Flamingsong the Dragon's Treasure

Ring, a simple thin silver band with a 10 kt ruby, enchanted up to
powerstone 5. Price: 5,000 or so...

"Peace-maker," man's style ring, is made of gold, broad-banded (5/8" wide),
is inlay with ebony in a swirl pattern. Gives the wearer Diplomacy skill at
level 15 when worn, or +1 to Diplomacy skill if Diplomacy skill is already
15+, cost is 1 fatigue per use." Price: 25,000 more or less... "The Healing Heart," a necklace, silver with a small ruby (5 kt) heart-
shaped pendent. Regerates 1 Hp/Hour, cost is 2 fatigue/hour and may cause
the character to fall into a deep healing sleep, unless the character is
already resting and still...it is dangerous to attempt to remove this item
until the character has fully recovered all of his HT and Fatigue. If
removed, the former wearer/user must make a HT roll. Failure means 1 point
of HT is lost permantently. On a Critical Failure, the character loses the
point of HT and the enchantment on this item is forever lost, the neckless
becoming "normal." "Poetry in Action," a very fine, silver basket hilted small Dress Smallsword
(short rapier, not a short sword), engraved and set with diamonds (at least
10,000 worth of diamonds, and the engraving was done by a master artistian)
The blade is also engraved and the whole sword is made of pure silver with a
shatter-proof enchantment on it. This blade is +0 or +2 to hit (see below),
damage is Thrust +3. If a new line of poetry is uttered (no matter how bad!)
the next attack the user makes will have a bonus of +2 to hit, but if the
poetry has been used before or if no poetry is attempted, no bonus "to hit"
will be gained...also note that small swords are shorter than normal rapiers
and only have a reach of 1, weight is 1.5 pounds. Price: 75,000 or so...

"Hell Fire," a thrust and cut Rapier, +0 to hit, +2 on damage the blade is
a dull black with bright red flects, the hilt and cross-guard are unadorned
steel. There is a small craftsman's mark on the pommel's bottom, a sword
with a ball of fire at the sword's tip. Across the crossguard is engraved in
an ancient tongue (Old Adarian) is the name of the blade. If thrust into an
opponent (on a roll of 15 or less), the deepest part of the wound will burn
for d6 seconds, doing 2 points of fire damage each second (in addition to
normal damage). A thin trail of black smoke will be visible from the wound,
normal water or attempting to smother the flame by covering the opening will
fail. Edged Rapiers normally do Thrust +1 Impaling damage, or Swing Cutting
damage, (but must be readied a round after cutting), reach is 1 or 2 hexes,
weight is 3 pounds. Hell Fire does Thrust +3, or Swing +2 for damage.
Price: 50,000 more or less...

"Flamewing" is a very fine, broadsword. It is an unadorned steel broadsword,
with a small ruby set it its pommel, and the only markings are an engraved
sword with flaming wings on both sides of the blade near the crossguard. It
has the enchantments: Dancing Sword, Flaming, Puissance +3, and Accuracy +3.
If it's name is spoken out loud, it will flame on, doing an additional 2
points of fire damage if it strikes. When the blade is thrown into the air,
the sword will fight on it's own, using intelligent strategy, it will follow
it's owner's spoken or mental commands about which enemy to attack. It will
also follow simple commands, such as "Let none pass this doorway," "Guard my
back," "To me" etc. This sword will continue the fight until the owner
commands it to "Stop" or it is delt with in combat. If this weapon rolls a
natural "18" while "dancing," or it is struck by a critical hit, it will be
"stunned" and fall to the ground and be out of the fight until someone picks
it up. It is a -5 target to hit, and it should be noted that it's "owner" is
the last person to pick it up. It is possible for Flamewing to be stunned,
then picked up by a foe and used against it's former owner...When dancing,
Flamewing's Broadsword Skill is 18, its Parry is 9, Cutting damage is 4d+1
(which is it's normal attack mode, unless instructed otherwise), Thrusting
damage is 3d6+2, plus an additional 2 points flaming damage, speed is 5. It
will normally only "dance" until one "combat" is finished or 1 full minute,
whichever is longer. If used in melee, Flamewing is a thrusting broadsword,
+3 to hit, damage is cut swing + 6, thrust + 7 (remember that I convert each
+3 in damage to another dice of damage...). Weight is 3 pounds and has a
reach of 1. Price: 350,000 or more...

