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Comming up with interesting Quirks for a new GURPS character is sometimes a bit of a chore for me, so I started a Quirk list long ago and have added to it over the years. My plan is to add to the quirks listed here as time permits. Many of these quirks have been made-up by myself or by the players in games that I have GMed, but some them have likely been published and if so, then no copy right infringement on my part is intended. If the author of the quirk wishes I will remove or change the quirk in question.
My Current plan is to put up 1,000 quirks and number them so that if someone wishes, he may randomly roll a Quirk by rolling a 10-sided dice three times, reading the numbers rolled in order to determine a quirk's number. Many times my players or myself got stuck and needed a quirk or two to finish rounding-out a player-character or NPC. This table has proved a useful gaming aid for GMs and players alike. Enjoy!

001 - Likes to drink a hot cup of tea before bedtime.
002 - Insists upon sparing every day.
003 - Talks to his horse about his problems.
004 - Detests Pirates.
005 - Suspicious nature.
006 - Committed to "Progress" and "Civilization."
007 - Detests Mages and magic in general.
008 - Unfailingly courteous.
009 - Committed to the "Natural" Way and getting back to "Nature."
010 - Always speaks in a calm, cool voice, especially when enraged.
011 - Detests barbarians and salvage behavior.
012 - Likes (or dislikes) white horses and will only (or refuse to) ride horses of this color.
013 - Is very modest and humble.
014 - Vengeful, never forgets an insult or injury.
015 - Likes (or diskes) travel by water.
016 - Likes to tell tall tales and/or bad jokes.
017 - Enjoys "Rough Housing"
018 - Easily swayed by a pretty face.
019 - Likes (or dislikes) Beer above all other drinks.
020 - Keeps a journal.
021 - Likes (or dislikes) to entertain.
022 - Never forgets a favor or a debt owed.
023 - Somewhat supersititious.
024 - Talks to his equipment and gives them pet names (i.e., "Mr. Blackie Boots, I think it is time for US to beat a hasty retreat.")
025 - Never throws anything away, a pack rat.
026 - Will never replace anything that can be repaired.
027 - Believes that dirt is healthy and washing or bathing is bad for you.
028 - Hates "Roughing it."
029 - Prefers to rely on instincts.
030 - Wears warpaint into battle.
031 - Always salutes his foe before battle.
032 - Wears an old headband at all times.
033 - Early morning jogger and health nut.
034 - Has a fear of burning.
035 - Uncomfortable around men (or women).
036 - Likes (or dislikes) all animals.
037 - Very vain about his appearance.
038 - Bristles at being "called names" (or a certain nickname).
039 - Always buying new clothes
040 - Has a cynical outlook.
041 - Really hates to anything.
042 - Doesn't know how to dance.
043 - Prone to drinking binges.
044 - Refuses to go anywhere unarmed.
045 - Socially inept.
046 - Doesn't drink alcohol.
047 - Very pravate about personal matters.
048 - Too trusting, especially of strangers.
049 - Likes (or dislikes) crowds.
050 - Male (or female) cgauvinist.
051 - Actively tries to keep children away from crime.
052 - Likes (or dislikes) children.
053 - Excercise nut.
054 - Humorless.
055 - Collects military insignia.
056 - Demands "Respect."
057 - Devoted to pet(s).
058 - Believes that someone was born lucky, and will point out that when ever something unlucky happens to the "Lucky" person, how it could have been much worse if such and such had the character really is lucky."
059 - Does everything :By the book."
060 - Sings old songs all the time.
061 - Keeps his clothes Impeccable.
062 - Perfection.
063 - Collects tools of the trade.
064 - Bargin hunter.
065 - Tends to boss people around.
066 - Tries to project a crisp, bussinesslike manner.
067 - Likes to humilate his enemies.
068 - Cann't resist a dare.
069 - Avid Hunter.
070 - Early riser.
071 - Always wears gloves in public.
072 - Likes to read books.
073 - Enjoys friendly rivalry with others.
074 - Avid fisherman.
075 - Considers himself a good judge of character, but is not.
076 - Very Competitive about everything.
077 - likes to go on long walks.
078 - Likes to take things apart to see how they work.
079 - Never shows strong emotion.
080 - Very fond of small animals.
081 - Likes (or dislikes) to listen to music.
082 - Likes to give small gifts, may be offended if not appreciated.
083 - Fancies himself a womanizer.
084 - Lazy, tries hard to get out of work.
085 - Changes hair color weekly.
086 - Likes (or dislikes) tobacco smoke.
087 - Hates pets, especially furry ones.
088 - Keeps up with fasion fads.
089 - Adopts stray animals.
090 - Always scavenges the dead for clothes that will fit.
091 - Uses terms of Endearment when angry. "Now dearie, you shouldn't have done that."
092 - Likes tattoos.
093 - Stares into fires.
094 - Distrusts everyone not in his own party.
095 - Chain smoker.
096 - Falls into military "At ease" stance when relaxed.
097 - Always sits with his back to the wall.
098 - Complains that an old wound pains him.
099 - Always speaks of himself in the three person.
100 - Always seeking a worthy foe for a duel to the death.

So far this is all I have had time to do on this page. I am going to try and get back to work on it as soon as I can. Thanks and vist again!

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