Gods and Goddesses In The Adarian Campaign

What follows is a list of the Higher Powers of the Adarian World. The first twenty are the most commonly worshipped by "civilizated" races, although some are vastly more popular with some races than others. Generally each race or culture worships the Gods and Goddess it feels most comfortable with, but each race and/or culture worships their chosen in their own way and some of the bloodest "Holy Wars" are against different peoples that worship the same God(s). What the Gods think about this has never been addressed, but for the most part, they remain aloof and seldom try to stop the carnage, but perhaps it should be noted that usually such "Holy Wars" are fought by the more militant worshipers of "Battle Gods." Perhaps it is some sort of divine fitness test...

CROWNOS (CROW-nos) God of Time, Fate, Destiny, Dreams, Prophecy, Eternity, Patron of Oracles.

DAERMYTH (dare-myth) God of Individuality, Appearance, Style, Poetry, Eloquence, Song, Dance, Self-Protection, Fencing, Romance, Trade, Courting, Wandering, Humor, Wine and Spirits. Patron of Adventurers.

ERLYNA (er-LYN-na) Goddess of Invention, Metalworking, Construction, Art, Crafts, Engineering, Mining, Prosperity.

GLADELEA (GLAD-dale-lee-ah) Goddess of the Morning Star, Wilderness, Youth, Archery, Hunting, Fishing, Trapping, Patron of Rangers and all those who live in tune with nature and love such surrondings.

GOLDAR (Gold-dar) God of Intrigue, Trickery, Mischief, Patron of Thieves (A clever trickster, his games often bring wisdom and special insight).

HYGRIM (high-grim) God of Justice, Retribution, Just Revenge, Law and Order.

ILLOMEANEA (ill-O-mean-knee-ah) Goddess of Darkness, the Night Envy, Deception, Illusion, Decit, False Promises, Treachery, Betrayal, Ill Luck, Misfortune, Accidents, Drought, Famine, Sickness, Disease, Rot, Decay, Posioning, Nightmares, Winter, Cold, Old Age, Exhaustion, Wasting, Corruption.

ISTERIEL (IS-star-re-al) Goddess of Magic, Knowledge, Research, Study, The Dawn.

KESHARON (Kesh-ah-ron) God of Death, the Unknown, Secrets, Fear, Dread, The Fall.

KRUELMOREA (cruel-MORE-re-ah) Goddess of Water, Currents, Waves, Tides, Rivers, Lakes, Oceans.

LOVIATAR (low-VEE-ah-TAR) Goddess of Pain, Suffering, Hurt, Loss, Sorrow, Forgetfulness.

LUNADOREA (LUN-AH-door-re-ah) Goddess of Love, Beauty, Charisma, Passion, Joy, Happiness, Inspiration, Self-Perfection, Care-free Feelings, Female Fertility, Conception, Renewal, Beginnings, the New Born, the Moon.

MARAW (mah-RAW) God of Revenge, Bloodlust, Slaughter, Maddness, Mad Marauding Beasts. Patron of Berserkers.

PLANTARA (plan-TAR-ra) Goddess of the Evening Star, Wisdom, Earth, Peace, Agriculture, Healing, Hospitality, Stillness, Quiet Places, Summer, Contentment, Childbirth. Patron of Marriage.

POEMOREA (poe-MORE-re-ah) Goddess of Courage, Valor, Honor, Truth, Duty, Loyality, Obedience, Perservence, Endurance, Fitness, Ancestors, Heraldry. Patron of Protectors and Guardians.

SHARULEUS (SHAR-rule-LEE-us) God of Ambition, Greed, Conquest, Enslavement, Subjugation, Opersesion, Persecution, Compliance, Conformity, Strategy.

SOLARIAN (sol-LAR-re-un) God of the Sun, Light, Fire, Enlightenment, Music.

TEMPUS (temp-BUS) God of War. Patron of Warriors.

TYCHE (tie-KEY) Goddess of Luck, Good Fortune, Victory, Daring, Youth, Chance, Unpredictability, Uncertainty. Patron of Gamblers.

UKAYDEUS (U-KAY-dee-us) God of Strength, Weather, the Four Winds, Storms, Lightning, Thunder, Bad Temper, the Spring, Teilight, Male Fertility, the Balance of Nature.

The Cults of the Elemental Lords

Few of the intelligent races worship the Elemental Lords, as they are rather cool and do not normally trouble themselves with the affairs of other races, appearing to be content to rule their own domains, served by their respective elementals. Some powerful wizards do bargin sucessfully with the Elemental Lords, but few mages truly worship them, although there are some that do.

AEROWON (air-ROW-won) Ruler of the Elemental Plane of Air, Goddess of the Sky.

PYRUS (pie-RUS) Ruler of the Elemental Plane of Fire, God of Flames.

TERAFIRMA (tear-US-firm-ah) Ruler of the Elemental Plane of Earth, God of Earth.

AQUWA (OUG-wah) Ruler of the Elemental Plane of Water, Goddess of Water.

The Cults of the Beast

The animals, intelligent beasts and many primitive races and cultures worship the following creatures. These are considered "the Old Religion and the worshippers of "the New Gods," consider the worshippers of the Beast Gods as "backward primitives" at best and as "blood-thiresty salvages at worst."

ASLAN (as-LAN) God of Bravery, Brave Beasts and Felines.

Wroofus (WROOF-us) God of Loyality and Canines (including Foxes, Wolves, Jackals).

PYRAY (Pie-RAY) God of the Unspoken and the Creatures of the Deep.

SOLANEA (sew-LAWN-ee-ah) Goddess of Unicons, Magical Beasts and the magic of nature.

UURR-RA (uuu-rrrr-RA) Goddess of Strength, Strong Beasts and especially Bears.

ZEPFA (ZEP-fah) Goddess of Freedom and Winged Creatures, especially Birds.

The Court of Chaos

Besides the above Gods, there is another group of Higher Powers who are the God's sworn enemies, those beings known as being members of the Court of Chaos. The Lords and Ladies of Chaos are as powerful individually as the Gods, but they do not seek worshippers as such (although there are individuals and groups that do worship Chaos). It is believed by many that in the distant past, the Gods were servants in the Court of Chaos and they revolted and created the intelligent races to aid them in their war against the Court of Chaos, such tales claim that devils and demons were created by the Lords of Chaos to weaken and destroy the followers of the Gods. While no one is certain, it is a widely held belief that the Gods and the Lords of Chaos have a truce and are regrouping, preparing to resume the struggles when one side or the other has gained an the meanwhile their followers wage war upon one another and the struggle contines by proxy...

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