"It's called DIPLOMACY, but exitmentemt is the name of the game. 
The movement and struggle of military action are combined with elements
of bargaining, intrigue, and treachery. The result is a game which is 
virtually unique: your skill as a commander is equally on the line with
your skill in negotiation and deception. The challenge thus presented 
is endlessly fascinating: it is war, yes; but it is also political policy,
applied economics, and practical psychology; it is ...DIPLOMACY.
     A well-played DIPLOMACY game can be truly suspenseful. Will your 
diplomacy succeed in persuading others? If so, will the military campaign
succeed in its objectives? Will your enemies beliieve your lies? How will
your allies keep their agreements? Everything depends on the opinions and 
actions of the other players...not on dice rolls, probability tables or 
the vagaries of chance. DIPLOMACY is much less a mechanistic game and far
more intensely human one.
     There is high drama in DIPLOMACY as players combine and recombine into
new alliance patterns, each seeking both to win and to prevent others from 
winning. Excitment is intense as the surviving players form a last-ditch 
combination to stop the frontrunner..."

     ....taken from "The Gamer's Guide to Diplomacy" 2nd Edition-March 1979

My Favorite and (Most Useful) Diplomacy Links

DP: The Judge Openings List
The place to find games forming as well as games that have openings.
DP Online: The Diplomancy Openings Library
This site will tell you everything you need to know to make the best opening moves in the Standard Diplomancy game.
The R.G.D. MiniFAQs
Reg.Games.Diplomacy Mini Frequetly Asked Questions posting, find some commonly asked questions about Diplomacy
The Mapper Homepage
The Mapper program is an easy to use program to display the current positions in a DIPLOMACY Game.
Diplomacy World
The online version of Diplomacy World magizine, well worth checking out
Diplomacy Hall of Fame
This is the ranking of the top Diplomacy players
Diplomacy Subject Index
This is a comprehensive index, organized alphabetically by subject, covering all the major topics related to PBEM diplomacy.
Diplomacy Online
If you are interested in playing Diplomacy via ICQ in real time, this is the site for you...
The Pacific Diplomacy Tournament
Is a Play By E-Mail standard press tournament, and is currently forming. If you are interested in playing or have any questions, contact Chirchill at
Patyrsun's Home Page
My home page

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