance: 6'4" tall, 95 pounds, 20 years old bright blue eyes, long
dark curly brown hair, well tanned. Usually dressed in gentlemany garb.

ST 11      DAMAGE       
DX 15    Thrust: 1-1 
IQ 13    Swing:  1+1
HT  9    Kick:   1+1

Basic Speed/Move 6/7


Dodge: 7/15/21       (Basic/with Armor/with Armor & Buckler)
   Rapier - 14/21/27 ( "  /  "    "   /  "    "   &    "   )
   Knife  -  8/15/21 ( "  /  "    "   /  "    "   &    "   )
Block:    -  7/13/20 (Basic/Bluckler Only/Armor&Blucker)

Passive Defense: 6, 7 or 13
Heavy Leather Armor PD+5 (Total 7)
Blucker PD +5            (total 6)

Damage Resistance 9
Heavy Leather Armor +5 DR (Total 7)
Toughness DR 2            (Total 2)

Never more than Light Encumberance

10 Ambidexterious
25 Toughness, DR 2
20 Very Blessed
 0 Magery, one level (From Cerical Investment, below)
 5 Extensive Training (5 levels)

-35 Clerical Investment:
    Enemy (-10 points, on a 6 or less)
    Reaction -2 (all the time, -10 points), 
    Great Vow - To Cause pain and suffering (-15 points).
    To keep his position as a Cleric of the Pain Maiden, he must whip 
    a victim to within an inch of his (or her) life. A victim will
    appear to the cleric once per game year in a vision. If the cleric
    fails to carry out this "duty" the character loses his magery and
    his clerical rank (if any), is whipped in his home temple every 
    day for a month, is CURSED (as per the spell), and is then sent on
    a QUEST to regain favor, failure in the QUEST means being defrocked 
    (-10 points). {A note on the victim of the whipping, the Pain Maiden
    is cruel and has been known to require the victim be someone close
    to the cleric...the cleric may choose to refuse to carry out the 
    whipping of the individual in the vision, Gar choose to do this once, 
    but more about that in his background notes below} 
    Magery 1 Level - Pain Maiden Clerical Spell List (10 points)

-15 Fanaticism (Religious)
-15 Pacifism - Cannot Kill
-15 Sadism
- 5 Skinny

-1 Likes to Gaze into Fires
-1 Enjoys tanting prisoners about the latest "Interrogation" tools
-1 Dislikes bold females, prefers submissive females
-1 Likes to make cutting remarks, that may be taken as not offensive
-1 Prefers to leave his foes alive, but suffering greatly
   (i.e., leave a handsome foe with an ugly scar, a swordsman without 
   his swordhand, etc.)

SKILLS              Pt Cost Level
Acrobatics             4  DX    15
Bard                   1  IQ-1  12
Brawling               1  DX    15
Buckler                1  DX    15
Escape                 1  DX    13
Fast Draw - Knife      1  DX    15
Fast Draw - Rapier     1  DX    15
Fencing               48  DX+7  23
Holdout                2  IQ    13
Interrogation          6  IQ+2  15
Knife                  2  DX    16
Occultism              1  IQ-1  12
Riding (Horse)         1  DX    15
Running                2  HT-1   8
Spell Throwing
   Cursed Missile      1  DX    15
Stealth                2  DX    15
Theology (Pain Maiden) 2  IQ-1  12
Whip                   2  DX    15

Bless                  1        12
Curse                  1        12
Curse-Missile          1        12
Itch                   1        12
Pain                   1        12
Mass Pain **           4        15
Pyromancy              0*       18 
Recover Strength       1        12
Spasm                  1        12

* - As per Divination Rule in GURPS MAGIC p.48, & Very Blessed Advantage

** - Gar was rewarded by the Pain Maiden for services rendered with this
spell, basically an it is an area effect version of the Pain spell.


 A very fine jeweled Rapier (+2 on damage) with a black blade, flected
with red. This rapier has the special ability to do an extra +2 points
of fire damage per second (for d6 seconds) when it impales a foe, with
smoke coming out of the stab wound. This Rapier also comes with a 
matching jeweled scabard. 

