The following are my current player characters in the WebRPG based The Adarian Campaign: "Dark Days and Black Knights" with a little information about their appearance, and some commonly known facts about their backgrounds. Some are a little better known than others....

Ilshana the Faerie-Kin

APPEARANCE: Very Beautiful, pale and almost fragile-looking, with hair that seems almost multicolored when sunlight hits it, but normal blonde under other lights. Brilliant green eyes. Has a child-like face, though the rest of her is mature enough.

BACKGROUND: One of the Faerie-Kins, also called the Half Fay. Ilshana is the result of a Lord of Faerie's dalliance with a beautiful young farm-girl. Being raised in the world of Adare, Ilshana feels this is home, but she also feels the land of Faerie calling to her....

Ilshana's tried a lot of different jobs, from thief to traveling entertainer. She just cat not stay interested in any one thing long enough to become an expert in it. About the same can be said for places, she enjoys travel and seeing new places....while seeking such a new place, Ilshana was captured by Flameingsong the Dragon and was placed in a cage much like a song-bird and forced to entertain the Dragon with stories and song. She happily joined the adventering party after they managed to drive off the dragon from his lair....

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Kelvin Drakeson

APPEARANCE: A lean, long-limbed young human male, who moves with cat-like grace (although when taking care of "business", some would relate it to spider-like). Around 18 years of age, 6 ft. tall, 150 lbs., with aqua-blue eyes, and dark auburn hair (with small "skunk-trails" streak to running from both sides). A very striking visage, to say the least.

BACKGROUND: Kelvin is a bit of a rogue, a sword for hire, he seems able to deal equally well with gentlemen and those men who aren't so gentle. Orphaned at an early age, not one seems to be sure who were Kelvin's parents. Known to run with a dangerous crowd, so far Kelvin hasn't had any run ins with the law, which considering his background makes him either, intelligent, lucky or both....

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Crown Prince Roland

APPEARANCE: A very well dressed human nobleman, (6", 180 lbs), 30ish with piercinggreen eyes, curled shoulder length dark black hair (dyed), a very pale complexion with a rougish van dike (mustache that is waxed to curl and come to points on either side of his nose and his beard comes to a point under his chin, his cheeks and neck slaved cleanly). His appearance is neither markedly attractive nor unattractive, but he has the bearing of the well born. He is usually dressed in a white shirt with laced collar and puffy sheelves tucked into black leather wrist guards. He wears a stylish black leather sheeve-less tunic trimmed in gold over the white shirt, as well as tight fitting black leather breeches (also trimmed in gold) tucked into cavalry boots. He is always seen wearing a purple sash trimmed in cloth of gold worn from his left shoulder across his chest to right hip over the tunic or his scale mail armor (as the case my be). Purple is the color of royality and may only be worn by the Adarian Emperor and his kinsmen. His only visible weapon is a very finely made dress dagger hanging from a broad belt at his waist. He will normally wear a large floopy beret (purple, trimmed in black), with a large gold broach pinned to it's side, with a very large peacock feather trailing behind. Depending upon the weather, he will also either have a nicely made heavy or light cloak (purple, trimmed in black), with a gold cloak pin matching his beret's broach in every detail except size (the cloak pin is twice the size of the broach). When traveling in dangerous areas, his grace will usually be well mounted and armed in scale mail armor.

BACKGROUND: Nearly everyone has heard the story of Emperor Rudolph Wolflingham, it seems that Emperor Rudolph was going to be a great and powerful Emperor, he was intellignet, ruthless and effective, and most dangerous of all he was a refomer. Once he had been Emperor for several years, he had establisted his power base, he took steps to break the Five Great Familie's hold on Imperial power. For five and twenty years he reigned, building up the Adarian Legions, and using the power of the lesser nobles and indepentant Great Nobles to chip away at the Five Great Families. There were a number of assassination attempts, but Emperor Rudolph managed to survive all except the last. After one particularly nasty attempt failed early in his reign in which his own blood kinsmen were involved, Emperor Rudolph adopted a son, seemingly at random and with no known connection to him (or to any of the Five Families for that matter) had him trained, and seemed to plan on apptempting to Have Crown Prince Roland be his chosen successor...and perhaps if Emperor Rudolph had survived a few more years it might have been possible. When Rudolph was assasinated, Crown Prince Roland was serving as a Lieutenant in Grand Duke Maximillion's Heavy Dragoon Guards Regiment (a regiment widely known and respected by many for being a hard fighting, professional 'new model' fighting fomation where social rank doesn't matter...a unit that promotes only those deserving...).