"Titan's Revenge," nick-named the "Bully Blade," a Two-Handed Sword, Very
Fine, +2 on damage. This sword has a shinny black blade, with very thin
yellow (perhaps gold) streaks running in a chaotic crackle pattern. The hilt
and cross-guard are unadorned iron. If used against smaller opponents than
the user (at least 1 foot shorter and 50 pounds lighter), this sword will
cast (roll of 15 or less), a 1d6-1 lightning bolt attack on a successful hit
in addition to normal damage. It should be noted that an attack which is
blocked or parried is considered a sucessful "hit" for the lightning attack
and the only really effective defense against the lightning attack is to
dodge*. It is not only possible, but very likely that the lightning will
affect a foe when the foe seccessfully parries, blocks or dodges the normal
sword stroke. So the defender could avoid normal damage from the sword while
taking lightning damage. The only real draw-back for the user of Titan's
Revenge is that if he rolls a critical miss, he takes 1d6-1 lightning damage
himself in addition to the other, normal results of a critical miss.
* - Note that against Lightning attacks, metal armor is only PD 0, DR 1.

Dwarven Heavy Plate, PD 4, DR 10, has Missile Shield enchantment on it, this
suit of armor is drawf-sized and is made of Admantium** and has the special
ability to "Turn attacks," so impaling attacks are treated as cutting,
cutting attacks are treated as bashing...rare this armor is and worth a
fortune to someone who can wear it...

** - Armor made fom Admantium is 50% heavier than steel, but provides 50%
more protection, i.e., 50% more PD and DR than normal, round down, cost is
at least 20 times normal. The metal is a mid-shade of blue, and instead of
making lighter armor of equal protection to steel, Drarves tend to make
equal thickness (but heavier) armor that has better protection. Dwarven
armourers, given the choice, prefer to work with Admantium.

Elven Chainmail. This armor has lighten and Fortify +2 on it, is made of
Mythrill*** It is usable by Fencers, giving them their full fencing parry.
In addition, it gives Stealth 15, or +1 to Stealth skill if the user already
has Stealth skill of 15 or higher. Weight is 11 pounds.

*** - Mythril is 50% lighter than steel, and is a sea-green in color. Unlike
the Dwarves, Elven armorers use mythril to make lighter armor that is equal
to steel in protection. Leather armor, PD 2, DR 7. Has the Bloodric family crest pained upon
the chest and back.

Leather armor, PD 4, DR 4.

"Shield of Valor," a Medium Steel Shield, PD 3, currently painted with
Wolflingham family markings painted upon it. Shield casts "Great Haste" and
"Berserker" upon the user when the user enters combat (roll of 15 or less,
passive roll, i.e., no known way to nulify the effect, the "Haste" and
"Berserker" effects are linked so either both or neither are cast). Under
the shield's enchantment its user gains two "actions" per round, the first
action in the normal order, the second action at the end of the turn, after
everyone else's action. The user suffers the full effects of the Berserk
disadvantage while under the influence of the shield's enchantment...the
user also loses 10 Fatigue after combat...or at the time when the user snaps
out of the Berserkergang...the user gets a +4 bonus to snap out of the
berserker state if he is about to attack the owner of the heraldry device
painted upon the shield....

Heavy Plate-mail, Human sized PD 3, DR 10. The PD is not a miss-print, it is PD 3 and is less then usual for this type of armor, the extra DR comes from enchantment. THis plate-mail is pained in Wolflingham colors and is grey, black and red.

These are all of the noteworthy items, except for the coins. There are
around 150,000 coins worth roughly $100,000. Total weight of the coins is
1,500 pounds Values on these items are very rough estimates and may be off as quite a bit as buyers interested in the items would be willing to pay more or less for them...