 This whip is +3 to hit and +3 on damage and casts an Enslave Spell 
(see p. 59 GURPS MAGIC), Resisted by IQ-5. The enslaved creature will 
also become an enthusiastic masochist. The whip can cast the Pain, Itch,
Spasm and Stun spells on the enslaved creature either one at a time, or
all at once! This whip can also cast the Undo spell, but the Undo Spell
cannot be cast while Enslave or other spells are being used.

Heavy Leather Armor 
 PD+5, DR+5, with Lighten on it
A Buckler that matches the leather armor
 PD+5, with Lighen on it

Ring of Strong Will 
 +2 on all will rolls  

Attributes       90
Advantages       60
Disadvantages   -85
Quirks           -5
Skills           90
Total Points    150 (or 195) ***

*** - In my campaign I allow characters -50 in Personal Disadvantages
      and more points if they join certain organizations that being a
      known member of is considered a bonus disadvantage...and I GM it
      as such...

"Enjoy the pain...I do"

Gar's Background

     Gar has an unusual background. His mother, Sedonna D'Amberville 
married an Adarian Nobleman, Lord Maragond, 7th Mage of Renown. Twin 
sons were born to the couple a year later, the oldest would grow up to
be Lord Maragond, 8th Lord of Renown, while Gar, who's birth name was
Garagond, was disowned by his father (so as to avoid any problems with
the succession).
     Lord Maragond, 7th Lord of Renown was old when the twins were 
concieved, some believed him to be in his eighties at that time. He
appeared to be at least a bit absentminded, and he often disappeared
for months or years at a time. The family was very rich and both twins
were given a formal education befitting a nobleman's son.
     Sedonna D'Amberville was a menber of the immortal (and some say 
cursed) D'Amberville family, she willingly gave up her immortality to 
bear children. She wasted away while in a dream vision when the twins
were about 8 years old and died. 
     The death of their mother seems to have effected the twins quite
differently, the older twin, Young Maragond became very much a pleasure
seeking extrovert, while Gar became a moody and brooding introvert. 
     At the age of 16, Gar left Renown to travel the Empire and seek
his place in the world, after 5 years he returned as a ordained Cleric
of Loviatar the Pain Maiden, Goddess of Pain, Loss and Hurt, Patron of 
Torturers and Those who have lost what they crave most...
     Young Maragond had claimed his father's title after their father
had been missing seven years. Maragond VIII, Lord of Renown and Gar
have a strange love-hate relationship. They work together, often for
the common good, but often each tries to out-do the other and turn the
advantage to himself, for his own purposes.
     Gar is surprisingly loyal to his friends and companions, few 
though they may be. He seeks to make his foes suffer and never tries
to kill anyone, maim them, leave them unarmed in a fairly hopeless 
situtation, perhaps, but never kill them. If he should happen to kill
someone or something, he will suffer the full effects listed under the
Pacifism, Cannot Kill disadvantage. The reason for this is that he feels
that their suffering is over and that is against his vow.
     Gar is a fencing master and is tolerated by most of the nobles he
runs across because of his skill. While Gar hase no real reputation as
a duelist, he has fought a few duels and anyone who has seen him with 
a blade knows that Gar is a very dangerious foe. His father arranged for
him to be given the title "Lord Garagond, Fencing Master of Renown," but
Gar has never formally accepted the title, considering it as fairly 
     Having a certain style about him, Gar enjoys baiting and messing 
with those whom he dislikes, able to maintain his place in polite 
society, only hinting about his true feelings, he usually masks much 
of his true personality by saying things that may have double meanings.
Gar is a wit and delights in causing mischief and pain by telling 
half-truths (or by making up out-right lies), repeating rumors and even 
has been known to hire a poor woman to run up to a gentleman courting
a maiden and have the hired woman pleading with the gentleman to "Please 
come home to me and our are such a rogue to leave me and the
wee child alone to go off wenching..."
     At a glance Gar appears as an improvished gentleman adventurer, he
has the cloths, the manners, and the bearing of a nobleman, but he lacks
the cash, he is in short a swashbuckler with an attitude.


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