      Acting Captain Crown Prince Roland was ordered (because of a staff blunder it is assumed...), to charge directly forward and assault a large hill fort held by a tribe of several hundred Kosacks barbarians. His Grace followed his orders and in a hard fought action took the hill fort along with the tribe's battle banner and personally killed both the Kosack Khan, or chieftain and the khan's witch-doctor. When reinforcements entered the hill fort, only Roland was still alive (being badly wounded), seems the witch doctor's final act was to called down some unholy cursed acid rain that felled both the surviving Kosacks and Dragoons, but did not affect Roland for some reason, his wounds were all more mundane....

      After the campaign, Roland was promotted to the rank of Captain, but not too long afterwards, His Grace decided to resign his commission...for personal reasons...

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Credit for doig Sylvia's Pic goes to Jason Chan
Sylvia Espadachin, a.k.a "The Scarlet Rose"

"Out of nowhere she comes! ... and to nowhere she may go."

Appearance: A slim, Elven woman, about five foot ten and 135 lb.. Bright red hair, blue eyes. Wears a mask, a swashbuckler's outfit in red and black coloring, and a short fencing cloak.

Background: Not much is known about the mysterious swashbuckler called the Scarlet Rose. Originally, she was the partner of the Black Rose, another swashbuckler whom operated in the city of Ispar. The two of them managed to incite the people into rebellion, briefly overthrowing the Count Amadeus Vanderghoul. But then, the Vanderghoul regained his power by assisting in the defense of the town by berserk Orcish hordes. During the fight, the Black Rose was apparently mortally wounded, and the Scarlet Rose took him away from the fray. She hasn't been seen since - and as a result, the bounty hunters are no longer actively seeking out their 50,000 crown reward for the two of them.

      There have been rumors, however - scattered rumors, of a red and black clad woman seen in the city of Renown and the surrounding area. It is unknown if this is the same woman, or someone else who's taken up the mantle of liberty and justice that the Black and Scarlet Roses fought so hard to protect. And if she does exist, no one's been able to make her stick around long enough to answer these questions...

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Brother Wilfred Haggis

APPEARANCE: Wilfred is 5'11" tall and weighs 175 lbs. He has long wavy black hair that is most often hidden by the hood of his cleircal robe. He has a gottee and moustache that he keeps well trimmed but lets it grow long enough that he can twirl it when he is in deep thought. This also takes the attention way from his slightly large and pointed nose. His eyes are green and rather friendly. He body is slightly muscular, but not stocky.

Background: Brother Wilfred grew up in a family that bosts of many prominent men of the church throughout history. Most of these ancestors were members of the Order of Hygrim, God of Justice, Retribution, Just Revenge, Law and Order, with the most famous of his ancestors being Cardinal Haggis of the Order of Hygrim.

      Wilfred grew up with very high standards and principals instiled within him by his mother and grand-parents. He showed a special attunement to such holy things at an early age and was considered to be blessed by the local devout followers of the Order of Hygrim who encouraged his family to sponser his religious studies. As a result, Wilfred's family began to see him as the next great man of the church from their family even at the age of 12.

      Wilfred was sent to a military academy for young men in his middle years, at the insistance of his father who had married into the family and wanted his son to have an alternative to the priestly life that was being foist upon him. His father, who had a military background, had always hoped that his son would follow in his footsteps and become an officer. At the academy, Wilfred excelled in Fencing and was honored with an award for excellence when he won a competition amoung beginning students which brough him national attention. Wilfred loved the time that he spent at the academy and worked hard to excel in all of his studies. He graduated at the age of 16 with honors but turned down a comission as an officer.

      Upon returning home and on the verge of adulthood, Wilfred announced to his family his desire to enter Theology school to seek a Clerical way of life. His father was greatly disappointed, but only wanting his son to be happy, consented and gave him his full support. A few years later, he emerged from seminary as an ordained minister, but to the shock of most of his family, not of the Order of Hygrim but of the Order of Daermyth, God of Individuality, Appearance, Style, Poetry, Eloquence, Song, Dance, Self-Protection, Fencing, Romance, Trade, Courting, Wandering, Humor, Wine and Spirits and Patron of Adventurers.

      Wilfred takes his duty to the Church very seriously, but believes that he has not yet found his niche in the church. While at the Seminary, he heard talk of an Order of the Inquisition and mentioned a desire to someday join it even though his family has warned him that the Order of Inquisition is looked down on becasue of the radical views that it holds. He sees his fenching skill as a blessing from Daermyth and a talent that should be used to advance the church. He believes that the reason that Adare is in a decline is mainly due to the fact that the church is not as respected as it once was. Although he is an ordained priest, his superiors know that his place is out 'in the world'. His will not be confined to any Cathedral misitering to one flock, but must meet the world head-on. The past few years has seen Wilfred taking up the role of the travelling Cleric as many priests of Daermyth do, and receiving various commisions to perform tasks for the Order which has taken him to many parts of the Adarian empire. Although he takes Daermyth as his patron deity and wears the frock of His Order, he keeps a pendant of Hygrim with him always in honor of his priestly lineage.

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